Full Profile of Im Chae-moo, and Facts

im chaemoo

Im Chae-moo, the Korean Actor

Having debuted as an actor in the early 1980s, Im Chae-moo is known as a veteran actor who has starred in dramas on the national television broadcast stations. Having received awards such as the Excellence Award for the category of Actor in a Serial Drama for his acting in Golden Bide in the SBS Drama Awards in 2007, and the Golden Acting Award for the category of Veteran Actor for his acting in Enjoy Life in the MBC Drama Awards in 2010 are the rewards for his hard work for the past 40 years of his career. In this article, Channel-Korea will explain to you all about Im Chae-moo, including his full profile and the list of his television dramas, movies, and variety shows. So, keep reading!

Im Chae-moo’s Full Profile

im chaemoo

Real Name: Im Chae Moo

Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, 2 September 1949

Age: 70 (Korean age) / 69 (International age)

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Chinese Astrology: Ox

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 172 cm

Blood Type: AB

List of Im Chae-moo’s TV Shows and Movies

im chaemoo

As was been explained briefly at the start of this article, Im Chae-moo is a South Korean actor who has been known to star in various genres of projects since the 1980s, from war stories, romances, and family dramas. Not only appearing on television dramas, Im Chae-moo also appeared in movies, either as a traditional actor or a voice actor, and on variety shows. In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of the television series, films, and variety shows featuring Im Chae-moo.

1980 – Country Diaries (Supporting Role as Chairman Kim’s Son-in-law)

1984 – MBC 500 Years of Joseon: The Ume Tree in the Midst of the Snow (Supporting Role as Sung Sam-moon)

1985 – MBC 500 Years of Joseon: The Ijin War

1992 – Beloved Darling (Supporting Role as Gong Yeong-jin)

1993 – SBS Marriage (Supporting Role as Yong-shik)

2000 – KBS2 Roll of Thunder (as Supporting Role)

2000 – MBC Bad Friends

2001 – MBC Orient Theatre (Supporting Role as Lee Kyung-hwan)

2001 – KBS2 Life is Beautiful (Supporting Role as Sang-man’s father)

2002 – KBS2 Who’s My Love (Supporting Role as Kim Duk-jin)

2002 – SBS Near to You (as Supporting Role)

2003 – SBS Thousand Years of Love (as Doctor Uhm)

2003 – KBS2 Bodyguard

2004 – SBS Little Women (Supporting Role as Dae Mook)

2004 – MBC The Age of Heroes (Supporting Role as the adult version of Kuk Chul-kyu)

2005 – KBS1 TV Novel: Wind Flower (Supporting Role as Shin Dae-chool)

2005 – KBS1 Dear Heaven (Supporting Role as Lee Hong-pa, Young-sun’s first love)

2006 – Shark Bait (as Dubber)

2006 – SBS Smile Again (as Oh Joong-man)

2006 – SBS The Person I Love (as Park Kang-bae)

2006 – MBC Golden Fisher (as Main Panel Member for segment True Story Theatre)

2007 – Highway Star (Main Role as President Jang Joon)

2007 – Unstoppable Marriage (Supporting Role as Park Ji-man)

2007 – MBC By My Side (Supporting Rike as Moon Yong-gi)

2007 – SBS Golden Bride (as Kim Sang-il / Richard Kim)

2008 – KBS2 Unstoppable Mariage (Supporting Role as Goo Gook, Miho’s father)

2008 – KBS2 Mom’s Dead Upset / Mom Has Grown Horns (Supporting Role as Choi Eun-sil’s father)

2008 – MBC Don’t Be Swayed (Supporting Role as Lee Yong-dae)

2008 – MBC My Life’s Golden Age (Supporting Role as Yoo In-sik)

2008 – SBS Temptation of Wife

2009 – MBC Heading to the Ground (Supporting Role as Kang Sung-il)

2009 – MBC Enjoy Life (Supporting Role as Jang In-shik)

2009 – MBC Let’s Not Divorce

2010 – Republic of Korea 1% (Guest Role as Commander)

2010 – KBS2 Smile Again / Smile, Donghae (Supporting Role as Lee Kang-jae)

2011 – MBC Dangerous Women (Supporting Role as Kang Joo-hyuk)

2011 – MBC A Thousand Days’ Promise (Supporting Role as Park Chang-joo, Ji-hyung’s father)

2012 – SBS Tasty Life (Main Role as Jang Shin-jo)

2012 – SBS The Birth of a Family (a Supporting Role Ma Jin-chul)

2014 – KBS2 Two Mothers (Supporting Role as Baek Chul)

2014 – MBC Apgujeong Midnight Sun (Supporting Role as Jang Choo-jang)

2016 – KBS1 The Shining Eun Soo

2016 – SBS You Are a Gift (Supporting Role as Ma Dong-sik)

2017 – SBS Happy Sisters (Supporting Role as Lee Sung-pil)