Korean Actor Im Hyuk’s Profile and Fascinating Facts

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Im Hyuk, the Korean Actor

Starting off as an actor at the age of 20, Im Hyuk is considered a grand veteran actor who has mostly performed in projects of the historical genre. Has starred more than thirty television series, so it is no wonder we may have seen him appear in popular Korean dramas such as Chil-wu the Mighty, Giant, New Tales of Gisaeng, The Jingbirok, and Tanya. In addition, he has won notable awards such as the Excellence Award in the category of Actor in the KBS Drama Awards in 1981 and Recipient in the category of Acting in the 10th Myeongin Awards in 2007 and the Proud Korean Awards in 2010. These are what he has achievemed with his hard work throughout his acting career. Thus, in this article, Channel-Korea will explain to you all about Im Hyuk, including his full profile and a list of his dramas and movies So, stay tuned!

Im Hyuk’s Full Profile

im hyuk

Birth Name: Im Jung Hyuk

Stage Name: Im Hyuk

Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, 31 May 1949

Occupation: Actor

Age: 70 (Korean age) / 69 (International age)

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Chinese Astrology: Ox

Nationality: South Korean

Education: Chung Ang University, majoring in the Department of Theater and Film

List of Im Hyuk’s TV Shows and Movies

im hyuk

As was stated previously, Im Hyuk has been an actor since 1969.  As an actor, Im Hyuk has won many awards for his role in Dae Jo Yeong, such as Excellence Award (Actor) and Best Supporting Actor in the KBS Drama Awards in 1981, Recipient (Acting Category) in the 10th Myeongin Awards in 2007, and as Recipient in the Proud Korean Awards in 2010. In addition to that, Im Hyuk has also been nominated for the category of Special Award (Actor in a Serial Drama) for his role in New Tales of Gisaeng on the SBS Drama Awards in 2011. These awards and nominations are certainly evidence that Im Hyuk’s acting skill is worthy of appreciation and recognition. In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of the movies and television series that Im Hyuk has appeared in.

1976 – KBS1 Haeng-un’s Door

1976 – KBS1 The Road to Enlightenment:  A Genius Wing  (as Yi-sang)

1979 – KBS1 The Road to Enlightenment: – The Sky, The Wind, The Star, The Poetry (as Yoon Dong-joo)

1979 – KBS1 The Road to Enlightenment – Wonhyo’s Dialogue (as Wonhyo)

1980 – MBC MBC Bestseller Theater: A Mountain Stroll (as Husband)

1980 – KBS2 Mrs. Swan

1980 – KBS2 Pung-un (as King Cheoljong)

1982 – Tanya

1982 – KBS1 Milbong (Sealed)

1982 – KBS2 Gaeseong Merchant

1982 – KBS2 Two Days of Summer

1982 – KBS2 Comrades

1982 – KBS2 Foundation of the Kingdom (as King Gongmin)

1982 – KBS2 TV Literature: The Longhorn Beetle

1982 – KBS2 TV Literature: Hakchum

1983 – KBS2 TV Literature: The Descendants of Cain

1983 – KBS2 TV Literature: Apocalypse

1983 – KBS2 Heaven Only Knows

1983 – KBS1 Now in Pyongyang

1983 – KBS1 TV Literature People from the Swamp

1983 – KBS1 Independence Gate (as Ahn Yeong-bo)

1984 – KBS1 TV Literature: Let’s Meet Again Someday

1984 – KBS1 TV Literature: Acting Class

1984 – KBS1 TV Literature: Fascinating Homecoming

1984 – KBS1 TV Literature: Audible Light

1984 – The King’s Poison (as Grand Prince Anpyeong)

1985 – Ohsing (as Oh-sing’s father)

1985 – KBS2 TV Literature: A Life-sized Statue of Buddha (as Man-jeok)

1985 – KBS1 Dawn (as Park Hon-yong)

1985 – KBS1 Gilson (as Song Man-ri)

1986 – KBS2 The Mind of a Woman (as Park Deok-dae)

1986 – KBS 2 Hot River (as Kang Joon-seok)

1986 – KBS2 25th Hour Detective (as Chief Inspector)

1986 – No Woman Is Afraid of the Night (as Pi Jeong-deok)

1987 – KBS1 TV Novel – Pearl Tower

1988 – KBS2 Three Women (as Jin Won-seok)

1989 – MBC Giant (as Prosecutor Jo Tae-jin)

1990 – MBC 500 Years of Joseon: Daewongun (as Kim Byung-gi)

1991 – MBC The Royal Path (as Hong In-han)

1992 – KBS1 The Three Kingdoms (as Yang Man-chun)

1992 – KBS2 Red Zone (as Oh Tae-min)

1993 – KBS1 Daybreak (as Park Seung-hak)

1993 – KBS1 Han Myung-hoi (as Noh Sa-sin)

1994 – KBS2 One Eye Closed

1994 – KBS2 The Toast of an Empty Glass

1994 – KBS1 One’s Historical Rival (as Wonhyo)

1995 – KBS1 Dazzling Dawn (as Okumura Ensin)

1995 – KBS1 West Palace (as Yoo Yeong-gyeong)

1995 – KBS2 Hometown Legends: Living Tomb

1995 – KBS2 Project

1996 – KBS2 Sword (as Park Soon-chan)

1996 – KBS2 Tears of the Dragon (as Ha Ryun)

1996 – KBS1 The Event At That Time

1998 – KBS1 The King and the Queen (as Im Sa-hong)

1998 – KBS2 TV Literature: Tyrant (as Kang Dae-woo)

1999 – KBS2 Hometown Legends: Gumiho 3 (as Kang Il-doo)

2000 – KBS2 Novel: Admonitions on Governing the People (as Shim Hwan-ji)

2001-2002 – SBS Ladies of the Palace (as Kat Pa-chi / Shoemaker)

2001 – KBS2 Empress Myeongseong (as Miura Goro)

2003 – KBS1  Age of Warriors (as Doo Gyeong-seung)

2003 – SBS The King’s Woman (as Lee Yi-cheom)

2005-2006 – MBC Shin Don (as Bo-woo)

2006 – KBS1 Dae Jo Yeong (as Dae Jung-sang)

2008 – KBS2 Chilwu the Mighty / Strongest Chil Woo (as Kim Ja-seon)

2009 – KBS2 Empress Cheonchu (as Seo Hui)

2010 – KBS1 The Great Merchant / Wealthy Merchant Kim Man Deok

2010 – SBS Giant (as Baek Pa / Choi Yeol)

2011 – SBS New Tales of Gisaeng (as Ah Soo-ra)

2012-2013 – KBS1 Dream of the Emperor / King’s Dream (as Alcheon)

2012-2013 – SBS The King of Dramas / The Lord of Dramas (Cameo as Loan shark)

2013 – MBC Princess Aurora (as Seol Seol-guk)

2015 – KBS1 The Jingbirok: A Memoir of Imjin War (as Gwak Jae-woo)

2016 – KBS1 Jang Yeong-sil: The Greatest Scientist of Joseon (as Yoo Taek-sang)