Here’s The List of 8 K-Pop Idols Who Has Experience As Radio DJ

SNSD’s Sunny

Sunny from the legendary K-Pop girl group SNSD had livened up nights since May 12th, 2014 as she started hosting MBC FM4U’s FM Date as a radio DJ. On the show, Sunny would comfort the listeners as they make their way home from work. She said that the listeners will see the familiar and easygoing charm of hers that they can’t see on stage when she performs as an idol ( Sunny herself grew up listening to the radio a lot because of her sisters. No wonder she was so good at hosting the radio show! Watch her on the air with the K-Pop boy group EXO below.



Chungha has been the radio DJ host of EBS’ Listen since 2017. On this show, particularly with the others’ radio show, she gets visited by numerous idols and has had some chats with them. What’s special about her broadcast is that she allows the listeners to send in any troubles they may have, while Chungha will give them heartwarming advice. Queen, I want some advice too! Here’s a clip of her broadcast on the air together with Loopy and Nafla.

Red Velvet’s Wendy

Wendy served as the special guest DJ of SBS Youngstreet from November 8th until November 11th, 2018. Even though she had a short period of time for being a radio DJ, she did a very good job of welcoming the guest stars and keeping up the fun conversations. You can tell right away if you take a look at her broadcast together with Wendy and Minseo on the clip below!


Well, it’s the end of the list of wight idols who have experience as radio DJs. Hosting a radio show as a radio DJ really fits those of the idols who like to talk and have some chit-chats with the others. Aside from their main job as idols, they choose to broadcast and successfully charm their listeners. Plus, this side job can also improve social skills! As their fans, we can also hear their voice outside their performance on-stage as often as it airs. So, which idol is your favorite radio DJ? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!