IMFACT’s Jeup: Full Profile, Fun Facts, Appearance In ‘The Unit’, And More

IMFACT’s Jeup’s Appearance In I Can See Your Voice

In 2017, when IMFACT was still a rookie, Jeup showed up and made an appearance in the famous Mnet show I Can See Your Voice Season 4, the show where the guests and the panelists have to guess which ones of the contestants are tone-deaf and which ones are really talented singers. In the show, Jeup posed as one of the contestants and unfortunately, none of the panelists recognized him as a real singer. He was then chosen to be eliminated.

When he performed Park Hyo-shin’s song “Wild Flower,” he blew everyone off with his skillful voice. He even made the female panelists swoon with his performance. Kim Joong-kook, as the guest singer in that episode, looked very regretful when he realized that he has chosen the wrong contestant to be eliminated.

Although it’s unfortunate that no one recognized who he was, he got a lot of support after the show telling him that his voice is really good. His performance video even got 6.5 million views on YouTube.

“Seriously, props to this guy for having the balls to cover Park Hyo Shin. I’d would be too intimidated to even try, but he killed it! Thumbs up to you, sir!” one user commented on the YouTube video.

“Every time youtube suggests a clip from ICSYV i always always always go back here to hear Jeup sing this wonderful song 💕💕 Still one of my favorite performance from this show it’s making me cry seeing him singing the song with so much passion 😭💕,” another user added.

Park Hyo-shin’s original is one of the best and most beautiful songs in this world. Mostly because it’s so real, so raw, and something you feel to the core. Jeup’s version brought it a whole other feeling! Yet it’s still the same damn raw and beautiful feeling! His voice complimented it perfectly & I love this version so much! I really hope he gets the fame he deserves,” added another user.

Exactly one year after his viral performance, he came back to the show. This time not as a contestant, but as one of the panelists. He appeared on March 16th, 2018, broadcast of I Can See Your Voice Season 5.

Check out his famous performance below!


Focus Fan-cam

Jeup is one of the most popular IMFACT members, so it is no wonder that his fan-cam performances are everywhere. Not to mention, his fan-cam performances have a lot of views!

Well, it’s unsurprising since he always pours out his heart whenever performing. Fans can see how much passion he puts into his singing by seeing his fan-cams.

Don’t you agree with us? *winks*


Military Service

Early 2020, there was a sad announcement by Jeup. Jeup would be another K-pop idol who is serving compulsory military service this year. Jeup, the oldest member of IMFACT, would start to carry out his duties as a Korean citizen at the end of July.

The official news was released by Star Empire on July 13th, 2020, stating that Jeup will enter the military on July 27th. The guy born in 1993 is currently in the military as an active soldier. However, the agency did not reveal where Jeup will be heading for his enlistment, nor where his boot camp is located.

Before the official news, Jeup had already revealed to the fans he would be enlisting in a June 11th Twitch stream, when the details were still being arranged. He shared that he would like to have a whole month to enjoy playing games together and talk before he leaves and can’t wait to go and wanted to be upfront with the fans.

Meanwhile, after the announcement, Jeup also released a handwritten personal letter to wish and thank the fans through his Instagram. In the letter, he said that he will be coming back and sing again, thanking fans for giving him love as both a singer and a streamer and told the fans not to worry. He also told the fans that he would be accompanied by his good friend and fellow The Unit contestant BIGSTAR’s Feeldog since both of them are placed at the same training camp. In the end, he added that while he’s away, his sister will be managing his Instagram and share updates about him.

Not only that, just before he enlisted, he said farewell to fans through a live broadcast on Twitch and Instagram. He streamed in Twitch for 7+ hours straight. The streaming is titled  “Last Broadcast” and in the broadcast, he interacted with fans while he was playing video games, although, in the end, he also said a few heartfelt and thoughtful messages to fans.

On top of 7+ hours of streaming, he also did an Instagram live broadcast. He has been using IG Live gradually since the news of his enlistment, saving every single broadcast so fans can continue to re-watch them while he is enlisted in the military.

Just before Jeup’s enlistment, IMFACT also gave the last gift to fans by holding a virtual live concert through YouTube on July 16th, 2020. The performance was the group’s farewell gift to fans before Jeup’s enlistment. Unfortunately, the official link for the live concert stream is currently set to private and not available to watch.

Fans who are sad by this news expressed their gratitude and well-wish to Jeup on his SNS. They said that they will wait for his comeback after the military.

*You can still watch his broadcast on his official Twitch channel here.


So, those are all the things that you need to know regarding the talented singer and top visual of IMFACT—Jeup! What do you think about him? Have you fallen in love with him already, just like we have? If so, show your love and support in the comment box below!