From BTS’ Jungkook To SNSD’s Taeyeon: Here Are K-Pop Idols Who Have Siblings With A Perfect Visual!

iKON’s Junhoe – Koo Ye Jin

junhoe ikon

Every time time we watch or listen to iKON, there is this one member who has a fierce, charismatic aura. Yup, he is the one and only Junhoe. This man has a unique characteristic of voice, which makes him the easiest to identify for the newer fans.

Junhoe has an older sister named Koo Ye Jin, who was born in 1994. Ye Jin was really famous for her amazing and angelic visual, and she even have her own fan club! To prove her beauty, let’s take a look at the pictures below:

Not only does Junhoe have an incredible voice, his sister Ye Jin has a great vocal, as well. Ye Jin also opened up her personal YouTube channel, where she usually uploads either vlogs or cover songs. Before we surf into her channel, let’s take a sneak peak of Ye Jin’s vocal ability first, below:

Here are some of the videos from her personal YouTube channel, check it out!

Ye Jin covering one of Jeong Jun Il’s songs, called ‘Hug’:

She’s also active on her personal Instagram account. You can follow her @.kukukuyeah, she updates various things there. Here are some of her posts:


Their genes are totally amazing, right? Can you imagine how good-looking their parents are?

NUEST’s Minhyun – Hwang Soo Jin

The next one is Hwang Minhyun, who is a member of NUEST and a temporary group from Produce 101 season 2, called WANNA ONE. He is known among the fans for his amazing visual and good body proportions. Not only that, Minhyun also has a unique vocal, as well, which makes it easy to identify his voice whenever he’s singing with the group.

Minhyun has an older sister named Hwang Soo Jin. Many people say that she is so beautiful in pictures and in real life. She sometimes went to see Minhyun at various events, but mainly she’s gone to concerts. Here are some pictures of her for you:

There is not much information about her, since Minhyun himself doesn’t talk much about his beloved sister. We hope you can understand why, as well, because the public doesn’t really need to know about our idol’s life, especially their private information such as information about their family.

EXO’s Chanyeol – Park Yoo Ra

We all know that EXO are one of the biggest and most famous boy groups in the third generation. All of the members are well known for their whole-package talent, including Chanyeol. He holds the position as main rapper of the group, and sometimes he also participates in producing the group’s songs.

Fans also know that Chanyeol have a sibling, an older sister named Park Yoo Ra. She was born on September 21, 1989, making her three years older than Chanyeol. She works as a news announcer, and many EXO-L sometimes turn on their television and watch the news just to see the beauty of Park Yoo Ra. But in 2016, Yoo Ra left the job and moved to YTN to be an anchor on a program called ‘News Person.’

Let’s take a look at some pictures of Park Yoo Ra:

Here are some clips of Park Yoo Ra while doing her job as a news anchor:

Yoo Ra shared her stories about how she and Chanyeol are like the other siblings out there. Let’s take a look at the video, shall we!

Around October 2018, Park Yoo Ra married her boyfriend, who is a media worker. Chanyeol and the other EXO members, including Baekhyun, Chen, Kai, and Sehun came to the wedding ceremony. He even posted about the amazing day for his sister on his personal Instagram account. Let’s take a look, shall we?

And here are the pictures of Park Yoo Ra from during the wedding photoshoot:

SNSD’s Taeyeon – Kim Ji Woong

Girl’s Generation’s beloved leader and main vocalist Kim Taeyeon was popular for her strong and beautiful singing voice. Because of that, she’s also done many OSTs for several popular dramas.

Not many people know that Taeyeon actually has a sibling, but she does! She has an older brother named Kim Ji Woong. There isn’t a lot of public information about him, since Taeyeon herself never talks much about her family members. But don’t worry, we have several pictures of him for you all. Check them out together, below!

Ji Woong made a cameo appearance on the music video for Taeyeon’s solo debut called ‘I’ back in 2015. The funny information is that many SONE (Girl’s Generation fandom name) didn’t notice it after many years. Now, let’s take a look at these pictures below:

This is their picture after finishing filming the ‘I’ music video:

And that was all for our topic today. We hope this article helped you find out more about these idol’s family members, especially their siblings. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below, and share this to the others so they stay updated on the latest news from their favorite Korean artists.

Until we meet again, see you later everyone!