The Mr. Trot Im Young-woong: Profile, Facts, Achievements, Solo Activity

Im Young Woong’s Activity

im young woong

Im Young-woong has appeared in many music shows, such as participating in Mr. Trot, performing in KBS’s Immortal Songs, and being a guest in JTBC’s Knowing Brothers. Check out his appearances in these shows below!

Appearances in Tomorrow is Mr. Trot

im young woong

Im Young-woong participated in TV Chosun’s reality show titled Mr. Trot. It was aired from January 2nd to March 12th, 2020. Many contestants had joined the show to show their talents.

During a preliminary round, Im Young-woong performed Noh Sa-yeon’s song “Wishing”.

On his first mission, Im Young-woong teamed up with Shin Sung, Jang Minho, Young Gi, Young Tak, and Shin In-sun in a group called Jang Min Tiger Butterfly (Group A). They performed a song by Park Hyun-bin titled “Dancing Queen”.

During the second round, he performed a song by Kim Kwang-seok, titled “The Story of an Old Couple in their 60s”. His performance gained a lot of public attention, and the song quickly appeared on the real-time popular search keywords. He ranked 1st with that amazing performance.

On his final stage, he performed a song by Joo Hyun-mi, “Crying and Regretting”. It was a song that his father, who passed away when he was a child, often sang to his mother as a joke. However, he said that he could not dare to sing this song because he felt like crying from the first verse.

Im Young-woong received 1200.00 (1,374,748 votes) by real-time voting. The accumulation points were 3890.00 which made him number 1 and turned him into the winner of the show. Congratulations!

Appearances in Knowing Brother

im young woong

Im Young-woong was a guest as a member of Mr. Trot Top 7 on Knowing Brothers in 2020. He appeared in Episodes 229–231. He was a fan of Buzz in which Min Kyung-hoon (a regular member of Knowing Bros) is a member of the band. Like other Buzz fans, he showed his affection for Min Kyung-hoon. He later expressed his desire to be paired with Min Kyung-hoon in the game partner pick, but unfortunately, he lost to Jang Min-ho.

Check out his appearance in Knowing Bros., here:


Appearances in Immortal Songs

im young woong

In 2020, Im Young-woong appeared in Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend as a member of Mr. Trot Top 6. He performed “Wretched Love”.

Check out his performances in Immortal Song, here:


That’s all about Im Young-woong! What do you think of him being the winner of Mr. Trot? He indeed is one of the great trot singers from South Korea, right? Give a listen to his amazing voice. You might turn into a fan after that 😏 Don’t forget to kindly write down your comments and share on your social media~