IN2IT’s Jiahn: Full Profile, Fun Facts, Appearance In ‘Boys 24’, And More!

IN2IT’s Jiahn Became part of the Millenasia Project

According to UNESCO, the closure of schools and universities due to the COVID-19 outbreak has affected a total of 1.5 billion students around the world. Therefore, in order to ignite the students’ spark and spirit, UNESCO decided to launch a single featuring K-Pop artists IN2IT, AleXa, and Dreamcatcher for a music video titled “Be the Future,” filmed and recorded just outside of Seoul in late April 2020.

K-Pop’s massive popularity around the world has made UNESCO decide to launch the single as part of UNESCO’s launch of Global Education Coalition. The artists involved in this UNESCO project also became part of the Millenasia Project, and the purpose is to encourage students to study at home.

The lyrics of the song include the message like: “Wash your hands soapy clean, clean. Put your mask on, simple indeed,” and other similar social-distancing messages.

Jiahn, along with fellow member Yeontae, was in charge of writing the lyrics and collaborated with the band, Love X Stereo. The lyrics are mostly sung in English and place great importance on the connection while being apart. “Don’t let the seclusion get you down, it’s important to stay connected to school, teachers, and friends,” the lyrics stated.

The lyrics also talk about the importance of staying at home and taking care of the loved ones as stated in: “My third-grade teacher taught me that at the very least we should all try to make a difference with our lives. Now, I can make a difference by staying at home and caring for my parents.”

The 2020 Global Teacher Prize finalist, Yun Jeong-hyun, also appeared in the video to show the importance of teachers that motivate and inspire the student.

The song is available on Millenasia’s YouTube channel, Apple Music, Spotify, Melon, Anghami, Boomplay, and 25 music platforms around the world. Visit to see more details.

Check out their MV below!


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