Find Out More About IMFACT’s Ungjae’s Full Profile, Fun Facts, Appearance in ‘The Unit,’ and More

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Get To Know IMFACT’s Ungjae

IMFACT’s Ungjae raised his popularity after debuting with IMFACT in 2016. With his charisma as the rapper and maknae of the group, Ungjae can potentially steal every fangirls’ heart out there! Channel Korea will introduce you to IMFACT’s Ungjae and other details that you have to know, so stay tuned!

IMFACT’s Ungjae’s Full Profile

imfact ungjae

Birth Name: Na Ung-jae (나웅재)

Stage Name: Ungjae (웅재)

Date of Birth: May 28, 1998

Age: 22 years old

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Height: 174 cm

Weight: 57 kg

Blood Type: B

Position: Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Maknae

Years Active: 2016 – Present

Label: Star Empire Entertainment

Associated With: IMFACT

Instagram: @hellogloom

IMFACT’s Ungjae’s Fun Facts

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  • Ungjae can speak Japanese.
  • He knows how to play the piano.
  • His specialties are lyric writing and composing.
  • He also composed and wrote lyrics for most of IMFACT’s songs.
  • Ungjae participated in The Unit with the other IMFACT members Jian, Jeup, and Taeho. Unfortunately, he was eliminated.
  • Ungjae is close to ASTRO’s Moonbin.
  • He loves the color pink.
  • He has a tattoo on his left arm written as “No one is beneath & no one is above anyone.”
  • During the “Lie” MV making process, Ungjae revealed that he almost got hurt while doing a scene with an old car.
  • When he directs song recordings, that is the time when Ungjae feels most fabulous.
  • Even though Ungjae is the maknae, he doesn’t really do aegyo.
  • Ungjae is known as the wild maknae.
  • He changes his hair color according to his mood at the moment.
  • Ungjae and Taeho are like Tom & Jerry since they tend to disturb each other.
  • His inspiration comes in the night.
  • When he’s cold, he brings hot packs everywhere and puts them on his body.

Things You Should Know About IMFACT’s Ungjae

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According to other members, they have revealed that Ungjae really has power which also makes him talk about everything that he has in mind. However, although Ungjae seems to look strong on the outside, actually, he is a soft-hearted person. Meanwhile, IMFACT members also agree that Ungjae’s talent is one of his good sides.

During live performances or even through other activities, Ungjae seems to always look talented. It is also proven that Ungjae is such a hard-worker and creative person since he wrote, composed, and arranged most of IMFACT’s songs.

IMFACT’s Ungjae as the Wild Maknae

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Commonly, the maknae of the group would be someone who has the youngest age, and they tend to look adorable and cute at the same time. However, it doesn’t apply to Ungjae because he is more shameless instead of being an adorable maknae! Ungjae is the real definition of a wild as well as evil maknae. His wild side seems to come naturally, and he loves to show it towards the other IMFACT members.

For example, Jeup revealed that he could predict rainy days accurately since his knee always gets hurt the day before rainy days. Then, Ungjae with his poker face replied that Jeup’s hurt knees were due to his old age. Or, when someone complimented him about how great Ungjae is in making music, his expression was a mixture of satisfaction and arrogance at the same time.

imfact ungjae

Ungjae also came up with such an evil maknae image since he tends to talk frankly about many things! When he got asked to rank who’s the most handsome among IMFACT’s members, Ungjae said that he couldn’t do that since he thought that nobody was that handsome. It might sound cruel, but Ungjae easily said that with his innocent expression.

Moreover, Ungjae was often fanboying over himself which made the other members roll their eyes while noticing Ungjae’s dorky behavior. Other IMFACT members also joke that Ungjae was often angry, even his back looked angry as well! Ungjae’s temper is a mixture of scary emotions and hilarious acts at the same time. But, sometimes, there’s also a certain time when Ungjae would be acting fully like a normal maknae and call the other members hyung in a cute way.

Watch several of Ungjae’s moments as the wild maknae here:

IMFACT’s Ungjae’s Visual

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IMFACT’s Ungjae is obviously one of the most talented K-pop idols. He has been proving it through his amazing skills, and his appearance is also something that you can’t deny since he has a kind of “ethereal” visual! It is also reported that Ungjae has an irresistible eye smile which is true, right?

Let’s take a break for a while and have a look at IMFACT’s Ungjae’s fascinating visual here!

Even though Ungjae isn’t the visual of IMFACT or the face of the group, Ungjae has his own attractiveness when it comes to his visual appearance! Since he often changes his hair color, it also leads him to have various kinds of gorgeous visuals as well. With the minty-blue hair, Ungjae’s visual was emphasized even more since the color also suited perfectly with his skin. Moreover, Ungjae also has beautiful features on his face which make his fans unable to take their eyes off of him!

imfact ungjae

If you’re seeing Ungjae’s picture above clearly, you can see the irresistible eye smile from him! Ungjae can transform easily from a cold and manly guy into a warm and friendly guy within a second with his cheeky smile as the charming point! His beautiful eye smile also matches beautifully with his smile which makes Ungjae look like a warm person. In addition, his blonde hair also increased Ungjae’s cheerful side as well!

imfact ungjae

Ungjae has mostly appeared with colorful hair which emphasizes his cheerful image as well. But, once, he dyed his hair into a darker color, and his charisma was increased rapidly! Ungjae was looking beyond gorgeous with a darker hair color, right? It also affected his visual appearance since Ungjae looked more mature and manly with darker hair!

imfact ungjae

On his day off, Ungjae appears with his natural visual since he doesn’t have to put on any makeup on a daily basis. But, still, his visual also looks as gorgeous as ever! Ungjae’s natural visual emphasizes his physical features such as his beautiful eyes, his pointed nose, and his plump lips!

IMFACT’s Ungjae’ Focus Fancam

In IMFACT’s “Only U” live performance, Ungjae appeared with a monochrome outfit and masculine appearance. Ungjae made his fans have a hard time breathing through his amazing dance skills! Moreover, when he was dancing with the girl, it seemed like a bunch of Ungjae’s fangirls got beyond jealous!

While IMFACT was performing “The Light,” Ungjae also became one of the spotlights since he appeared with neon hair color as well as a fierce swag style as well! With the mixture of neon hair and tropical vibes, Ungjae looked different yet stylish. With powerful dancing and great rapping skills, it seemed way too easy to fall for his charm, right?

Through one of Ungjae’s performances on The Unit, Ungjae definitely made the crowd get really loud! He was performing the song “Butterfly” with his other groupmate, and through the fan cam video, we could be focused only on Ungjae. With his soft and deep voice, Ungjae has proven to us his slow rapping which also sounded quite emotional. Besides, Ungjae with black hair was something blessed, for sure!

IMFACT’s Ungjae’s Latest News

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Let’s keep up with the latest updates from IMFACT’s Ungjae! What has he been up to lately? Currently, Ungjae is still active with IMFACT and other entertainment activities as well. However, since the last comeback from IMFACT in April 2020, there’s no recent project yet.

Other than that, Ungjae is still productive by making some music which makes the fans wonder whether it would be released any time soon or later. But, you can always stay updated with Ungjae through his Instagram account, @hellogloom!

Let’s always supporting IMFACT’s Ungjae and his future career! Don’t forget to tell us your thoughts about IMFACT’s Ungjae in the comment section!