Who is Bobby iKon’s Brother? Let’s Find Out Here!

iKon’s Bobby Brother’s Social Media


Most iKon fans already acknowledged that Ji-un Kim often uses Instagram and YouTube to update his daily life with photos and videos. Through his Instagram account (@wacoong_jiun_kim), Ji-un constantly shares his activities in the gym as an instructor and a father and husband for his son Ra-on Joy Kim and his wife Jeeyoung Jeong.


The longer contents that the public is able to catch, give a glimpse of Ji-un Kim’s life and are placed on Ji-un’s YouTube account, Ra-on Appa. Approximately, Ji-un makes USD 100 per month as a YouTuber. In some of his videos, Bobby has also appeared as the guest.

Ji-un’s latest video with Bobby “Shopping With Uncle,” which was recorded on December 9th, 2018, notably hit more than 268,000 views. The video was shot when they went to a Janie and Jack store at Fairoaks mall with Jeeyoung and their parents, buying Ra-on’s clothes with Bobby’s card. After their shopping session, Bobby briefly wanted to buy pretzel but canceled it after seeing the long line. In the middle of the recording, Ji-un said that he wants people in the USA to recognize Bobby so he can post it on the platform, joking that Bobby is his YouTube view.

An earlier video of Bobby and their mother’s visit ‘First Meet” was recorded on December 2nd, 2018. It turned out that Bobby and their mother went to the USA to visit Ra-on after 100 days of his birth. The video achieved half a million views and displayed Bobby who carried Ra-on in his embrace with the help of his mother, kind of afraid to hold his newly-born nephew. The video gained heartwarming responses from the netizens as they cannot help but adore the little Ra-on.

In November 2018, Ji-un Kim uploaded his reaction toward iKon’s music video “Goodbye Road.” He noted that he had not listened to the song yet and found out that it already topped the music chart. In the video, Ji-un kept praising Junhoe, saying that his voice is no joke. He also compared “Goodbye Road” to “Killing Me,” saying that the song has a slower beat and is calming its listeners. We definitely love a supportive brother like Ji-un Kim!