WINNER’s Seunghoon, Seventeen’s Hoshi, and Other K-Pop Idols Who Choreograph Their Dance Routines

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Learn More About Self-Producing Idols

In recent years, there is an increasing number of groups that are considered as self-producing idols. Many idols are often involved from the very beginning in the making of their own songs. Some of them write lyrics for their song, and some others compose some parts of the song. However, it is not only limited to producing songs for their album but also creating choreography for the songs.

There are idols that are famous for making choreography for their group. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a rundown of everything about K-Pop idols who choreograph their dance routines. So, stay tuned!

WINNER’s Seunghoon

Winner's Seunghoon

WINNER’s Seunghoon’s position in the group is as a rapper, singer, songwriter, and choreographer. He already showed his talent in choreography during his participation in the SBS competition show K-Pop Star back in 2012. He received recognition for his skills in creating choreography and even choreographed a flash mob performance for BIGBANG’s G-Dragon. As for WINNER, he created the choreography for “Empty,” “Don’t Flirt,” and some other songs. He even became one of the coaches in Dancing High, a variety show that aims to find the best dancers in the age range between 10 and 19. He also often uploads dance cover videos of popular songs.

Check out some of WINNER’s Seunghoon’s performances below!

WINNER – “REALLY REALLY” (Choreography by Hoony)

TYGA – “TASTE” feat. OFFSET Dance Cover (Choreographed by Lee Seung-hoon)

Making Choreography in Dancing High

Seventeen’s Hoshi

Seventeen's Hoshi

Seventeen’s Hoshi’s position in the group is as the main dancer, lead vocalist, and rapper. He is the leader of the Performance Team. Since his debut days, he has been participating in making choreography with another choreographer for Seventeen’s title tracks. Meanwhile, he along with the Performance Unit members (Jun, The8, and Dino) made the choreography for the Performance Team’s songs. In an interview, Hoshi said that the hardest song when making choreography was “Clap.”

Check out some of Seventeen’s Hoshi’s performances below!

Seventeen (Performance Team) – “Highlight” (Choreography Video)

Seventeen – “Clap” (Choreography Video)

Seventeen (Performance Team) – “13 Month Dance” (Lilili Yabbay)



Chungha is a singer, songwriter, rapper, and dancer. She had been dancing for 6 – 7 years prior to her debut. During the survival show Produce 101, Chungha showed off her dancing skills as well as her capability to make choreography. The most notable one was the choreography of Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj – “Bang Bang.” After debuting with I.O.I, her choreography was chosen as the choreography of “Whatta Man.”

Check out some of Chungha’s performances below!

Kim Chungha – “Bang Bang” (1:1 Eye contact Position Evaluation)

I.O.I – “Whatta Man” (Comeback Stage at M! Countdown)

Chungha – “Snapping” (Dance Practice)



VIXX’s N’s position in the group is as the main dancer and lead vocalist. He is also the leader of the group. He has an extensive dance background, specializing in hip-hop, ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance. In 2013, he created the choreography of “G.R.8.U” and “Light Up the Darkness.” He also choreographed Justin Timberlake’s “LoveStoned” for VIXX’s special performance on the survival program Dancing 9. In 2017, he and Jane Kim made choreography for MyTeen’s debut album’s track 4 titled “Take It Out.”

Check out some of VIXX’s N’s performances below!

VIXX – “G.R.8.U” (Dance Practice)

VIXX – “LoveStoned” (Dancing9 Special Stage)

MyTeen – “Take It Out” (Choreography Video)

Pentagon’s Kino

Pentagon’s Kino’s position in the group is as the main dancer, vocalist, and rapper. He helped to make the choreography for Pentagon’s debut track “Gorilla.” He also participated in creating the “Like This” choreography for Pentagon’s fourth extended play Demo_01. During the production of the album Demo_02, he helped choreograph the title track “Runaway” alongside Jay Black.

Check out some of Pentagon’s Kino’s performances below!

Pentagon – “Gorilla” (Debut Stage)

Pentagon – “Like This” (Choreography Practice Video Eye-Contact ver.)

Pentagon – “Runaway” (Choreography Practice Video)