From Junhoe’s Sister Koo Ye-jin to Yunhyeong’s Sister Song Eun-jin, Let’s Get to Know iKON Members Siblings!

Details About iKON Members’ Siblings

iKON is a South Korean boy band formed by YG Entertainment. The group finally debuted in 2015 after the members had gone through a lot of hardships and participated in two survival shows. For the first time, they were introduced to the public as Team B with six members during YG Entertainment’s survival program, WIN: Who Is Next. Unfortunately, they didn’t win the show and had to wait a little longer to debut. But, they had to participate in another YG survival program again titled Mix and Match to decide the final members of iKON. As a result of the program, all six members of Team B and the new member Jung Chanwoo were chosen to debut and promote as iKON.

But, do you know that all of the iKON members have siblings, either older or younger, except the maknae Jung Chanwoo? Most of their siblings are very well known by their fans and public because of their amazing visual appearance and the resemblance with their idol siblings.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a detailed explanation of everything starting from Junhoe’s Sister Koo Ye-jin to Yunhyeong’s Sister Song Eun-jin. Let’s Get to Know iKON Members’ Siblings! Stay tuned!

Kim Sei-yeon (Jinhwan’s Sister)

The oldest member of iKON, Kim Jinhwan, has a sister who is 6 years older than him. His sister’s name is Kim Sei-yeon and she was born on April 21st, 1988. Jinhwan is originally from Jeju Island and his parents still live in Jeju Island, where his mother owns a restaurant. His sister, Kim Sei-yeon opened her own cafe in Hongdae named Cafe Platte.

Kim Sei-yeon is very similar to her younger brother. In one episode of iKON TV, Bobby and Donghyuk visited her cafe and met her. They met her there, and Donghyuk introduced her to the camera and said that “she is Jinhwan’s sister, don’t they look exactly the same?” They really do look identical to each other.

Kim Sei-yeon is very active in using the Instagram account. Her Instagram account name is @kim_seiyeon_, she has around 147 thousand followers and has uploaded 1,321 posts.

Through her personal Instagram account, she updates her daily activities, her cafe, her pet, her brother and also iKON.

Koo Ye-jin (Junhoe’s Sister)

One of the most famous iKON siblings is Junhoe’s sister. Her name is Koo Ye-jin and she is 3 years older than Junhoe. Koo Ye-jin was born on April 30th, 1994. Koo Ye-jin is really famous among iKON’ fans, iKONIC and she even has her own fans.

She is active on her Instagram account @kukukuyeah and has around 216 thousand followers. She is also a YouTuber Kuyeah쿠예. She gained popularity because of her pretty and angelic face.

As her brother has a very good voice and he is iKON’s main vocalist, Ye-jin also has a good husky voice. She often covers her brother’s group songs and other songs and she posts them on her Instagram and YouTube channel which gained a lot of attention saying that she is as talented as Junhoe.

Through her Instagram account, Koo Ye-jin shares many photos, including her daily activities, song covers, and family pictures, especially with Junhoe. She also shows her support toward her younger brother by coming to the iKON concert, posting iKON pictures, and even greeting Junhoe on his birthday through her Instagram.

As a YouTuber, she routinely posts a vlog with her family and several videos of her cover songs.