In Memory of Ladie’s Code’s EunB, Almost 5 Years After Her Tragic Car Accident

In Memory of Ladies Code’s Eunb Tragedy

Five years ago an event occurred that was one the hardest and saddest things in the Korean music industry. The girl-groups Ladies Code experienced the toughest ordeal. Ladies Code is a girl-group under Polaroid Entertainment, which debuted in 2013 with  five members, but in 2014 Ladies Code lost two members, namely Rise and EunB, due to a big car accident. Although three of the members suffered serious injuries, their lives could still be helped, but Rise and EunB lost their lives because of the severity of their injuries.

EunB was the most severely injured of the members at the time of the accident, and she died at the scene. They tried to revive her at the hospital, but she was beyond help. EunB was the Lead Rapper of Ladies Code, she was also the most cheerful member of the group, but unfortunately her career in the music industry ended quickly. Hopefully EunB and Rise are always happy in heaven.

Ladies Code’s EunB’s Profile

Real Name: Go Eunbi

Stage Name: EunB

Date of Birth: November 23, 1992

Dead of Birth: September 3, 2014

Age: 22 years old

Position: Lead Rapper and Vocalist

Height: 164 cm

Weight: 44 kg

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Blood Type: AB

Twitter: @LC__EunB

Interesting Facts about EunB
  1. She was the mood-maker of the group
  2. EunB was a trainee with the members of AOA’s
  3. She graduated from Hanlim Multi Art School
  4. She appeared on SBS Network’s 1000 Song Challenge in episodes 255, 263, and 264
  5. EunB’s sister-in-law was the SBS 8 News anchor, Kim Sung Joon
  6. EunB has a younger sister, the same age as Zunny
  7. On September 3, 2014, at around 1:30AM (KST) the band was involved in serious car accident. EunB was declared dead at the scene
  8. Her nicknames were Lovely Code and EunVitamin
  9. She was born in Seoul

Car Accident Involving EunB and Cause of Death

A year after their initial debut, Ladies Code experienced a serious tragedy. On Wednesday, September 3, 2014. at 1.30 p.m, the members of the group were in a serious car accident on the way back to Seoul after running an activity in Daegu. They were in a van driven by a driver and held the five Ladies Code members, one manager and one stylist. Near Suwon, the rear wheel of the car slipped off. Coupled with slippery road conditions, the car slid, rolling over several times and hitting the road divider. As a result, the roof of the car was badly damaged as it rolled over. The side of the car also suffered severe damage.

According to Polaris Entertainment, neither the drivers nor the passenger’s airbags would open. The group’s agency, Polaris Entertainment, made an official statement with details of the tragic accident:

“This is Polaris Entertainment.
We are setting up the current situation regarding the Ladies’ Code.

Last night, after completing their schedule in Daegu, the vehicle carrying the Ladies’ Code ran into a problem of the rear wheel falling off while on the way to Seoul, at around 1:30 AM in Suwon. Due to the wheel coming off on the rainy road, the vehicle spun several times before crashing into a guardrail. As a result, member EunB is grievously passed away.

Currently, Rise is in critical condition and so is receiving treatment for the sustained injuries. The other members have no serious injuries.

The members will be transferred from Suwon to a hospital in Seoul today, but the location has not been decided [for EunB].

Our company are currently in an immense state of shock and are experiencing unspeakable sadness at the moment.

We offer our words of apology to the fans, as well as everyone who must have received a great shock. We ask that many people will recover quickly.

We will deliver further details as they are known. Thank you.”

Local police investigated using CCTV, and saw that the Ladies Code van slipped several times and crashed in such a way that the the van was completely destroyed.  The vehicle was going 137 km/h (~85 mph). The speed limit at the Yeongdong Expressway, the site of the accident, was only 100 km/h (~62 mph). However, the vehicle carrying the girls sped for over 30 km (~19 miles). There are some statements, one of which says that EunB died at the time of the accident because she wasn’t wearing a seat belt Even when other members were taken to the hospital they didn’t know that EunB had died. Rest In Peace, Go Eunbi.

WINNER’s Song Mino Wrote a Song About EunB

The tragedy of the car accident that struck Ladies Code left all the idols, fans, and other Koreans stunned, because the group was still so relatively new, having just debuted for a year, but having to experience very heavy trials. Two of the five Ladies Code members, EunB and Rise, lost their lives during the car accident on September 3, 2014. EunB and Rise were very humble and friendly with any idol, and their passing left their peers rocked with shock and grief. One of EunB’s friends, WINNER’s Song Mino, wrote a song in EunB’s memory.

Song Mino was devastated to know that his close friend had died so quickly. EunB and Song Mino was close friends since attending the same high school together. At a concert in Japan, Song Mino stated he wrote the song for a friend whom he had lost. “HAVE A GOOD DAY” is a track off WINNER’s new album, and was written and produced by Song Mino. It turns out that he wrote the song for his childhood friend, Ladies Code’s EunB.

This was the first time Song Mino expressed his sorrow after losing his dear friend. He once arranged his playlist to send a hidden message: “I’m Fine Thank You, I love you and remember you, EunB.”

Ladies Code’s Comeback After The Fatal Tragedy

Two years after the accident, in October 2016, the Ladies Code decided to comeback and release an album titled STRANG3R. STRANG3R is the group’s second album to be released as a three-member group. In an interview Sojung said, “We wanted to put out the album earlier, but because of the preparation time, it came out a little late, we spent a lot of time on the songs and concept so we could focus on Ladies’ Code’s unique style. The Rain has the same mysterious and dreamy vibe as “Galaxy” but with a faster tempo.”

“I can’t say that I’m more responsible after the accident, but I feel like I need to be more responsible, I want to work even harder. I was the leader, but Rise and I were the oldest, and she helped me a lot. I’m glad we could make a comeback, but I’m worried a lot, too. I cried during the first broadcast, but I saw the fans gave me courage,” Ashley said. The girls also talked about their future goals, with their love for the movie as a group and Ashley. They wanted people to recognize Ladies Code’ s musical style.