In Gyo-jin’s Profile and Facts

After the ceremony, they flew to Bali, Indonesia, for their honeymoon. In December 2015, So Yi Hyun gave birth to a baby girl named In Ha Eun. In Gyo Jin and Ha Eun appeared in the show The Return of Superman along with actor Oh Ji Ho and rapper Yang Dong Geun and their daughters. In the show, they showed their experience in taking care of their kids. In October 2017, So Yi Hyun gave birth to another baby girl. For now, their comedic little family can be watched on the show Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 – You Are My Destiny.



In Gyo-jin debuted in 2000 on MBC’s show 29th Bond Talent. From his debut until 2011, he used the stage name Do Lee Sung. After moving companies to Madin Entertainment in 2012, he changed his name to his birth name, In Gyo Jin. After his appearance in the show, he landed an acting role in the drama Country Diary.

In Gyo-jin is famous for his comedic character. In the drama Becky’s Back, he acted as Hong Doo Sik, the possible biological father for Baek Hee’s daughter. His performance in the drama earned him a nomination for the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 30th KBS Drama Awards.

Regarding his comedic specialty, he revealed his thoughts in an interview with My Daily News (2018/02/02):

“I have been playing a lot a lot of comic roles since I got married, and it seems to be my character, and I have noticed what I did not know since three years ago.”


Fun Facts

  • In Gyo Jin is a fan of the baseball team Hanhwa Eagles. Meanwhile, So Yi Hyun is a fan of the Doosan Bears.
  • In Gyo-jin’s father has been So Yi Hyun’s fan for a long time.
  • He moved to Seoul during high school.
  • He has a twin brother, In Doo-jin, who is also an actor.
  • In Gyo-jin likes games on the computer.
  • So Yi-hyun and In Gyo-jin met in 2008 on Aeja’s Older Sister, Minja’s drama.
  • On October 4, 2014, he married So Yi-hyun in Seoul. Later, they went to Indonesia to enjoy a six-day and five-night honeymoon.

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