iKon’s DK (Dong-hyuk): Profile, Instagram, Facts, Family, etc.

iKon’s DK on Social Media

ikon's donghyuk

Being up-to-date to our idol’s is always important! We can always follow along with iKon’s DK through his social media updates. As is common among idols, iKon’s DK is active in some social media, such as Instagram and Twitter. Find him on Instagram with the account @_dong_ii, and his Twitter in the name @D_dong_ii!


While this article was being written, DK already had 1.6 million followers on his Instagram account. He had posted 230 pictures or videos, and followed 64 accounts. Let’s see his daily activities through his posts on Instagram!

In his Instagram account, we can see there’s a lot of pictures of DK where he was enjoying the scenery around him and, certainly, this picture was awesome!



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DK also has a Twitter account, with the name @D_dong_ii! He’s been more active on Instagram, but DK also updates his Twitter account every so often. While this article was written, He had 209,000 followers on Twitter, even though he’s only shared 58 tweets, so far!

On Twitter, DK has often shared his moments with iKon, and asks fans to always support iKon’s career. Here are some of his updates on Twitter!




DK’s Latest News

ikon's donghyuk

Let’s talk about DK’s latest news! What are his upcoming projects? In 2019, DK might be continuing to focus on his daily activities with iKon. Early in January, iKon made a comeback with a repackaged album. The biggest news for the group is that iKon will reportedly be performing in one of the biggest music festivals in the USA, SXSW (South by Southwest)!

iKon will be the only K-Pop boy-group who has performed at the festival, which is a major achievement. It was confirmed that iKon would perform there in March 2019.

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