Korean Actor Im Ha-ryong’s Profile and Movies

List of Im Ha-ryong’s TV Shows and Movies

im haryong

As was explained at the beginning of this article, Im Ha-ryong began his career as a comedian in 1981 and appeared on weekly variety broadcast programs. Then, Im Ha-ryong ventured to the field of acting, which actually is not actually that far from his regular job as a comedian who often has to act as a different person. As an actor, Im Ha-ryong won Best Supporting Actor at the Blue Dragon Film Awards in 2005 for his role in the film Welcome to Dongmakgol, proving that a comedian can be talented at acting as well. In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of movies, television series, variety shows, radio show, and music videos that Im Ha-ryong has appeared in.

1983-1992 – KBS2 A Humor’s Journal

1985-1986 – KBS Radio 9 O’clock Date with Im Ha-ryong and Byun Ah-young (as DJ)

1985 – A Child-like Lady

1985 – The Singing Tramp of Last Year

1986-1987 – KBS2 Myeongnyang Little Theater

1987-1991 – KBS2 Show Video Jockey

1988 – High Priest Kong-cho and Super Hong Kil-dong (as Guru Kong-cho)

1989 – Miss Rhino and Mr. Korando (as Gambler)

1989 – Welcome Back

1990-1991 – KBS1 Show Saturday Express

1991-1993 – KBS2 In a Flurry

1992 – Hae-ryong and Dal-ja’s Bag of Memories

1993-1995 – MBC Today Is a Good Day

1995 – SBS Our Happy Saturday

1995-1996 – KBS2 Saturday Express of Luck

1998 – Extra (as Cameo)

1998 – KBS2 Angel’s Kiss (as Angel)

1999 – Inner Circle (as Go Hyung-seok)

2000 – KBS2 Half Off

2002 – No Comment / Father’s Former Prize (as Father on segment: “My Nike”)

2002 – Too Beautiful to Lie (as Husband of Choi Hee-cheol’s paternal aunt(

2004 – The Big Swindle (Cameo as Company president Seo)

2004 – Arahan (Cameo as Police substation chief)

2004 – Someone Special (as Police Captain)

2005 – Welcome to Dongmakgol (as North Korean staff sergeant Jang Young-hee)

2005 – Hoodwinked! (Dubber as Detective Nicky Flippers)

2006 – Barefoot Ki-bong (as Mr. Baek)

2006 – MBC Over the Rainbow (as Kwon Sang-bok)

2006 – Holy Daddy (as Kang Young-kyu)

2007 – Bravo My Life (as Choi Seok-won)

2007 – Venus and Mars (Cameo as Divorce lawyer)

2007 – Insadong Scandal (as Madam Kwon)

2007 – Music Video of Eru’s Because We Are Two

2008 – KBS2 Chilwu the Mighty / Strongest Chil Woo (as Choi Nam-deuk)

2009 – Closer to Heaven (as Park Geun-sook)

2009 – Good Morning President (as Choi Chang-myeon)

2010 – MBC More Charming by the Day / Cutie Pie (as Im Ha-ryong)

2011 – MBC Me Too, Flower! (as Bae Sang-wook)

2011 – TV Chosun Welcome to Healing Town

2011 – I Am a Dad (as Detective Kim)

2012 – KBS2 Lovers of Haeundae / Haeundae Lovers (as Go Joong-shik)

2012 – tvN The 3rd Hospital (as Chae In-gook)

2012 – The Neighbor (as Kim Sang-young)

2013 – SBS Two Women’s Room (as Han Byung-gook)

2013 – MBC Triangle (as Yang Man-choon)

2013 – KBS2 Gag Concert

2014 – SBS Glorious Day (Cameo as CEO Lee)

2014 – SBS Cheongdam-dong Scandal (as Nam Jae-bok)

2014 – tvN Valid Love (as Jang Min-ho)

2015 – Love Forecast (as Principal)

2015 – Salut d’Amour (Cameo as Mr. Choe)

2016 – JTBC My Horrible Boss / Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi (as Nam Yong-gab)

2016 – KBS Time of Miracle: Loss Time

2016 – tvN Another Oh Hae-young / Another Miss Oh (Cameo as himself on episode 9)

2017 – MBC King of Mask Singer (as Contestant)

2017 – SBS Bravo My Life (as Movie Director)