Throwback: MBC’s ‘Infinite Challenge: Yeongdong’s 2015 Expressway Song Festival Turns IU Into an EDM Girl

Behind The Stage

영동고속도로 가요제 -아이유

In preparation for their performance, which aired on August 22, 2015, the guests and cast members spent some time doing training and rehearsals before giving their performances.

Using the stage name ‘EU God-G isn’t EU’, IU and Park Myung-soo did their rehearsal, as their final form of practice before performing at Infinite Challenge: Yeongdong’s 2015 Expressway Song Festival. They sang the entire song while dancing, and also checked the sound system.

IU began performing alone on stage, without Park Myung-soo. She danced and sang very well in rehearsal. As IU began to sing, the other teams watching the rehearsal were impressed and cheered for her. In the narration, Yoon Sang said, “IU wrote such an amazing song! ” Park Jin-young also revealed “All while she is still so young!” And, still in the narration, Hyukoh revealed, “IU’s song is really good

Shortly after IU’s appearance, Park Myung-soo emerged from under the stage on an elevator and started to rap. They finished the rehearsal for their performance very well, and were welcomed by the cheers and applause from the other teams.


영동고속도로 가요제 -아이유

The time had come for all the teams to do their own performances. Their appearance aired on August 22, 2015, in episode 442, and was attended by many of their fans. The fans always sing along and give their support to the teams who have worked so hard to give their best performance on stage.

Having an age difference of more than 20 years, IU and Park Myung-soo, still succeeded in showing extraordinary chemistry on stage. Their performance began with a standing ovation from the audience. It seemed to be drizzling, because the people in the audience seemed to be wearing raincoats, but they were still excited to see the performances of IU and Park Myung-soo.

IU dressed up as Matilda, one of the figures from the famous film. IU’s appearance surprised many viewers, because her hair was short, like the real Matilda character. Not long after she started singing by herself, Park Myung-soo came onstage the same way he did during the rehearsal. The other teams said that he looked very nervous and his hands were trembling on the mic. But, different from other teams, the audience actually seemed to enjoy their performance and sang along with them.

There was a surprise at the end of their performance. When everyone thought that their performance was over, suddenly, an EDM enemy rang. Yeo Ji-hwan appeared on the stage with his DJ set, and they broke the stage. The audience shouted enthusiastically and jumped to the rhythm of the EDM music. It was an amazing performance, and the pair took first place, beating all the other teams.

It didn’t end there. IU showed up again in BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and Park Myung-soo’s special performance singing a song called ‘Having an Affair’.  During rehearsal, there was no indication that IU would be participating in this performance, but during the performance, G-Dragon suddenly called out IU’s name, and she appeared to perform with them.

Although it was not part of the contest, the performance kept the entire audience entertained, dancing and jumping around together. Her appearance was a total surprise and had the audience excited.

After seeing IU’s performances at the festival, the following various netizens’ reactions were posted on the NAVER website:

[NAVER] IU was just meant to do well, Article talks about IU’s reasons for success. She has great musical talent and success as a singer-songwriter. She also mentions her success in acting.
[+22,078, -1,011] I completely agree. In my opinion, right now is just the start of her peak
[+20,510, -931] Seriously IU just keeps on evolving
[+21,196, -3,718] IU is a million times better at singing than Exo
[+15,221,-845] IU who is evolving more and more, day by day
[+14,041,-862] IU is seriously awesome
[+2,043,-235] Even though I had already kinda known that IU is pretty good, I didn’t know it was to this level. Listening to the IC songs often, it made me think that IU is a genius. In addition to that, she is so pretty. Even a female would gape at her. IU, enjoy your golden age!
[+2,084,-280] Seeing how she treats Park Myungsoo so courteously, you can tell that she has great character.
[+1,901,-221] She’s really great at writing lyrics and composing.. Seeing how her main focus is slow, calm, acoustic guitar type of music, people tend to think that she has a weak range. But, when she suddenly appeared on stage for the performance of “I Cheated” with GD and Park Myungsoo, you can see that she has a lot of strength in her voice. IU has such versatile musical talents!
[+1315,-180] When she appeared on stage for “I Cheated” with straight long hair, I almost had a heart attack no joke
[+1244,-174] Up until her You and I days, I only just had good vibes about her. From when her scandal happened, I started to become a real fan. To be honest, I didn’t know she would be able to achieve this level of recovery. In the end, I think that singers that have good music and talent should be able to climb back up again. Leon is also so freaking good. Yeah!

and the following various netizens reaction on the NATE website:

[+766,-52] I liked Leon the most. For the performance, they used EDM but took it out for the studio version. I think that was a great decision.
[+641, -50] Why are there no comments..I personally, loved the beginning of Sponsor
[+551,-226] I personally really liked Yoonsang’s song. I thought Hyukoh’s song turned out to be more meh than I expected
[+84,-14] For this year’s IC festival, I thought Jung junha was the one that fit the theme of “infinity challenge” the most. He seemed to be the one that was working the hardest at trying his best even though all the members were working hard too..From riding on the [blue skateboard thing] to popping, he also worked really hard on rapping. Honestly, isn’t he doing well for someone who’s doing all this for the very first time? Also, they only had 1 week..the song was also great; so to me, it was the best.
[+61,-19] But for me, I liked Hyukoh’s song the most~ The lyrics are really deep and philosophical and the guitar sounds made it really upbeat and fun.
[+61,-9] IC really made me take a second look at IU. Her team is first on the charts. Among Korea’s best composers, her digitals are doing the best
[+55,-12] I personally think that Zion T is pretty good at dancing

There are still many more people who commented about IU performance in this show. Moreover, after the song was released, IU and Park Myung-soo’s song ‘Leon’ successfully achieved a perfect all-kill!