iKON in ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’: Performances, Fans Reaction, Moments with ATEEZ, and More

ikon in 'kingdom'

Have You Watched the Incredible iKON in the Kingdom show?

One of the highly anticipated survival shows, Kingdom: Legendary War, has successfully drawn attention, especially with the fact that the contestants were six popular boy groups in South Korea, and one of them was iKON! Through the 10 episodes, iKON had to steal everyone’s attention with its performance in Kingdom with something that you have never imagined before. In this article, Channel Korea will explain to you everything about that, so let’s get started!

iKON’s Astounding Performance in Kingdom: Legendary War

ikon in 'kingdom'

For K-pop music fans, the name iKON has been more than popular among them! iKON is a boy group under YG Entertainment that debuted in 2015 and currently consists of six members: Bobby, Jay (Jinhwan), Ju-ne (Junhoe), Chan, DK (Donghyuk), and Song (Yunhyeong). They have released a bunch of great music and participated in some of the competition shows as well!

The news that iKON would be joining the show Kingdom: Legendary War excited both iKON members and the fans since it has been a long time since the group appeared in such a show. The members revealed that they were very excited to show a new side of themselves during the show.

ikon in kingdom

For those of you who don’t know yet, Kingdom: Legendary War is a survival show where 6 famous boy groups have a performance battle. The show aired on Mnet from April 1, 2021, to June 3, 2021!

Watch iKON’s Highlighted Live Performances in Kingdom Here!

ikon in 'kingdom'

Here are some of iKON’s perfect performances in Kingdom: Legendary War that you shouldn’t have missed:

One of the most iconic performances of iKON is “Classy Savage” with BLACKPINK’s Lisa! From the music arrangement, stage decoration, dance performance, to the members’ vocals, all of them are beyond amazing!

iKON also performed its hit singles “Love Scenario” and “Killing Me” as Kingdom versions through a medley concept! If the original “Love Scenario” sounded upbeat, the fans could hear the softer and more cheerful version of “Love Scenario” through the Kingdom show!

Through the “Inception” performance, the fans could focus on each members’ charisma from Chan to Jinhwan!

iKON got a chance to perform ATEEZ’s song “At Ease” in their style! All the members dressed up in red and white outfits and successfully hypnotized everyone!

Fan Reactions About iKON’s Participation in Kingdom


Throughout the episodes of Kingdom: Legendary War, iKON performed various dance and vocal skills, and their collaboration performance went to another level! No wonder that IKONIC is in loved with it, and here is what they are saying about iKON’s participation in Kingdom:

“iKON owns every stage in Kingdom

“I won’t stop saying it, iKON’s performance is one of the best things in Kingdom

“That’s why I like iKON, the YG vibe is under fire!”

“To be honest, not being biased but this was the best stage! The adlibs, the gazes, the live vocals and raps, the charisma!”

Do you also feel the same way?

iKON Talks About Their Appearance in Kingdom


As one of the biggest boy groups in South Korea, iKON has been participating in a bunch of music programs and survival shows. When the group joined Kingdom: Legendary War, it was marked as the group’s fourth competition show! The truth was revealed by iKON’s Donghyuk through a part of an interview for Kingdom.

Previously, iKON had appeared in WIN (Who Is Next), Mix & Match, and Heroes of Remix (South Korean and Chinese competition show). On the other hand, iKON’s Bobby revealed that Kingdom was the fifth competition that he got into after Show Me the Money and the three competition shows with iKON.


iKON’s Jinhwan then explained the reasons why the group decided to join the show, “We decided that in our current times, this was a great opportunity. That is why we decided to participate.”

iKON’s Moments With Kingdom‘s Contestants: SF9, ATEEZ, and More!

ikon and ateez

The fans also caught the friendly moments between iKON and the other contestants, ATEEZ and SF9! ATEEZ and iKON were sat next to each other during the announcement of Round 1, and iKON’s Chan started the conversation by asking, “When are you leaving?”

It led to further talks about their promotion schedule since ATEEZ had released a new song at that time and iKON also made a comeback with “Why Why Why.” Since ATEEZ’s agency is only 5 minutes away from Bobby’s house, ATEEZ’s San invited them to come over, and iKON’s DK said that they should have a meal together.

ateez and ikon in 'kingdom'

iKON also shared a good friendship with SF9, especially Bobby and Hwiyoung! They had deep conversations together about their careers and dilemmas in the music industry, and they even exchanged advice as well. There was also a moment when iKON called SF9’s members through the phone and joked around together!

iKON’s Rankings Throughout the Show

ikon in 'kingdom'

iKON showed off their best efforts during the show even though the group didn’t end as the first place winner. But, still, the fans must have been very proud and happy to see them participating in the show! If you want to know more about iKON’s rankings in the show, check this out:

Introduction Stage – 100-Second Performance (Ep. 1)
iKON – 6th rank

“To the World” (Ep. 2 & 3)
iKON – 5th rank with 2,747.719 total points

“RE-BORN” (Ep. 4 & 5)
iKON – 5th rank with 3,379.641 total points

“No Limit” (Ep. 8 & 9)
iKON – 3rd rank with 4,078.717 total points

“Who Is the King” (Ep. 10)
iKON – 5th rank with 3,669.811 total points

That’s it for today’s article about iKON and its participation in Kingdom! Even though the show is over, the incredible performances by iKON during the show will remain in our hearts! What is your favorite stage performance of iKON in Kingdom? Leave your comment down below, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!