Ex-IKON’s B.I Tests Negative On Drugs, What Is His Future Plan?

B.I’s Drug Test Results


On the morning of September 17th, 2019, B.I came to Gyeonggi Southern Provincial Police Agency to answer some questions regarding his alleged drug purchase. Several news outlets reported that B.I admitted to some suspicions regarding his case and the police booked him as a suspect for violating the Act on the Control of Narcotics, Etc.

As part of the investigation, B.I was required and obligated to take drug tests. B.I’s body hair was sent to the National Forensic Service to be examined. The police would detect whether there were illegal drug substances found.

On February 27th, 2020, the police finally released the results of B.I’s drug tests, which turned out to be negative. Media outlet Sports World featured the confirmation of the negative drug tests from a representative from the Gyeonggi Provincial Police Department, “B.I has tested negative in his illegal drug use evaluation. The Gyeonggi police carried out meticulous evaluations by sending B.I’s hair follicles to the National Forensics Department, and the results concluded that no illegal drug substances were found.”

The representative added, “B.I’s illegal drug use and the dealing case has now come to a wrap, and police will be forwarding the case over to prosecution soon.”



B.I’s Future Plan

Up until today, YG Entertainment has yet made an official comment about B.I’s future plan, although B.I shocked the fans when he suddenly released a song titled “DEMO.1” through his personal SoundCloud account on January 2nd, 2020.

In the song, B.I sang a few emotional lyrics such as: “All my words may seem like excuses but I never meant to hurt you,” and: “As we live, if we meet again, I promise to stay loyal,” without the music beat that accompanies his voice.

B.I’s sudden release and appearance fueled the hashtag #WelcomeBackHanbin as the worldwide trending for hours on Twitter. Fans were hopeful that B.I would return soon to make new music.



B.I’s Contribution To IKON’s Comeback

IKON’s third mini-album I DECIDE was released earlier this year on February 6th, 2020, at 6 p.m. KST and it includes songs from its former leader, B.I.

On January 29th, YG Entertainment released an official statement regarding B.I’s participation in IKON’s newest album that was recorded prior to his departure from the group.

The official statement:

Hello. This is YG Entertainment.
This is an explanation regarding iKON’s new 2020 mini album “i DECIDE.”

iKON’s new mini album that will be revealed on February 6th includes five new songs.
This album was recorded in early 2019 with the aim to be released in mid-2019.

However, due to the sudden departure of B.I, who was the team’s leader and producer, in the middle of last year, the release of their new music was postponed indefinitely. The agency had careful internal discussions about how to use the products that were completed in early 2019.

There were two main concerns.

The first was the option of excluding all songs that B.I participated in the lyrics and composition for and starting over with preparations. However, it was impossible not to consider the timing of iKON’s comeback along with the concern and drawback that their period of inactivity could become too long.

The second was the option of excluding all rap parts that B.I participated in and making new melodies that the other members would record again. This complicated the order and balance of the members’ parts in the existing tracks and required the process of newly deciding the six members’ parts and orders and recording all over again.

After long discussions, the members and agency decided on using both.

As the existing tracks were not written by B.I alone and are joint products with YG’s internal producers, and they are songs filled with the iKON members’ efforts and affection during the preparation period, we decided to use them with adjustments. Also encouraging the other members to participate in composition, we added a new song by another member who participated as a composer for the first time through this album.

The apologetic feelings of not only B.I but also the six iKON members who lost their leader must be beyond words.

We also express the indescribable apologetic feelings of the agency towards fans for not managing them well.

Although it is belated regret, YG will not hold back on giving and investing everything possible to protect the remaining six iKON members.

We will work to repay with gratitude and consider the feelings of fans who always show support and love.

Please give lots of support to the first step of the six iKON members who are starting anew. Thank you.

Check out IKON’s comeback music video below!




Following B.I’s first personal SoundCloud account release with “DEMO.1” in January–which successfully streamed for 1 million times within four days–B.I released the second demo titled “DEMO.2” in March 2020.

In this second release, B.I delivered heartbreaking lyrics that speak about those who left and move on, still without uploading the beat and background music. It is believed by fans that he wrote the lyrics as a way to speak for his former iKON members as well as iKONICs who keep supporting him throughout his struggle.

Check out B.I’s song and the translation of the lyrics, below!


Well, those are all the things you need to know about former IKON member B.I’s drug case and his recent whereabouts. What do you think about this case? Share your thoughts by commenting on this article in the section below!