I’M (Formerly Known as Seogoong): Profile, Song List, Military, Topp Dogg, Etc.

I’M (Seogoong) Joins the Military


I’M or Park Hyun Ho enlisted in the military on March 12th. Military service is a duty that should be undertaken by all the male South Korean citizens to protect the country for two years.

On March 12th, I’M started attending his basic military training at Choongnam’s Nonsan Training Center. I’M revealed that he will do the best of his capability during this military service and do something nice before returning to the entertainment industry.

Later on, I’M released the single “Save Me” on his come back in March 2017.

I’M (Seogoong) Recent Life

I’M made an appearance in Broadcasting On Your Side and he managed to bring tears in the eyes of the audience.

After coming back from his duty in the army, he got a chance to sing for the panel in Broadcasting On Your Side. This program’s main theme is revolved around the search of the best trot singer in their 20s.


I’M or Park Hyun Ho was singing “One Cup” by Makgeolli and You in his performance on Broadcasting On Your Side.

Park Hyun Ho made viewers cry on Broadcasting On Your Side. His performance made Park Hyun Bin cry by expressing, “It was so well done. I’m so glad I’m sitting here.”

That’s all about I’M (Seogoong) or Park Hyun Ho’s music career in South Korea. Don’t forget to kindly leave a comment and share your thoughts in the section below. Rooting for his music career ahead!