iKon’s Bobby Is a Daddy Now: Let’s Get To Know His Wife and Son

iKon bobby wife

Let’s Take a Peek at iKON’s Bobby Wife and Baby!

Did you know that after Big Bang‘s Taeyang married Min Hyo-rin in 2018, iKON’s Bobby also got married soon after? Bobby is the first iKON member to become a husband and it makes fans shocked! Moreover, Bobby now is a father! Who is the woman who is his wife? Will Bobby be a good father to his baby?

Find out the answer to all these questions about iKON’s Bobby’s wife and son in this article, because Channel-Korea has provided all the information for you. Stay tuned!

iKON’s Bobby Announced His Marriage and Becoming a Daddy!

ikon bobby marriage

iKON’s Bobby has brought shocking news to everyone. On August 20th, 2021, Bobby shared a handwritten letter on his Instagram (@bobbyindaeyo). In that letter, he announced that he would become a dad in September 2021. Not only that, but Bobby also wrote that he would marry the person that he loves, as well as the woman who will be the mother of his child. Here’s the complete content of iKON’s Bobby shocking announcement that was uploaded on his Instagram!

ikon bobby married

“Hello, this is iKON’s Bobby. There’s something that I want to tell you today, so I’m writing this after putting so much thought. I’ve promised to marry a person I love. I also will be a father in September. I’m also happy to have a new family, but I feel more sorry for my fans who will be shocked by my news.

“I should have informed you earlier, and I apologize that I’m letting you know later as I was ahead of my concern. I feel heavy responsibility because I have caused an emotional burden for those of you who have always helped and supported me who were lacking in many ways.”

At the end of the letter, he also says sorry to his fans and promises to work harder for iKON and fans.

iKon’s Bobby’s Wife’s Name!

ikon bobby wife

In the letter that he posted, Bobby didn’t put the name of his fiancée, nor her identity. Because of this, many people started to get curious and want to know about the person who will marry their idol. Perhaps, Bobby will reveal it in the future, but then there are so many speculations that spread regarding his mysterious fiancée/girlfriend.

Many fans think that his special woman is an artist or businesswoman. This riddle is getting more widespread, but until now Bobby still doesn’t want to reveal the identity of his fiancée/wife-to-be.

Fans’ Responses To Bobby’s News About Having a Child

ikon bobby wife and son

After Bobby announced to his fans about his wedding plan and his baby, his fans (iKONIC) were definitely shocked. Generally, if their idols have a case like Bobby’s, they are (idols) immediately blasphemed by fans, such as EXO’s Chen. Chen was blasphemed because he didn’t apologize to fans, however, Bobby instead apologized to fans and gave a clear statement.

Bobby’s apology was warmly welcomed by fans by congratulating him on his wedding plans and soon-to-be-father. So, here are some of his fans’ responses:

“I didn’t expect Bobby to be the first iKON member who will have a wife and baby, but I’m so proud of you. You’re truly a man! Congratulations Bobby! I know you will be a great and best husband and father! iKONICS GOT YOU,

ikon bobby wife
ikon bobby child

iKon’s Bobby Welcomes His Son

ikon bobby welcomes baby

As Bobby said in August through his statement, finally, he officially became a father in September 2021. Bobby and his fiancée welcomed their first child! On September 27th, 2021, YG Entertainment confirmed that iKON’s Bobby and his fiancée have welcomed the birth of their first son.

Through a short statement that has been shared by Newsen, YG Entertainment confirmed Bobby became a father, “Bobby recently welcomed a baby boy.”

So, congratulations to Bobby and his fiancée!

iKon’s Bobby Will Be a Good Father

ikon bobby good father

After Bobby gave the announcement in August, his old interview appeared and the answer is in the spotlight!

Through the “Gam Gyul Con” YouTube channel, in November 2018, Bobby admitted that he wanted to be a good father. At that time, the interviewer was asking about Bobby’s dreams, so here are the brief answers of his old interview.

“I used to be a pilot when I was a kid, but now my dream is to become a singer. Then next, I want to be a good father.”

Not only as a good father, previously Bobby was a good and perfect uncle. It can be seen from his moments with his beloved nephew, Raon.

ikon bobby nephew

So, that’s all the information about iKON’s Bobby’s wife, wedding plans, and his first son. Evidently, Bobby’s dream from 2018 has really come true in 2021, which is to become a good father.

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