Profile and Facts of INFINITE’s Talented Rapper Dongwoo

Jang Dongwoo, the Charming Rapper of INFINITE

Recognized as the main rapper and dancer of INFINITE, Dongwoo proves that nothing can beat talent to be a long-time idol in South Korea. Consequently, he is considered an underrated member in his group, yet he shines the most in many unexpected moments. Aside from rapping, Dongwoo also surprisingly sings well and has stability in his voice, making him good lead supporting vocal material which suits musical dramas. In this article, Channel-Korea will explore INFINITE’s Dongwoo starting with his personal profile, facts, discography, role in INFINITE H, family, his restaurant, plastic surgery, his abs and tattoos, rumored girlfriend, military news, fashion style, and his Instagram feed. So, stay tuned!

INFINITE’s Dongwoo’s Full Profile

Real Name: Jang Dong Woo

Stage Name: Dongwoo

Nickname: Smile Man, Dinosaur, Monkey Boy, Jang Angel, JjangDong

Birth: Guri, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, November 22, 1990

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Chinese Astrology: Horse

Nationality: South Korean

Blood Type: A

Religion: Unknown (some say Buddhist while others say atheist)

Siblings: 2 older sisters

Hobby: Skateboarding and taking pictures

Education: Daekyung University with a major in practical music

Twitter: @inspiritddww and @ddww1122 (an old account which he forgot the password to)

Instagram: @ddong_gg0

Fun Facts About INFINITE’s Dongwoo
  • In his early days, Dongwoo was once told by Woollim Entertainment’s CEO to depart from INFINITE.
  • The rest of INFINITE’s members think that whatever he says, be it in writing or talking, is hard to comprehend.
  • He is very hyper, and no one in INFINITE can handle his acts except the youngest member Sungjong.
  • Dongwoo is very talkative as Sungyeol once stated that during their car ride, Dongwoo talked for the whole thirty minutes by himself.
  • When INFINITE was still living in the same apartment, Dongwoo was the housemate of Sungkyu and Hoya.
  • He is the only INFINITE member who talks in the formal speech to Sungkyu.
  • He is good friends with Ailee, BTOB’s Changsub, VIXX’s Ken and Leo, Monsta X Shownu, and Kriesha Chu.
  • He has a low alcohol tolerance.
  • Dongwoo has bad drawing skills.
  • He likes to touch INFINITE members’ butts, and he thinks that he has the nicest butt among all INFINITE’s members.
  • He is a fool for his nephew Sebin. He frequently plays with her as well as shares his activities with her on his personal SNS account.
  • Dongwoo speaks cheesily whenever he talks to women.
  • He will not allow people to go against his standards.
  • During drinking sessions, Dongwoo keeps offering to drink alcohol then falls asleep first.
  • He sleeps with his eyes slightly open.
  • He has a big mouth, hence his nickname ‘Dinosaur.’
  • He likes gold jewelry.
  • Dongwoo really likes to smile, hence his nickname ‘Smile Man.’ He also laughs a lot.
  • He prefers to buy unique and strange things rather than beautiful things. Even so, he has a high interest in fashion.
  • He is afraid of blood.
  • Dongwoo is chosen as the messiest member by the rest of INFINITE because his room is full of clothes everywhere, and there are the bed and a lot of desks and tables which would make people wonder why they are there. Sungkyu testified that he and Dongwoo once shared a hotel room so he was able to witness how Dongwoo organizes his stuff, which it turned out that he does not organize but lays out everything from his luggage on the bed of his room. Dongwoo defended himself by saying that it is such a waste to throw things away so he chooses to keep them.
  • He has a strong heart so he does not easily get hurt. However, if he gets upset or disappointed, it takes a long time to make him feel better.

INFINITE’s Dongwoo’s Age, Height, and Weight

As explained in his personal profile earlier, Dongwoo was born in 1990. According to the Korean Age System, in 2019, Dongwoo’s age is 30 years old, while according to the International Age System, Dongwoo is 29 years old. Additionally, Dongwoo is considered a short and slim man with a height of only 175 cm, whereas his weight is 59 kg.

List of INFINITE’s Dongwoo’s Solo Activities, TV Shows, and Songs

Besides being a rapper in INFINITE, Dongwoo also endeavors in solo ventures. Nowadays, he is more often attending individual schedules than doing group activities. Though he has not officially debuted as a solo artist, Dongwoo already released his solo track “TGIF” which is included in INFINITE’s third album Top Seed. In the following years, Dongwoo also has honed his skills in writing rap lyrics and has participated as a collaborating artist with other singers. Below, you may check the list of Dongwoo’s solo activities, television shows, and songs!

2010 – Mnet’s You’re My Oppa (Main Cast)

2010 – Mnet’s Japan Days of Infinite (Main Cast)

2011 – Tooniverse’s Wara Store (Dubber as Himself)

2011 – Mnet’s Sesame Player (Main Cast)

2012 – KBS’s Birth of a Family (Main Cast with Apink)

2012 – INFINITE Concert Second Invasion Evolution the Movie 3D (as Himself)

2012 – “She’s a Flirt” (featured artist with Lovelyz’s Baby Soul and former Woollim trainee Yoo Jia and included in a non-album single)

2012 – Mnet’s Ranking King (Main Cast)

2013 – TrunQ Korea’s Infinite Busan Wish Travel (Main Cast)

2013 – Mnet’s 10 Days in Japan Story (Main Cast)

2013 – “Mamama” (as co-lyricist on the album Spectacular)

2014 – “7-2 Misunderstanding” (featured artist with former KARA member Nicole Jung and included in the album First Romance)

2014 – Mnet’s This Is Infinite (Main Cast)

2014 – “Last Romeo” (as co-lyricist on the album Season 2)

2014 – “Alone” (as co-lyricist on the album Season 2)

2014 – Grow: Infinite’s Real Youth Life (as Himself)

2015 – “Pretty” (as co-lyricist on the album Fly Again)

2015 – “Aren’t You Going Somewhere?” (as co-lyricist on the album Fly Again)

2015 – “Bump” (as co-lyricist on the album Fly Again)

2015 – “Sorry I’m Busy” (as co-lyricist on the album Fly Again)

2015 – “Footsteps” (as co-lyricist on the album Reality)

2015 – “Between Me and You” (as co-lyricist on the album Reality)

2015 – “Hurts Down to Bones” (featured artist with Ami and included in a non-album single)

2015 – “Take Care of the Ending” (as co-lyricist on the album Reality)

2015-2017 – Musical Drama In the Heights (Supporting Cast as Usnavi)

2015-2016 – MBC Every1’s Infinite’s Showtime (Main Cast)

2016 – “One Day” (as co-lyricist on the album Infinite Only)

2016 – “True Love” (Rap making with Hoya on the album Infinite Only)

2016 – “Zero” (Rap making with Hoya on the album Infinite Only)

2016 – “Embedded in Mind” (featuring Yoon So-yoon and included in a non-album single)

2018 – “TGIF” (as co-lyricist and composer and included in INFINITE’s album Top Seed)

2018 – “I Swear” (featured artist with INFINITE’s Woohyun and included in the album Second Write..)

2018 – “Pray (Maetal’s Sorrow)” (Rap lyricist on the album Top Seed)

2018 – MBC’s King of Mask Singer (as Contestant ‘Knight of the Razor’)

2018 – Musical Drama Altar Boyz (Supporting Cast as Luke)

2018 – Musical Drama Iron Mask (Supporting Cast as Louis XIV)


As INFINITE’s popularity soared since their hit track “Be Mine,” Woollim Entertainment decided to create sub-groups of INFINITE in order to showcase each members’ charm. Accordingly, Dongwoo is assigned to INFINITE H along with former member Hoya. The group concentrates on the hip-hop genre, though they still dance at their stage performances. After Hoya left INFINITE, many fans believe that INFINITE H has unofficially disbanded as well.

INFINITE H made its debut after the conclusion of INFINITE’s Japan activities in January 2013. Before their official debut, INFINITE H performed the new songs “Crying” and “You Look Good” during INFINITE’s concerts. Fly High became their first mini-album which features notable R&B and hip-hop icons in its five tracks, namely “Victorious Way,” “Special Girl” (featuring Bumkey), “Without You” (featuring Zion.T), “Can’t Do It” (featuring Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko), and “Fly High” (featuring Lovelyz’s Baby Soul). Below, you may listen to “Without You” by INFINITE H!

Two years later, INFINITE H made a comeback by releasing its second mini-album Fly Again. In this album, Dongwoo and Hoya participated in making the lyrics as well as working with ASSBRASS, Rhymer, Swings, Lee Hyun-do, and 9999 as their producers in its seven tracks. The songs include “Fly Again” (featuring DJ IT), “Pretty, Aren’t You Going Somewhere?” (featuring Yang Da-il), “Bump” (featuring Lovelyz’s Sujeong), “Sorry I’m Busy” (featuring Swings, Champagne of Champagne, and Candle), “Jekyll and Hyde” (featuring Taewan), and “As Long as You’re Not Crazy” (featuring Phantom’s Sanchez). Below, you may watch the performance of “Pretty” by INFINITE H!

INFINITE’s Dongwoo’s Father and Family

Among INFINITE’s members, Dongwoo has always been the one who shows his intimacy with his family. Accordingly, Dongwoo has two older sisters, and one of them is married with a daughter named Sebin. Dongwoo often shows his figure as an uncle which you can see below.

Dongwoo’s parents also notably showed their support as they flew to Manila to attend INFINITE’s first concert tour One Great Step. In INFINITE’s Grow documentary, Dongwoo fetched his parents and talked warmly in the car on their way to the hotel.

Unfortunately, Dongwoo’s father passed away. This was announced during INFINITE’s concert Infinite Effect in September 2016 due to a chronic illness that he had experienced for several years.

INFINITE’s Dongwoo’s Restaurant

In early 2014-ish, many Korean celebrities opened family restaurants as their side-businesses. INFINITE’s Dongwoo is certainly included in the list as he opened an octopus-specialty restaurant named Inchang Jjukumi in his hometown, Guri City, which is located in Gyeonggi Province.

Situated in a vital part of the city, Dongwoo’s restaurant is often visited by fans and the general public alike as they serve good food, mostly meats (beef, pork, octopus) as well as side dishes such as steamed egg, kimchi, soybean sprouts, seaweed, and perilla leaves.

In the restaurant, visitors are able to see many of Dongwoo’s photo frames and decorations surrounding the place. Fans notably take photos after finishing their food.

Many food lovers who have gone to Dongwoo’s restaurant think that the place is worth a visit since it serves juicy meats and has a homely environment. You also may accidentally meet Dongwoo as he occasionally visits the restaurant as well.

Did INFINITE’s Dongwoo Have Plastic Surgery?

Famous for being a unique looking member in INFINITE, Dongwoo was accused several times of having plastic surgery. However, the accusations remain baseless as you are able to compare his past and present pictures below.

As you can see, Dongwoo’s appearance is the same. Aside from his white appearance which he may get from skincare and continuous dermatologist visits, Dongwoo’s facial features have not changed at all. Thus, the plastic surgery accusations toward Dongwoo are debunked.