iKON’s Variety Show Schedule 2017


iKON’s Variety Show Watch List for 2017

iKON, first known as “Team B” from a reality survival program WIN: Who is Next, finally debuted as a group in 2015 after finishing another reality survival program, Mix & Match, in which seven members were finalized and chosen. These members are: B.I, Bobby, Jinhwan, Ju-ne, Yunhyeong, Donghyuk, and Chanwoo.

The group released their debut studio album Welcome Back in 2015, which ranked on the Gaon Album Chart. Recently, they released their studio album Return on January 25, 2018 with title track Love Scenario. This track has become a hit with its upbeat melody and rhythmic dance track that tells the story of a break up. Love Scenario made iKON the second boy group to ever achieved number one on more than seven music charts since iChart began ranking songs in 2010, following BIGBANG previously.

Besides their remarkable achievements in the music industry, iKON has also appeared in many variety shows in Korea, including their own reality shows and appearing as guest stars. Check out the recent list of iKON’s variety shows in 2017.

iKON Variety Show List: 2017

  1. Jinhwan TV

OnStyle’s Youtube channel has full episodes of Jinhwan TV, which is a reality show presenting iKON from Jinhwan’s camera/point of view. There are six episodes from Jinhwan TV, which you can watch with the link below with English subtitles.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

Episode 5:

Episode 6:

2. Weekly Idol

weekly idol

iKON also joined the funny duo of Coni and Doni on Weekly Idol, episode 306. It was a hilarious show that had iKON playing games and participating in challenges. There was even a challenge where each member had to act out asking a girl on a date, in which all the members were cute and charming. If you want to get to know each iKON member personality, and some fun facts about them, you should absolutely watch Weekly Idol whenever the group guest stars.

Near the end of the year 2017, iKON appeared again on Weekly Idol as a guest star in episode 335. They took part in more funny challenges that you can watch, and don’t forget about the random dance play that they do in every episode of Weekly Idol. You can stream the show or watch cut versions on YouTube with English subtitles.

3. Dingo Style

iKON appeared on Dingo Style, and Dingo Flower intern. Bobby also appeared as a guest star on the show. Here are the links to watch these episodes of Dingo Style.

Here is the episode where Bobby appeared as a guest star.

3. Master Key

BI Bobby

In episode 2, Master Key featured Bobby from iKON as a guest star alongside with Sejeong Gugudan, Shownu MonstaX, Eunhyuk, Super Junior, and many others. If you want to know more about Bobby, this show should be at the top of your watch list. You may stream it on dramabus.com to watch it with English subtitles.

4. iKON Idol School Trip

This is another cute and funny variety show that featured iKON. Actually, this show aimed to maintain a good relationship between Japan and South Korea through the entertainment industry. Seven Japanese idols were chosen to go on a trip alongside iKON, and all of the members had their own partner which was chosen by female idols. After having an introduction on the first episode, it was revealed that no one chose B.I, and he was therefore left without a partner during his bus ride. However, on the second episode, a new girl showed up and finally chose him, and this new girl became B.I’s partner until the end of the trip. Though he has a strong image on stage, he was actually quite shy and was unable to make eye contact with the female idol. Here are the links below so you can enjoy iKON’s school trip!

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

Episode 5:

Episode 6:

5. King of Masked Singer 

Can you identify the singer by only listening to his/her voice? You might be wondering who is behind a certain beautiful and charismatic voice, and even we were surprised sometimes after finding out the real person. In this episode, Bobby from iKON appeared as the masked singer and sang a love song called “Saranghaenabwa” with another singer. Bobby was wearing an octopus mask, while his partner wore a stingray mask. His charismatic and unique voice captivated all the audience and judges. Here is the performance of Bobby from iKON on King of Masked Singer.

A funny moment from this show was when Bobby revealed his identity. People were cheering and some of them were even surprised after guessing his identity beforehand. Judges’ jaws were dropped when they found out that it was iKON’s Bobby who had been singing. After the reveal, Bobby continued to sing another song and got adoring glances and applause from the audience.

6. Fantastic Duo 2 

All of iKON’s members appeared as guests on Fantastic Duo 2. Singing a slow rock ballad song, iKON branched out from their usual concept.

A while later, Fantastic Duo 2 also invited JuNe from iKON as a guest star alongside Gummy, BtoB Sungjae, and many others in episode 20. JuNe’s performance was incredible, and shouldn’t be missed. You may watch a stream of this show, or watch the cut version on YouTube.

7. Living Together in Empty Room


Jinhwan and Bobby were welcomed as guest stars in Living Together in Empty Room, episodes 12-15. Currently, there are still no full episodes online with English subtitles, but you may watch some cut versions on YouTube.

8. Law of the Jungle in Fiji 


Yunheong finally showed up as a guest star in the survival show Law of the Jungle in Fiji, episodes 288-292. The aim of the show was for all members to survive in the wild outdoors, making their own meals, and more. Besides Yunhyeong, there are several other members of the cast that also joined the season in Fiji, which were split into two major groups. They were: NCT Jaehyun, Apink Chorong, and Bomi, as well as Roy Kim, DinDin, Choo Sung-hoon, Ryu Dam, Noh Woo-jin, Lee Tae-gon, Oh Jong-hyuk, Jeong Jin-woon, Lee Moon-shik, and Kangnam. You can stream full episodes of this show with English subtitles.

9. Oppa Thinking

Oppa Thinking

On episode 9 of this show, B.I, Bobby, and June were the cast of Oppa Thinking with the title “Thinking About My Bias.” You can watch it streaming or find it on Youtube.

iKON’s Variety Show Schedule


Recently, iKON announced that they’ll have their own reality series, iKON TVwhich will begin airing in April. At the iKON 2018 Private Stage RE-Konnect Fan Meeting, the group told the audience that they have been involved in creating ideas for the show, and hope that the fans will keep supporting them. They also announced that the first episode will be aired in late April, and it will show the fans how iKON members live each day behind the scenes, schedules, and stage performances. YG also posted on its personal Instagram account about the upcoming show iKON TV. We can’t wait for iKON TV in 2018!

iKON B.I. in Variety Shows


iKON’s leader, B.I, always has something to catch the audiences’ eyes. B.I received the chance to appear in a beauty variety show, Get It Beauty, as a guest star. In the same episode, WINNER member Song Mino and YG’s rapper ONE also appeared with iKON’s B.I. to share their beauty styles and makeup routines with Get it Beauty’s hosts. These idols’ backgrounds as hip-hop rappers were not barriers, and they were able to show their favorite styles and makeup tips that represented their ideal types. Check out the teaser below!

Recently, B.I also appeared with his little sister in a variety show The Game with No Name. In this episode, B.I was the only idol who brought his sibling instead of his children. All of the members of the cast help the children to solve puzzles in mysterious rooms. His sister, Kim Han Byul, has a 15 years age gap with B.I and is also very shy. The MC even teased that Han Byul is not close with her brother, but B.I only answered,  “She does at least treat me like a brother.

Here is a full clip of B.I and his cute little sister.