INFINITE’s Subunit INFINITE F: Debut, Stage Performances, And More

Introduction to INFINITE F

infinite f

As one of the artists scouted by Woollim Entertainment, INFINITE F have received a chance to get a Woollim Entertainment introduction. Aside from that, people could find out more about INFINITE F themselves as well. And here we go:

Part 1

The clip started with Sungjong’s appearance who made himself like a ‘tour guide’. He clearly explained every detail about the Woollim Entertainment building, and invited the viewers to the practice room where he is rehearsing his soft voice. Not only that, but we could also see Sungyeol’s facial expression in this recording session.

Although he seemed a little bit surprised and got distracted by Sungjong, he still focused on the recording as well. In the video, Sungyeol and Sungjong jokingly said that the building was actually built by them, and they have a lot of rights to it.

Part 2

The second part started with the cute moments between Sungyeol and Sungjong. The two of them looked cheerful while having fun around, while L was focused on his guitar practice in his personal practice room. Then, the three of them went to a place that was considered to be their stress-relief place.

The place consisted of table tennis and darts games provided by Woollim Entertainment. Then, Sungyeol and L decided to engage in a table tennis battle with Sungjong as the MC to watch over their battle.

Part 3

After they finished their game of table tennis, INFINITE F decided to play a game of darts afterward. L was the one who explained the rules of the darts game, while Sungjong and Sungyeol were paying attention to him. The one who lost the game would receive a punishment to cook something, and the game was started by L. His pose while playing the game was quite confident. He was followed by Sungjong with his sudden skills which made the other members surprised.

Last but not least, Sungyeol took his part in the darts game. INFINITE F members competed against each other and tried to demonstrate their darts skills. Sungjong looked extremely happy when his darts hit the center of the board three times. However, the final result revealed Sungyeol as the winner! Since L was the one who lost, he had to cook beef radish soup and treat them to a cup of coffee. But still, L was cute by confidently acting as if he didn’t lose the game.

Part 4

Moving on to the next part, L kept his promise to treat the other members to a cup of coffee, and he even treated the staff members as well. INFINITE F also bragged about the coffee name titled NIT Coffee, and explained the reason behind it. NIT stands for Nel, Infinite, and Tasty which was made up of the artists’ names in Woollim Entertainment. Next, the punishment of cooking would be done at a restaurant that had been chosen by L.

According to them, it was their manager’s restaurant and L also said that he has already been cooking there often. The restaurant was named 20th Century Teenager! As we could have expected from the previous part, L would be making beef radish food. He didn’t cook alone since he was accompanied by a man who became his cooking assistant. Not only that, but Sungyeol also volunteered himself to help L with his cooking session. Even though he just helped by cutting the radish, it seemed like he did it seriously.

Meanwhile, Sungjong offered to help without doing anything; then he decided to look around inside the restaurant and kindly promote their manager’s restaurant to the viewers. He pointed out the highlight spot in the restaurant, which was a spot with a bunch of rare collections. Mostly, it consisted of pretty collector’s items such as dolls, postboxes, cameras, and many more which made Sungyeol actually crave for them.

Meanwhile, L was still focused on his cooking session and we could see how he grilled the meat. Sungyeol asked L to make it ‘well done’, since he couldn’t eat the meat if it was still bloody.

Part 5

The fifth part of the clip started with L’s cooking skills which looked quite good. He was focused on his job while paying attention to every detail about the meal. And finally, he was done cooking and started to explain what exactly he made. It was beef radish soup and chicken stock as well. He also assured the other members that he has often made those meals as he has been coming to the restaurant very often.

Then, INFINITE F members started to eat the food from the appetizer, while Sungyeol and Sungjong revealed that they would like to rate the food. Sungjong and Sungyeol acknowledged the food tastes really good, although they were in denial at first. L also assured them that the food was good due to his cooking skills. He explained that his meat-grilling skills are really good and he could even make samgyeopsal and pork ribs.

When the main dish, beef radish soup, was served, Sungyeol and Sungjong were more than happy to try the food. Then, L explained the steps of how he made the beef radish soup. While Sungyeol and Sungjong were eating, the two of them have said, “It’s delicious,” several times. It would seem that L is really good at cooking, right?

The scene was followed by Sungyeol and Sungjong explaining their comments on the food. They also gave an applause to L, and had a drink together as a sign of INFINITE F’s celebration as well!

INFINITE F Members’ Personal Activities

infinite f

It has been a while since the last time INFINITE F have appeared in any projects. Even though the subunit hasn’t disbanded, they have been inactive ever since their last project in the 2014–2015 era. However, each of the INFINITE F members is still a member of INFINITE and has continued with activities in the entertainment industry, and some have decided to focus on their military enlistment, respectively.

L is focused on his acting career and opened up a YouTube channel outside his activity as a musician. Not only L, but Sungyeol is also active in several TV shows as well as drama appearances. It seems that Sungjong is still active in the entertainment industry as he is also still a member of INFINITE. Even though the three of them are no longer active as INFINITE F, we do wish them all the best in their careers.

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