All About Infinite’s Hoya: Profile, Dramas, Movies, and Facts


Hoya: Former INFINITE Member and Korean Actor

As most of us probably know, the idol groups in the K-pop entertainment industry, be it male or female, usually have to dance while singing on stage. Certainly, all members of an idol group have to ace the skill of dancing while singing well, but most often we see that the members merely do the choreography without much passion. In INFINITE, there was Hoya whose overall image impression is very far from the typical member who is energy-less while performing. Not only singing and dancing, Hoya is also able to rap and act, which made him an all-rounder and multi-talented celebrity. In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Hoya, the ex-member of INFINITE, including his full profile, fun facts and trivia that you should know, list of his television series, movies, television shows, and musical shows, his song list, his abs, his plastic surgery, his rumored girlfriends, his hairstyles, his fashion, and his Instagram feed. So, stay tuned!

Hoya’s Full Profile


Real Name: Lee Ho-won

Birth Name: Lee Ho-dong

Stage Name: Hoya

Nickname: Dancing Machine, Hobaby, Hoguma, HoGod, Multi-Player

Date of Birth: Busan, 28 March 1991

Age: 28 (Korean age) / 27 (International age)

Occupation: Singer, dancer, actor

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Blood Type: AB

Religion: None (used to be Buddhist but in an interview said that he does not believe any religion)

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Chinese Astrology: Sheep

Siblings: 2 (an older brother named Lee Ho Jae and a younger brother named Lee Ho Jun)

Hobbies: Playing games, dancing, and singing

Education: Daekyung University, majoring in Applied Music

Talent Agency: Glorious Entertainment

Twitter: @hoya1991 (personal account) and @HoWon_official (official Twitter managed by talent agency)


Instagram: @isayhousayya

Youtube: REAL HOYA

Fan Club Name: Holy

Hoya’s Fun Facts and Trivia You Should Know

  • Hoya changed his birth name (Lee Ho-dong ) to his current name (Lee Ho-won) because when he was a child, he was often teased by his friends because, at that time, the popular comedian Kang Ho-dong had a comedy skit as a foolish person.
  • Before his debut with INFINITE, Hoya often danced in the street of Busan with his dance club.
  • Hoya dropped out of high school to train as an idol. His father was really mad at him at that time, but after he became successful, their relationship recovered a little bit even though they are still awkward every time it is only the two of them in a room.
  • Hoya’s little brother is also aspiring to be a celebrity like Hoya.
  • Hoya is good friends with BIGSTAR and UN.B’s Feeldog and Baram. They have been friends even before Hoya’s debut as an INFINITE member.
  • The stage name ‘Hoya’ was already owned by Hoya when he was still dancing on the street of Busan, so after Hoya left INFINITE, he still used the name.
  • Hoya invented INFINITE’s famous scorpion dance (the choreography for “Before the Dawn”).
  • Hoya really likes to practice until late, so he oversleeps a lot. Usually, he will practice his dance until 4 AM.
  • Hoya is officially registered as a songwriter with the Korean Music Copyright Association along with his former groupmate Dongwoo.
  • Hoya was a member of INFINITE’s sub-unit ‘INFINITE H’ (stands for hip-hop) with his former groupmate Dongwoo.
  • Hoya’s ideal type is someone whom he can respect. In detail, he explained that he likes a girl who is full of ideas and speaks foreign languages fluently.
  • During INFINITE’s private broadcast in 2016, Hoya had a drawing class in which he drew the rest of INFINITE’s members by looking at the fansite pictures. Hoya also sang songs with his former groupmate L who wandered around and brought a guitar.
  • Hoya graduated from Daekyung University with his former groupmates Sungkyu, Myungsoo, and Sungyeol.
  • Hoya was the most popular INFINITE member in Japan.
  • Hoya’s favorite color is purple.
  • On the first episode of INFINITE Showtime, Hoya was the only member who wore a baseball jacket while the rest of INFINITE’s members wore long coats in various colors. He was also the member who had to take a manual car to the night ride while the rest used a modern car.
  • On the first episode of INFINITE Showtime, Hoya stated that during his trainee days he would gather at Han River to race with other trainees who were also candidates to be INFINITE members and CEO of Woollim Entertainment, Lee Jung Yeop.
  • Hoya has his own picture as his phone wallpaper.
  • Hoya was Woollim Entertainment’s CEO’s favorite INFINITE member.
  • Hoya is considered an idol who does fan service very well. It is proven that during his INFINITE days, he would give fan service to the fans who do not consider him as their favorite member in INFINITE.
  • Hoya considers his teacher as the person he feels thankful for the most.
  • Hoya once stated that he lives in celibacy. However, he confessed once on Daum Close Talk in 2015 that he has written song lyrics in the sexual notion. Lol, talk about such inconsistency!
  • Hoya is an objective eater as he is not biased and picky when it comes to food.
  • Hoya cannot cook food, even simple food such as ramyeon. It was proven on the third episode of INFINITE Showtime that he cannot even crack an egg properly.
  • Hoya once went to the club to learn how to be a DJ (disc jockey) with his former groupmate L. The event was recorded on the fifth episode of INFINITE Showtime.
  • Hoya does not know how to work technical gadgets, hence his nickname as the machine illiterate.
  • Hoya is very terrible at doing aegyo (cute acts). The only time Hoya is angry is when he is being asked to do aegyo.
  • When INFINITE was still living in the same apartment, Hoya was the housemate of Sungkyu and Dongwoo.
  • Hoya has a collection of weirdly patterned socks, and on one of them is written ‘Hoya’.
  • Hoya was challenged by Sungkyu to partake in breaking wooden boards for a competition. Unfortunately, Hoya couldn’t even break one of the wooden boards.
  • Sungkyu stated that during the first year INFINITE started, he was really awkward with Hoya because he is too difficult to get close to. Similar things were also stated by Sungyeol who wanted to run away if there was only he and Hoya in the room.
  • Hoya is able to understand Dongwoo’s alien language better than the rest of INFINITE because he and Dongwoo are grouped in the same sub-unit, INFINITE H.
  • According to Sungkyu, a long time ago when Woohyun’s aegyo heart-set was a trending in 2011-2013, Hoya often imitated him at INFINITE’s pre-recording shows. He would go up and do all the heart movements that people cannot even remember now.
  • On the fourth episode of This Is INFINITE, Hoya was challenged by all the current members of INFINITE in the sport’s championship.
  • At a press conference of the INFINITE concert INFINITE Effect Advance in 2016, Hoya said that INFINITE’s sub-group which consisted of the rest of INFINITE members without him is named INFINITE B, which is the acronym for INFINITE Bad.
  • Hoya decided to leave INFINITE after his contract with Woollim Entertainment expired on August 30, 2017. Even though not in the same group anymore, Hoya is still in contact with Sungkyu.
  • Hoya did not leave his house for three months after his departure from INFINITE. He felt anxious about meeting people so he decided to stay in his house.
  • Hoya stated that the CEO in his current agency lets him do whatever he wants with his music career because the CEO does not know what’s good and not. This is in contrast to the CEO of his former agency when he was still the member of INFINITE as he had to do everything that he did not actually put interest in. Even so, Hoya clarified that he feels thankful for his experience as an INFINITE member. Aww, how thoughtful!