In Memory of Ladie’s Code’s EunB, Almost 5 Years After Her Tragic Car Accident

EunB’s Death Anniversary

It’s been over four years since EunB and Rise met their deaths due to a fatal car accident on September 3, 2014. Fans and other Ladies Code members can’t forget the important roles the two members played in the group. EunB and Rise were very talented idols. Many fans are very sad because of this incident, and EunB and Rise still have a very high reputation in the Korean music industry. Their fans hope the other members of Ladies Code, Ashley, Zunny, and Sojung remain strong and support each other and also always pray for their best friends, EunB and Rise.

In 2018, Song Mino’s name became a public conversation, especially the song titled HAVE A GOOD DAY, which was shown by his friend, EunB. Some netizens speculated that the lyrics “I will remember two kisses (two kisses) and the dark rainy day” are about EunB. At the time, Ladies Code was promoting their song titled KISS KISS, and it was raining the day of the accident.

The other part of the lyrics that is very heartbreaking is “Even if you’re very far away, don’t be lonely, I’ll be by your side” and “If I knew it would be our last day, I should at least say goodbye”. The song immediately became a hot topic and took the first place when Ladies Code fans learned that the song Mino wrote was for EunB. Fans of WINNER and Ladies Code certainly felt moved because Mino remembered the departure of his little friend. May EunB be happy always in heaven.