Here’s The List of 8 K-Pop Idols Who Has Experience As Radio DJ

Meet the Dj-dol(s)

Idols are usually recognized by their talents, mostly in singing, dancing, or rapping. Besides singing, dancing, and rapping that they do because it’s their main job as an idol, some of them also have side projects such as acting, modeling, or even running a business. But, do you know idols who have side projects as a radio DJ? In this article, Channel-Korea will present you with a list of eight idols who have experience as radio DJs. Let’s find out who they are!


FT. ISLAND’s Lee Hongki

In October 2016, Lee Hongki from the K-Pop boy group F.T. Island replaced Super Junior’s Leeteuk who was formerly the DJ of the radio show Kiss the Radio. For almost two years, Lee Hongki had interviewed a lot of South Korean stars, from idols to actors. Through this program, he managed to dig some fun facts from the guest stars. The listeners were also charmed by his comfortable, friendly and fun nature in greeting the listeners and welcoming the guest stars. In April 2018, a source from KBS confirmed that Lee Hongki would be stepping down as the DJ of Kiss the Radio. His last show aired on April 15th and he continued to focus on his music and broadcast activities as an idol.

Here’s a clip of the program when he had BLACKPINK as the guest stars. He is so charming!


SHINee’s Jonghyun

The main vocalist of the boy group SHINee, who has the real name Kim Jong-hyun, had a chance to contribute on the radio show Blue Night on MBC for three years. Exactly from February 3rd, 2014 to April 2017. Despite being busy with various activities, he always did his job with full responsibility. He is also known for communicating with his listeners sincerely and being very friendly around the guest stars. Watch him on the air together with his guest star Red Velvet!

Bonus, here’s a clip during the show of his advice on how to comfort someone. We miss you, Jonghyun! T.T


NCT’s Jaehyun & Johnny

From 2017 to early 2019, NCT’s Johnny and Jaehyun were DJs for their own nightly radio show, NCT’s Night Night. On the show, the boys met various idols and idol groups, then had some interesting conversations with the guest stars. Unfortunately, after one year and ten months of entertaining radio listeners, the duo sadly announced that they would be departing from NCT’s Night Night due to overseas activities. The fans were devastated by the news since the radio show was a special place for them to hear rare personal and behind the scene stories. Nevertheless, they were praised for their skilled hosting abilities. Take a look at their broadcast with MOMOLAND!

The duo also often invited NCT group members. Here’s one of the clips!


BTOB’s Ilhoon

Ilhoon has been the DJ radio host of MBC’s Idol Radio since 2018. Ever since he has been the DJ of the show, he has met and had some chit-chats with numerous idol groups. Check out the broadcast that he did with X1’s visitation below!