Im Se-mi: Profile and List of Dramas

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Let’s Get Closer to Korean Star Im Se-Mi

Im Se-Mi is one of the South Korean actresses under C-JeS Entertainment. One of her most recent dramas is “That Winter The Wind Blows” where she is a supporting actress and plays as Son-Mira, a friend of Oh Young, who is played by Song Hye-Kyo, who comes from a poor family and works at a cafe.

In 2016, at 35th MBC Drama Awards she won the Golden Acting Award and Actress in a Miniseries, it proves that Im Se-Mi is quite popular as an actress. Im Se-Mi has spent more than 14 years in the entertainment world as an actress. Let’s look at the full profile of Im Se-Mi!

Full Profile of Korean Star Im Se-Mi

im semi

Real Name : Im Se Mi

Date of Birth : May 29, 1987

Age : 31 years old

Profession : Actress

Height : 167 cm

Weight : 48 kg

Blood Type : N/A

Zodiac : Gemini

Religion : N/A

Education : Jinseon Girls’ High School, Dongduk Women’s University (Broadcasting Entertainment degree)

Entertainment : C-JeS Entertainment

List of Im Se-Mi’s Dramas

In 2018, Im Se-Mi re-participated in the drama with Lee Sang-Yoon and Lee Sung-Kyung for the newest TvN drama, About Time. Im Se Mi will join the drama and act as Bae Soo-Bong. A source from the production crew also stated, “Im Se-Mi is not only good at acting but also shows talent in various fields, like singing and emigrating, and she is perfect to play Bae Soo-Bong in this drama.”

Let’s see what dramas Im Se-Mi has starred in!

1. Pure Pumpkin Flower – 2010


Pure Pumpkin Flower is a popular drama from 2010 aired by SBS with a total of 124 episodes. The drama is written and directed by Ha Chung-Ok and Ha Chung-Ok. In this drama, Im Se-Mi plays Hyo-Sun,

Pure Pumpkin Flower tells the story of Soon-Jung, who has a bright character, but when she decides to do something she will persist until it is accomplished. Soon-Jung is raised by her single father Hyun-Mook, played by Jang Hyeong-Seong. Hyun-Mook knows that Soon-Jung is his Joon-Sun, played by Bae Chong-Ok. Nevertheless, Hyun-Mook raised Soon-Jung with all of his love.

When Soon-Jung was 12 years old, she decided not to do two things. The first one is to never eat tasteless rice. The second one is to never make her flesh eat tasteless food. Soon-Jung never had interest in studying, and instead of going to college Soon-Jung chose to run a small restaurant. At the restaurant Soon-Jung meets Min-Soo, played by Jin Tae-Hyun, who delivers vegetables to her restaurant. Min-Soo and Soon-Jung eventually develop feelings for each other.

Min-Soo also has a stepmother, Joon-Sun. Her stepmother does not believe in love or people. Joon-Sun went through 3 serious relationships, but she did not love any of the men. Joon-Sun also gives birth to Soon-Jung, but she does not love her daughter either. Because of this, she turned away from Soon-Jung and her father. Eventually, Joon-Soon married Yoo Jae-Hwan, played by Park Young-Ji, who is Min-Soo’s father and the president of the chain restaurants. Joon-Sun is now a successful figure, and thought of as a generous mom. This is when her daughter Soon-Jung re-appears in her life.

2. Heartstrings – 2011


Heartstrings is a pretty popular drama in 2011 that stars Park Yong-Hwa and Park Shin Hye. The drama is aired by MBC with a total of 15 episodes. The drama is written and directed by Lee Myung-Sook and Pyo Min-Soo, as well as Lee Min-Cheol. In this drama, Im Se-Mi plays Cha Bo-Woon.

This drama tells the story of Kyu-Won, played by Park Shin-Hye, who is a bright girl and a highly skilled gayageum player. She is in the Korean traditional music department. Kyu-Won also comes from a family who has one of the best pansori singers in the world. Shin, played by Jung Yong-Hwa, is a cold and refined young man, while also being a highly skilled guitarist. He is in the applied music department. They come from different family backgrounds and have an argument, but then start to like each other.

3. Two Weeks – 2013

two weeks

In this drama that aired on MBC with a total of episode 16, Im Se-Mi plays Oh Mi-Sook. Two Weeks was written and directed by So Hyeon-Kyeong and Choi Jung-Kyu.

Two Weeks tells the story of a man named Tae-San, played by Lee Joon-Gi, who lives his life meaninglessly. He is falsely accused of murder. The man learns that he has a young daughter who is stricken with leukemia. For the next two weeks, he struggles to save his daughter.

Eight years ago, Tae-San and In-Hye, played by Park Ha-Sun were involved in a romantic relationship. At the time, Tae-San was a member of a crime gang and worked for crime boss Moon Il-Seok, played by Jo Min-Gi. One day, Moon Il-Seok ordered Tae-San to take the heat for a murder that Moon Il-Seok committed. If Tae-San refuses, Moon Il-Seok threatens to kill his girlfriend In-Hye, who was pregnant at the time. Tae-San agrees to take the fall and goes to prison, but first he takes In-Hye to an abortion clinic. In-Hye has no idea why Tae-San changed.

4. Only Love – 2014

only love

Only Love is a drama where Im Se-Mi is the main actor along with Kim Tae-Yang. The drama is written and directed by Choi Yoon-Jung and Ahn Gil-Ho. Only Love is aired by SBS with a total of 123 episodes. Im Se Mi plays Choi Yoo-Ri.

Only Love tells about Tae-Yang, played by Seo Ha-Jun is a doctor who with a warm-heart and confidence. He assumes that his parents are not his real parents. His late uncle is actually his real father, but he pretends he does not know.
Meanwhile TV station PD Yoo-Ri meets Tae-Yang for a story. She is attracted to Tae-Yang, and they fall in love.

5. Love on a Rooftop – 2015


In 2015, Im Se-Mi again is the lead actress in the drama Love on a Rooftop along with Park Jin-Woo and Kim Se-Jung. The drama is written and directed by Choi Min-Kin and Choi Min-Kin. The drama is aired by KBS2 with a total of 101 episodes. Im Se Mi plays the part of Yoon Seung-Hye.

Love on a Rooftop tells about a woman who eventually became a part of a family after adoption, and chose love from the family.

6. Goodbye Mr. Black – 2016

goodbye mr black

Goodbye Mr. Black was released in 2016, Im Se-Mi plays Cha Ji-Soo. The drama was written and directed by Moon Hee-Jun and Han Hee, and aired on MBC with a total of 20 episodes.

The drama is about Cha Ji-Won, played by Lee Jin-Wook, who is a UDT officer of the Navy Special Operations Force. He is positive and has a certain charm, but he falls into a desperate situation due to a friend’s betrayal. He goes through numerous life or death situations. Cha Ji-Won then enters into a fake marriage with Swan, played by Moon Chae-Won, to hide his identity. Through Swan’s bright persona, Cha Ji-Won falls in love and regains his trust of others.

7. Ms. Perfect (2017)

ms perrfect

The drama is written and directed by Yoon Kyung-Ah and Hong Seok-Ku. Im Se-Mi plays Jung Na-Mi. Ms. Perfect is aired by KBS2 with a total of 20 episodes.

This drama tells the story of Sim Jae-Bok, played by Ko So-Young, who is married with two children. Due to some hard times she went through, she has a wild temper. She gets involved in an unexpected case, and begins to regain her true self.

8. About Time (2018)

about time

The drama will soon be released on May 21, 2018. This drama is awaited by netizens. In addition to Im Se-Mi, the drama also stars Lee Sang-Yoon and Lee Sung-Kyung. The drama was written and directed by Chu Hye-Mi and Kim Hyeong-Sik, and will air on TvN. Im Se Mi plays Bae Soo-Bong.

About Time tells of a fantasy romance drama that tells of a woman who has the ability to see the life expectancy of a person as well as her own, and also a man who is able to temporarily stop a person’s countdown until the end of his / her life.

As Bae So-Bong, she is the only daughter of a media tycoon and director of Music Magazine, who has a beautiful face but a snobbish character. She also likes Lee Do-Ha, played by Lee Sang Yoon, and does whatever she can to get his love.