Let’s Check Out iKON’s Bobby’s Appearance in ‘Show Me The Money’ and How He Won the Competition!

Round Seven – Team YG vs Team Illionaire

show me the money illionaire vs yg

In the next round, Team Illionaire had to face Team YG that had only Oltii left in their team because B.I was eliminated in the previous round. This time, Bobby performed with the producers and brought a song titled “L4L” (Lookin’ For Luv). In this round, Team Illionaire decided to go all out on his performance in order to win.

In the end, Team Illionaire finally managed to win for the first time. However, this resulted in Team YG getting eliminated, from the contestants until the producers. The only team that maintained their team members was Team Brand New, leaving Team YDG with only Iron as their team member left.

You can watch the video of Bobby’s performance for Team YG vs Team Illionaire here:

Round Eight – Bobby vs Vasco (Semi-final)

show me the money bobby semifinal

In this round, CJamm who placed first in the previous round got to choose which participant to face. First, he separated Bobby from him, which means that there were only two people left: Vasco and Iron. As you can guess, Bobby had to face Vasco for the second time, while CJamm chose to face Iron as his opponent.

This time, Bobby was determined to win against Vasco, and said that he may have lost once, but he won’t lose twice. He performed a song titled ‘YGGR#Hip-Hop” with a band, and he actually won against Vasco. He managed to become the first contestant to advance to the final round, and brought himself one step closer to the victory.

You can watch Bobby’s performance in the semi-final round where he had to battle against Vasco in the video below:

Round Nine – Bobby vs Iron (Finals)

show me the money final

In the last round, Bobby had to face Iron who advanced to the final round after winning his battle against CJamm. In this round, Bobby performed a song titled “Bounce,” giving an elegance vibe on his stage as he wore a suit while rapping. While the previous result was shown on the live stage, the result for the winner was shown without the audience, where there were only the teams left to see the result.

After a moment of nervousness, the result was finally announced and showed that Bobby was the winner. Bobby who couldn’t believe that he actually won the show, kneeled to the ground in disbelief, still shocked from the results’ announcement. We can see his happiness from winning the show and his amazement at the win of the main prize from Show Me The Money 3, which was a hundred million won prize money.

You can watch Bobby’s performance in the final round where he had to battle against Iron in the video below:

Bobby Wins Show Me The Money 3 and Breaks Stigma of Idol Rappers

smtm 3 bobby dok2 the quiett

After winning the show, Bobby managed to break the stigma of idol rappers that usually underground rappers have. With his rapping skills, he managed to show that idol rappers can also have rapping skills no less than underground rappers’ skills. We can also see that Bobby contributed in paving the way for idols to participate in these kinds of shows, because in the next season of Show Me The Money, the number of idol rappers participating in the show increased.

Disses BTS’ RM and VIXX’s Ravi?

bobby ravi rm

While he was competing in Show Me The Money 3, Bobby also attracted many people’s attention because of his lyrics that were seemingly dissing other idol rappers, specifically VIXX’s Ravi and BTS’ RM.

In his song titled “YGGR#Hip-Hop” that he sang at the semi-final round of Show Me The Money 3, there is a line that sounds like this:

“You have a long way to go, boy band rappers.

Do your clock dance.”

This line seems to be directed at Ravi and VIXX’s song “Eternity” where they had to do a clockwork dance. Ravi mentioned this while he was competing later in Show Me The Money 4, and he also added that in response to this track he released a rap called “Diss Hater.” In this track, he rapped over the backing track of Epik High’s “Born Hater,” with lyrics that are a response to Bobby’s diss towards him.

Meanwhile, Bobby dissed RM in one of his collaboration tracks with Masta Wu titled “Come Here.” In the song, there is a part of the lyrics that sounds like this:

“They call me a monster

It’s not a name I made

You prefer a full-length mirror over a basement dungeon, don’t you?

If skills are looks, then I’m Won Bin in front of bulletproof glass”

In response to this track, RM mentioned in one of the interviews that he has no hard feelings towards Bobby. Rather, he finds the song entertaining rather than malicious.

Bobby and Team Illionaire at MAMA 2014

show me the money bobby illionaire

At the 2014 Mnet Asian Music AwardsBobby reunited with his team producers from Show Me The Money 3, Dok2 and The Quiett. The three showed a charismatic performance by singing “YGGR” together, making us remember the scenes of Show Me The Money 3 where they worked together to win the show. Not only that, but Bobby also performed “Come Here” with Masta Wu and Dok2 for which he collaborated with the two rappers.

You can watch Bobby’s performance with Dok2, The Quiett, and Masta Wu at the 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards in the video below:

So, what do you think about Bobby’s performances while he was competing in Show Me The Money 3? Do you agree that his performances were good enough for people to change their stigma regarding idol rappers? Don’t forget to share your thoughts on Bobby’s appearance in Show Me The Money and how he won the competition in the comment section below!