Im Soo-jung’s Profile and Facts: Family, Married, and Plastic Surgery


Get Closer to Actress Im Soo-jung

Im Soo-jung is a South Korean actress. After modeling for teen magazines. Im Soo-Jung made her acting breakthrough in Kim Jee-woon’s horror movie A Tale of Two Sisters (2003), followed by the popular television drama I’m Sorry, I Love You (2004). She has since appeared in numerous films, notably Park Chan-wook’s I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK (2006), Hur Jin-ho’s Happiness (2007), Lee Yoon-ki’s Come Rain, Come Shine (2011), and Min Kyu-dong’s All About My Wife, for which she won Best Actress at the 33rd Blue Dragon Film Awards.

Im Soo-Jung made her debut in 1998 as a cover model for teen magazines. For more than 20 years, Im Soo-Jung had a career in entertainment. Im Soo-jung’s name first skyrocketed when she starred in A Tale of Two Sisters with Moon Geun-Young. The horror thriller was very successful, and Soo-jung managed to bring home five Best New Actress awards from prestigious events. Let’s take a look at the full profile of actress Im Soo-Jung!

Full Profile of Actress Im Soo-jung


Real Name : Im Soo Jung

Date of Birth : July 11, 1980

Age : 38 years old

Profession : Model and Actress

Height : 167 cm

Weight : 45 kg

Blood Type : A

Zodiac : Cancer

Religion : N/A

Entertainment : YNK Entertainment

Hobbies : Music and Drawing

Talents : Dancing and Playing the Piano

Fun Facts About Im Soo-jung


Perhaps Im Soo-jung’s name is still a bit strange to us, in fact it is very rare for her to participate in a drama, but she is very well known as a movie queen. Here are some facts you might not know about Im Soo-jung, check it out!

1. Im Soo-jung first skyrocketed to fame when she starred in A Tale of Two Sisters with Moon Geun-young. The horror thriller was very successful, and Soo-jung managed to bring home five Best New Actress awards from prestigious events.

2. Before becoming a movie star, Im Soo-jung worked as a cover model for teen magazines. Then, she decided to become an actress rather than being a teen magazine model.

3. As a public figure, Im Soo-jung turns out to not like to talk about her private life, especially regarding romance. Despite that fact, fans believe that she used to have a special relationship with her co star in the movie Finding Mr. Destiny, Gong Yoo. But the two actors never clarified the rumors. Both are reported to have traveled together to Jeju Island sambiil using the same hat. Unfortunately, it was not a romantic trip, some of Gong Yoo’s friends were also present there.

“Good news for me, if Gong Yoo is my first news romance, she’s like a friend to me and has known her well for a long time,” Im Soo Jung replied, as well as an emphasis if Gong Yoo is just a good friend to her.

4. From 2006 to 2008, Im Soo-jung won a Best Actress nomination seven times from various events thanks to several films, but she didnt win any of them. The trend stopped after she won two Best Actress awards at once in 2012 thanks to the movie All About My Wife.

5. Soo-jung had previously joined the SidusHQ agency, and then crossed over to KeyEast. Her contract with KeyEast expired in October 2015, but she decided not to extend it.

Im Soo-jung’s Plastic Surgery


Some time ago, Im Soo-Jung’s childhood photos circulated. Many netizens assumed that Im Soo-Jung had plastic surgery. However, her fans revealed that Im Soo-Jung did not by passing out Im Soo-Jung’s childhood photos. Even some netizens commented that Im Soo-Jung’s beauty must be natural since it has been present since childhood.

“How can I look the same in all the pictures.”

“She is a natural beauty.”

“How can she be pretty?”

“She does look a but matured since high school.”

Im Soo-jung Before Plastic Surgery


Im Soo-jung After Plastic Surgery


What do you think? Did Im Soo-Jung have plastic surgery? Or is her beauty natural?

Im Soo-Jung Married?

gongyoo soojung

Im Soo-jung is rumored to have a special relationship with the famous actor, Gong Yoo. In fact, Im Soo-jung and Gong Yoo are rumored to be secretly married, but Soo-jung and Gong Yoo deny those rumors and declare that they are only good friends.

She believes that marriage is a really serious step. She thinks that it requires the proper attitude, but this does not stop her from dreaming of meeting a significant other. Only when that happens will she be ready to move onto such a decisive step. Im Soo-jung said that marriage is deeper and more serious, and comes with more responsibilities than dating or playing around. Babyface is in no rush to do something like taht. But, in the future, she wants to have a big family.

gongyoo soojung

Management representatives from Gong Yoo and Soo-Jung also confirmed that they did not get married in 2016.

YNK Entertainment as Im Soo-Jung management announces, “We have no idea who the dentist is saying. We are not sure what is going on.” It continued, “She is also scheduled to film director Kim Jong Kwan’s omnibus movie on the 29th. The rumors of her wedding are untrue.”

Representatives from Gong Yoo’s management said, “Recently, there have been rumors about Gong Yoo and Lim Soo Jung’s secret wedding floating around in the internet community sites and social network sites. We want to clarify that the rumors are ungrounded and false.”

Gong Yoo’s repsentatives continued to say, “It’s really unfortunate for our company and for Gong Yoo as an actor that all of these groundless fabrications are continuously becoming an issue.”

gongyoo soojung

They continue, “Gong Yoo has been incredibly busy shooting ‘Finding Mr. Destiny ‘and immediately afterwards’ Crucible.’ He is still busy from the ‘Crucible’ promotions. Currently, Gong Yoo is preparing on a big-scale fan meeting in Japan, which will be held in December. He is concentrating very hard on his activities.

Lastly, they said, “We are extremely worried that Gong Yoo’s activities and image will be due to these false rumors. Since Gong Yoo is going through a very hard time because of these rumors, it would be greatly appreciated if there were no more speculations or further expansions of these rumors. We will try our hardest to give you good news in the future.”

Do you think they will be a couple soon?