iKON’s Yunhyeong and Momoland’s Daisy are Confirmed to be Dating!


Let’s Find Out More About the Visual Member of the South Korean Boy Band Under YG Entertainment, IKON’s Yunhyeong

Song Yun-hyeong was born on February 8th, 1995 in Seoul, South Korea. He is a South Korean singer and member of the hip-hop boy band under YG Entertainment, iKON, which used to be known as Team B on the Mnet program Who is Next: WIN, in 2013.

Before officially debuting, Song Yun-hyeong also appeared in the MIX & MATCH program with other iKON members, namely B.I, Bobby, Koo Jun-hoe, Kim Dong-hyuk, and Jung Chan-woo.


Everything You Need To Know About Momoland’s Main Rapper Daisy

Yoo Jeong-Ahn, or commonly known as Daisy, was born on January 22nd, 1999, in Seoul, South Korea. She lived 11 years in Vancouver, Canada. She is a South Korean singer who is under an MLD Entertainment contract. She is the main rapper, lead dancer and sub-vocalist of the girl group Momoland. She was one of the contestants of Finding Momoland who did not qualify, but was later added on March 28th, 2017.

iKON’s Yunhyeong and Momoland’s Daisy are Reported to be Dating!


iKON’s Song Yun-hyeong and Momoland’s Daisy are rumored to be dating!

On February 14th, an exclusive report from Sports Seoul stated that iKON’s Yunhyeong and Momoland’s Daisy are currently in a relationship.

Sources from the music industry revealed, “iKON’s Song Yun-hyeong and Momoland’s Daisy are dating. They met as seniors and juniors in the music industry, became friends and began dating about three to four months ago. They like to date whenever they have free time just like other couples.”

Another source revealed, “The relationship between the two has been widely recognized by representatives in the industry. Both of them rarely meet because of their busy schedules, but they respect each other.”

In response, representatives from MLD Entertainment said, “After finding the dating news, we are checking the information with the artist (Daisy).”

Momoland’s Agency Admits Daisy and iKON’s Yunhyeong Are Dating!


Momoland’s agency, MLD Entertainment, confirmed the rumors regarding the close relationship between Momoland member Daisy and iKON member Yunhyeong. “Hello, this is MLD Entertainment. This is our official response to the dating rumors involving our artist, Daisy and Song Yun-hyeong from iKON,” said the agency. “After checking (with Daisy), we have confirmed that they like each other and have been in a relationship for three months,” they added.

On Thursday (2/14/2019), it was reported that the two idols were in a relationship. The report states that the two of them started dating three to four months ago. Recently too, Momoland’s agency responded to the news and acknowledged the love relationship between the two idols.

Momoland’s Agency Confirms the Dating Rumors, YG Entertainment Denies iKON’s Yunhyeong and Momoland’s Daisy Relationship!


Dating news involving Korean idols are always a hot topic of conversation. Coinciding with Valentine’s Day, a member of the boy group iKON, Yunhyeong, and a member of the girl group Momoland, Daisy, are reportedly in a relationship.

The two idol’s agencies immediately responded to the dating news. MLD Entertainment, as the agency of Momoland, confirmed the relationship between the two.

“Hello, this is MLD Entertainment. This is our official response to Momoland’s Daisy and iKON’s Song Yun-hyeong dating rumors. After checking with Daisy for the truth, we confirm that they are interested in each other and have been in a relationship for three months,” the agency wrote, quoted from Soompi.

Unlike Momoland’s Daisy side, YG Entertainment, the agency that oversees Yunhyeong, denied the dating rumor. Although they admitted Daisy and Yunhyeong know each other, YG Entertainment did not declare the two idols dating.

“They are indeed attracted to each other and they have met several times, but they are not dating,” said the agency representative.

One of the answers is correct. But certainly, this is not the first time YG Entertainment has denied their artist’s rumor about dating. In January 2019, they did not confirm BlackPink’s Jennie romance rumors with EXO’s Kai. In fact, SM Entertainment as EXO’s agency confirmed it.

Meanwhile, the romance of Yunhyeong and Daisy first emerged from the expression of a person in the K-Pop entertainment industry. Sources said that the two idols met as seniors and juniors, then became friends who then developed feelings for each other and started dating about three months ago.

Like other couples, Yunhyeong and Daisy often spend time together even though their schedules are very busy. Even this relationship has been widely known to people in the K-Pop industry.

“The relationship between the two idols is well known in the industry. The two of them don’t get to meet very often because their schedules are very busy, but they respect each other,” said the source.

The Mother of iKON’s Yunhyeong Responds to Her Son’s Dating Rumor with Momoland’s Daisy


Yunhyeong’s mother commented on the rumors saying Yunhyeong and Daisy are dating.

As is known, iKON’s Yunhyeong and Momoland’s Daisy have become a hot topic as of lately. Not only did the two make headlines for their relationship, but they garnered more attention after YG Entertainment and MLD Entertainment released opposing statements about the same issue.

MLD Entertainment confirmed that the two idols had been seeing each other with good feelings for three months, while YG Entertainment revealed that Yunhyeong and Daisy are not dating.

A fan revealed that Yunhyeong’s mother had personally denied the rumor. She went to Yunhyeong’s parents’ restaurant to enjoy the food. Before she returned, she greeted Yunhyeong’s mother and hugged her. When they hugged, Yunhyeong’s mother said, “It’s okay, don’t worry. That’s not true and nothing happened.”

According to the fans, she didn’t even ask her about Yunhyeong. It is said that these fans often come to restaurants and Yunhyeong’s mother knows her well.

Evidence of iKON’s Yunhyeong and Momoland’s Daisy Relationship


Just now, K-Pop music fans were stirred up with news coming from a pair of K-Pop idols who are very famous. They are iKON’s Yunhyeong and Momoland’s Daisy. The news started from “insiders” who supposedly know the relationship between Yunhyeong and Daisy.

Not long after, the name of the two K-Pop idols appeared on the South Korean search site and became trending. In addition, some fans also enlivened Twitter so it entered the trending topic worldwide.

IKON’s Yunhyeong Hobbies are Associated with The Dating Rumors.

On various occasions, Yunhyeong has showcased his ability to cover girl group dances. He even mastered an all-girl group dance movements, such as “Signal” from TWICE, “As If It Was Your Last” from BLACKPINK, “Red Flavor” from RED VELVET, and even “Bboom Bboom” from Momoland.

According to one of the members of iKON, it turned out that Yunhyeong often watched girl group dance videos. However, this is only because he wants to learn the dance routine. Some netizens have speculated that Yunhyeong’s interest in Daisy originated from his hobby.

Some of them also said that it was possible Daisy had taught him the dance “Bboom Bboom”. Is that right or not?

Had Been Predicted by an ‘Astrologer’ Account on Twitter


Although not many believe in a Twitter account that predicts what will happen in the K-Pop industry, it turns out that some of them actually happened. As the previous horrendous couple, such as Jennie and Kai, it was also predicted by one of the Twitter accounts that often expressed its predictions.

In the couples list, Daisy and Yunhyeong are also included in the list of “Possible Dating News that Would Come Out”. The list also says D X Y which is the initial name of Daisy and Yunhyeong.

The Hidden Meaning of Yunhyeong’s Favorite Flower Logo


On his Instagram account, Yunhyeong has uploaded his bag decorated with a flower logo. Unexpectedly the name of the flower was none other than Daisy. Fans also speculated that the post was a hidden code hinting at his relationship with Daisy. This further strengthens the validity of the dating rumors.

YG Entertainment Denies Yunhyeong and Daisy Dating Rumors, Korean Netizens Give Cynical Responses

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Fans ought to have known that Yunhyeong and Daisy were lately suggested to be dating. Responding to the information, Momoland’s Agency showed that Yunhyeong and Daisy were indeed in a relationship. But then again, YG Entertainment denied the news and said that at best, the two have only been near each other. So, some of the Korean netizens responded to YG Entertainment’s cynical statements and expressed their sympathy for Daisy.

Some feedback of the Korean netizens on the official site responding to the organization’s two statements:

“I virtually experience sorry for Daisy,”

“It seems that now Daisy is no longer interested in Yunhyeong,”

“This is what YG Entertainment continually does,”

“In this situation, the question is YG Entertainment or the man. They have to speak first before pronouncing to the general public. What is this?”

“What is taking place right here? Do only women admit they are in a relationship? I feel sorry for her,” and numerous such emotional remarks.