Let’s Check Out iKON’s Bobby’s Appearance in ‘Show Me The Money’ and How He Won the Competition!

Round Six – Team Illionaire vs Team Brand New

show me the money bobby vs vasco

In the next round, as the first place from the previous round, Team Brand New chose to have a battle with Team Illionaire who placed last. In this round, Bobby had to face Vasco as his opponent. In this round, he performed a song titled “Go” and showed a great performance.

Since his last performance in the previous round, Vasco received criticism from the other teams’ producers because they thought that instead of hip-hop, he performed rock. This is where Vasco’s statement in the interview became controversial because he said, “I’ve been doing hip-hop for 14 years. How am I not a hip-hop act? I’m hip-hop no matter what I do.” However, in the end, Vasco still won against Bobby.

At the end of the performance, while looking at the voting results, Team Illionaire had fewer votes than Team Brand New, which made Chamain have to go home and eliminated from the team, leaving Bobby as the only member left of Team Illionaire.

You can watch the video of Bobby’s performance for Team Illionaire vs Team Brand New here: