From The ‘Amazing’ To The ‘I’m Your Joker’ Era: Find Out More About IN2IT’s Comebacks And Concepts

IN2IT – Ullala: Poisoning


The single “Ullala: Poisoning” was included in IN2IT’s 3rd single album, Puzzle. At first, it kind of sounds like Latin music, but then a hint of reggaeton tune is added to complete it. Such a unique and extraordinary combination, right?

As for the song’s concept, IN2IT put the accent on the mixture of deep and dark vibes with a display of ‘poison’ as well. In the MV, IN2IT came up with such a dark sensual hazy video suitable with the title. The members appear in classy fashionable outfits as they wear long fur blazers, suits and ties, classic leather jackets, and a lot more.

In the MV, IN2IT members dance on different stages, such as a red hazy lightroom, a purple light land, and a blue lightroom. But, the most sophisticated part is the scene of IN2IT members being surrounded by flowers and a glass of red-spiked drink; it was such a great shot!

IN2IT members revealed that “Ullala: Poisoning” narrated the story of themselves as an inexorable poison within a relationship, with the mixture of compulsive and enthralling as well. The feelings of suffocating love in “Ullala: Poisoning” make a person unable to let go of their lover. It is also written in the lyrics, translated as: “Now I’m gonna have you like a poison.”

The song “Ullala: Poisoning” was also performed on a live stage by IN2IT in Music Bank. They appeared in black outfits, a pair of blazers, and pants with patterned belts. The V neckline of their outfits also added to their charm as well.

IN2IT – Be The Future (with Dreamcatcher & AleXa)


On May 6th, 2020, “Be The Future” was officially released! It was a part of the Millenasia Project, and it was marked as the COVID-19 awareness song. The song was produced by fandom culture brand Millenasia, in partnership with the Vakey Foundation. “Be The Future” emphasized the upbeat music, while the lyrics were filled with ‘lifting up’ the mood and hopeful desire to remind people to stay positive and get through the current situation together.

Meanwhile, the MV was starred by IN2IT, Dreamcatcher, and AleXa where all of them had fun together with the main point being to stay at home and be safe. There were several scenes and messages that became the COVID-19 awareness highlights, such as attending online classes, washing hands, using face masks, staying connected through video calls, and keeping a physical distance from our friends.

(A Millenasia Project)

An interesting fact is that the single “Be The Future” is marked as a Millenasia Project. Aside from that, the project is a kind of ‘giving back to society’ which means that the profit from the album sales would be donated to a COVID Fund. The fund was managed by UNESCO as well. The song also came up with a colorful and tropical theme which increased the cheerful mood.

IN2IT – I’m Your Joker (Japanese Vers.)


“I’m Your Joker” was marked as IN2IT’s official Japanese debut project. The song also became very popular even before it was officially released as the song was used as the closing theme of the anime Duel Master. In the teaser image, IN2IT use a white and blue concept which uplifts their appearance.

Even though the song wasn’t accompanied by an MV, the official audio was released on several music platforms, such as Spotify, Shazam, and many more. IN2IT also made some live performances of “I’m Your Joker” in music showcases. The members appeared with different styles, and emphasized their amazing vocals. The mixture of deep husky voice and a harmonizing melody has made the “I’m Your Joker” live version one of the best performances.

Let’s keep giving love to IN2IT and look forward to another one of their projects. Channel-Korea would also love to know which one is your favorite single from IN2IT, so if you are feeling up to it, kindly drop a line with your answer in the comment section below.