About Korean Actor and Model Kim Young-kwang: Profile, Plastic Surgery, and Drama List

Meet The ‘Lookout’ Actor and Model Kim Young-kwang

Kim Young Kwang

Kim Young-kwang is a South Korean actor and model. He first had a modeling career, and has walked on the runway of world-renowned designers, such as Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, and Etro.

Who doesn’t like handsome face? With his tall figure, handsome face, cute smile, and great proportions, he quickly became one of the best models, along with his close friends, Kim Woo Bin, Lee Soo Hyuk, Sung Joon, and Hong Jong Hyun. Later, in 2008, he decided to take a bigger step to acting.

Kim Young-kwang’s Full Profile

Kim Young Kwang

Name                 : Kim Young-kwang (김영광)

Birthplace           : Incheon, South Korea

Date of Birth       : January 11, 1987

Height                : 187 cm

Weight               : 70 kg

Star Sign           : Capricorn

Education          : Hanyang University- Department of Theater

Personal Website: Wide-S Company

Twitter              : aksakfn12

Instagram         : @aksakfn12

V Live Channel  : Kim Young-kwang

Cafe Daum       : Modelyk

The Model Kim Young-kwang

Kim Young Kwang

He first received the opportunity to become a model in 2007 when he was 19 years old. He later became a model for an advertisement. This advertisement was a door for him to become a runway model. In 2008, he was the first Asian model to walk Dior Homme’s show.

On an episode of SBS’s Healing Camp, Kim Young-kwang revealed that he started to model because his past management company’s CEO took him to a family restaurant. He added, “There are family restaurants in Incheon too, but I had never been to them. My first time at that one was amazing, and I think my past management company’s CEO took me on purpose to have me work as a model.”

He also reminisces, “Back then, I thought that the models took home the clothes that they wore for pictorials. I was that innocent”

So far, he has appeared in many kind of endorsements. Here are some of them:

  • TBC Jeans Ads (with the Wondergirls) (2007)
  • LG Telecom- 17 Miles (2007)
  • Hyundai Card Alphabet (2007)
  • Bvlgary Perfume (2008)
  • L’Oreal (2008)
  • Anycall Style Report Phone (2008)
  • Jinra Noodle (2008)
  • Forte (Boys be Luxuary) (2009)
  • Lotte Card (2010)
  • Andew (2012)
  • Chamiseul (2013)

Kim Young-kwang has also received an award for Best New Model from the Korea Fashion Photographers Association. Besides that, he has received 3 awards from the Asia Model Festival Awards, Korea Tourism Organisation, and Style Icon Awards in 2009.

So now let’s take a moment to see how amazing he looks as a model! Here are some photos for you to enjoy~

Kim Young Kwang
Kim Young Kwang
Kim Young Kwang
Kim Young Kwang

Kim Young-kwang’s Acting Career

Kim Young Kwang

In 2008, he began to try acting. It was when he thought to himself that he should try something new. But he thought about it a lot, since he was already successful as a model at that time. He said in Arena interview in 2014, “At first, my acting was so bad that I got angry. When I was modelling, things weren’t so difficult for me. Seeing how it made me anxious, I wondered if I should just shut down my perspectives. But then, I thought it would be cooler to reach the top with a polished image acquired through the years than to shine brightly right now. Still, well I do get impatient.

There is also some kind of bad event that happened to him just because he’s a model that turn to be actor. On the episode of Healing Camp, he said that many models have a tough time getting the respect they deserve behind the scenes. Lee Soo Hyuk, who went with him, shared their experience, saying “One time, I attended an acting audition with Kim Young-kwang and Sung Joon who had been modelling for awhile, then the production crew told us to do a model walk instead of act. It felt like we were looked down on.

But he also admitted that right now he’s enjoying acting. “When I’m acting, I feel good. I have fun and I’m happy in the moment, but I went through a hard time before. As I dedicated more time to acting, some things became more defined like my sense of responsibility. Because even if it’s difficult, I’m the one who made the choice to do it.

He  then started to get recognized by the audiences when he played in the drama Good Doctor (2013) as Han Jin Wook. His role made many hearts flutter (well, it was obvious though!). Since that drama, more roles keep coming to him, and eventually he got to where he is right now. Here is a list of his dramas and movies so far.

Year Title Role Network
2008 Worlds Within Young-woong KBS2
2009 Triple Jae-wook MBC
My Fair Lady Jung Woo-sung KBS2
2010 More Charming By The Day Lee Young-Kwang MBC
2011 White Christmas Jo Young-jae KBS2
Bachelor’s Vegetable Store Lee Seul-woo Channel A
2012 Love Rain Han Tae-sung KBS2
Can We Get Married? Gong Ki-joong jTBC
2013 The Secret of Birth Park Soo-chang SBS
Good Doctor Han Jin-wook KBS2
2014 Plus Nine Boys Kang Jin-gu tvN
Pinocchio Seo Beom-jo SBS
2015 Dr. Ian Mo Yi-an Naver TV Cast/Youku
D-Day Lee Hae-sung jTBC
2016 Gogh, The Starry Night Kang Tae-ho Sohu/SBS
Sweet Stranger and Me Go Nan-Gil KBS2
2017 Lookout Jang Do-han MBC



Year Title Role
2012 Runway Cop Han Seung-woo
2014 Hot Young Bloods Jo Gwang-sik
2018 Wonderful Ghost Tae-jin
On Your Wedding Day Woo-yeon