About Korean Actor and Model Kim Young-kwang: Profile, Plastic Surgery, and Drama List

Music Videos

Besides dramas and movies, Kim Young-kwang has also appeared in some music videos, which are Shin Hye-sung and Lyn, Park Bom, Brown Eyed Soul, and KARA.

Check out the MV’s! First, here is Shin Hye Sung and Lynn- It’s You

Then it’s Park Bom- Don’t Cry

Brown Eyed Soul- You

and KARA-Runaway

His Relationship Status, Ideal Woman, and Thoughts on Marriage

Kim Young Kwang

For now, he admitted that he is currently not in a relationship, but since he is a very private person, even if he was dating someone, he would never reveal it to the public since he thinks it would be difficult. He added that that kind of thing is something very close to his heart, and he would like to maintain some privacy. He said that he intends to protect the person he is dating from any kind of public harm.

For his ideal woman, he once commented that he likes girls who are motherly and caring. In addition, he also said that she should be someone who he can feel very comfortable with and can get along with very well.

He also prefers a girl who can take care of him when he needs her, and who has a strong mentality. He said that he is the type that always tries to be warm to his girlfriend, and put a lot of effort into his relationships.

On thoughts about marriage, he wishes to settle down and get married one day after heĀ  found his perfect soulmate. However, just how he wants to keep his relationship a secret, and he also wishes that his marriage is a low key and private affair.

Fun Facts

Kim Young Kwang
  • His favorite thing to at home is play video games
  • His favorite body part is his height
  • He is a fan of BIGBANG, especially G-Dragon
  • His childhood dream is to have a comic store
  • Always call his mom everyday because he cares about her so much
  • Has has approximately of 500 comic books in his home at Incheon
  • One of his best friends is Sandara Park
  • He wants to try acting in an action movie
  • His dream is to live in a big house with a big table
  • He used to work so many part time jobs, such as in a gas station, convenience store, glass factory, and delivering newspapers

Kim Young-kwang’s Plastic Surgery

Kim Young Kwang

Although some says that he has a natural good looking face, some also say that he has surely had some work done. It was based on a photo of when he was still high school. Take a look at his photo

Kim Young Kwang

In my opinion, he probably did get his eyes done. But I think it’s common for South Korean people to do their eyes, since it’s the no. 1 most common plastic surgery procedure. But everything else I think is pretty much the same, he’s still as good looking as ever, and he hasn’t changed that much since high school…Is he aging backwards?

So what do you think? Do you think he had some work done? Or has he really had good looking genes since birth? Let me know!