iKON’s Charismatic Leader B.I: From Fanboying Over Actress Kim Ji-won to Winning a Songwriter Award

Ikon B.I

iKON’s Charismatic Leader B.I’s Profile

iKON’s B.I is a boy band group member that debuted through the reality survival program Mix & Match on September 15, 2015, under YG Entertainment. iKon’s leader B.I is a songwriter, dance choreographer, and has a chic and charismatic personality. He participates so much in writing iKON’s songs and also produces and composes their songs. He is known as a musical genius and charismatic leader among others idol.

Do you want to know more about iKON’s charismatic leader? Let’s check him out!

Ikon B.I

Stage Name: B.I

Real Name: Kim Han-bin

Nickname: Hanbeen

Date of Birth: Seoul, October 22, 1996

Position: Leader, Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Center

Specialty: Songwriter, Composer

Blood Type: O

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Zodiac sign: Libra

Family: Parents and a younger sister (Kim Han-byul)

Hobbies: Walking

Instagram: @shxxbi131

Ideal Type: A girl with pure and innocent looks like actress Kim Ji-won from Fight for My Way.

B.I and Actress Kim Ji-won

B.I x Kim Ji-won

iKONIC knows the fact that B.I fanboys over actress Kim Ji-won. They even tried everything to make Kim Ji-won notice B.I.

B.I himself revealed on Olive’s TV Talk Mon aired on March 19 that actress Kim Ji-won is his ideal type of woman. He even said that he gets inspiration from Kim Ji-won to write songs. He said, “I thought about actress Kim Ji-won a lot when I wrote a song. I imagined me and her making a relationship, dating, and even breaking up.”

He continued, “I watched her drama [Fight for My Way] about 20 times and got inspired to write a song from her dialog in the drama. I even wrote over 10 songs. And, he added, “Kim Ji-won is my ideal type and my goal is to meet with her someday.”

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He posted the scene when Kim Ji-won and Park Seo-joon kiss in the drama. It was B.I’s editing with his sad expression photo with the scene. He even wrote the caption, “Why are you doing this to me?”

B.I is not only a charismatic leader, but he is also a cute fanboy, right?


iKON MMA 2018

iKON MMA 2018

iKON attended the ceremony of Melon Music Awards 2018 on December 1 at the Gocheok Dome in Seoul, South Korea. iKON was nominated for Song of the Year, and, fortunately, they won Daesang of Best Song of Year for “Love Scenario” for the first time.

Meanwhile, iKON’s fans surely knew that their idols would be the winner at MMA 2018, but iKON’s members looked surprised when the MC called their group name as the winner. You can look at their super cute expressions in the video below!

Also, B.I won Best Songwriter Award. He even shared his happiness with iKONIC through his emotional speech, “Hello, it’s B.I, the best songwriter of the year. Honestly, it’s a very honorable award for me. I couldn’t even imagine, so I am very grateful to you for giving me this award.”

He added, “I also thank our president of YG Entertainment and everybody who helped us while making this song. We never received this award before, and I believe that I couldn’t receive this award if it’s wasn’t of iKONIC. We are really appreciative at this moment and so thankful to our iKONIC. Thank you.”

iKON’s B.I’s Fun Facts

  • He has parents and a younger sister who has a 15-year age gap from him.
  • He loves his sister, Kim Han-byul, so much.
  • B.I made TV appearances on the survival reality show program WIN: Who Is Next? and Mix & Match before debuting with iKON.
  • He hated doing aegyo. He just does aegyo for his fans.
  • He loves Micky Mouse and Pringles snacks a lot.
  • B.I loves animals so much.
  • He contributed to and composed various songs for iKON.
  • He even writes and composes songs for his other labelmate artists such as WINNER’s “Empty,” Epik High’s “Born Hater,” Blackpink’s “Whistle,” and PSY’s “BOMB,” “Last Scene,” and “Auto Reverse.”
  • He was a contestant on the TV program Show Me the Money 3.
  • B.I appeared in Taeyang’s MV “Ringa Linga” and Epik High MV’s “Born Hater” before his debut with iKON.
  • He never had a girlfriend.
  • His four life goals are opening his third eye, getting his own place (include making the Billboard chart as a songwriter), traveling around the world, and meeting actress Kim Ji-won (iKON TV episode 2).

B.I with His Sister Han-byul

B.I and Han Byul

B.I has a younger sister with a 15-year age gap from him. His little sister’s name is Kim Han-byul. Han-byul received iKON’s fans attention when she first appeared on Mnet’s reality program WIN: Who Is Next? with team B. She went to visit her brother with her mother to show support. The cute interaction between Han-bin and Han-byul made everyone melt. Since then, Han-byul became famous around iKONIC.

We can see in the video below how B.I loves, adores, and cares for his sister so much. The ‘fatherly side’ of B.I could make people fall for his charm.

On February 18, B.I and Han-byul made an appearance on MBC’s pilot show for the variety show The Game with No Name. The show shows celebrities with their young children while B.I was paired with his adorable sister. In this program, the young children enter a mysterious room to solve puzzles.

B.I held Han-byul’s hand and guided her on stage from behind when he introduced her to the audience. Then, Han-byul quietly introduced herself. Observing his sister’s actions, B.I explained,” She’s quite shy.” MC Jun Hyun-moo teased them by joking,” They don’t look very close to each other, it is alright?” B.I answered,” At least, she does treat me like a brother,” making the panel and audience laugh.

However, B.I and his sister made an adorable appearance when they danced to TWICE’s “Heartshaker.” B.I seems very proud of his sister.

B.I’s Official Instagram Account

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iKON’s B.I Latest News


Lately, B.I and his group members are busy with their upcoming repackaged album iKON New Kid with the new title track “I’m Ok.” The song lyrics were written by B.I, Bobby, and Kim Jong-won while composed by B.I and Future Bounce.

New Kid Repackaged: The New Kid will release online on January 7 while the physical album will be released on January 8. The release date was delayed from late December.


iKON also will make an appearance in Idol Star Athletics Competition (ISAC) 2019.