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BTS’ Jimin & HOTSHOT’s Ha Sungwoon

BTS’s Jimin and Hotshot’s Sungwoon are two close friends who are often referred to as similar, not only by fans but also by their friends.

Jimin himself debuted with BTS in 2013, while Sungwoon started his career with Hotshot in 2014 until he briefly debuted in the group Wanna One on August 7th, 2017.

Apart from their similar faces, they also have a lot in common. Maybe that’s why they have become close friends, because they feel comfortable with each other.

Funny story is, Sungwoon was familiar with BTS members for a long time, but initially, it was not with Jimin, but J-hope. J-hope and Sungwoon were both born in 1994, they also auditioned at JYP Entertainment in 2010. Sungwoon was first seen coming to a BTS concert in 2015, he was there to provide support to J-hope. Maybe because of seeing the similarity between Sungwoon and Jimin, J-hope also took the initiative to introduce them.

Jimin and Sungwoon eventually became close friends and belong to the same friendship group called Padding Squad along with SHINee’s Taemin, EXO’s Kai, Hotshot’s Timoteo, and Kwonho who is not a celebrity. Padding Squad is the name that fans gave to this gang because they have uniform padding or parka with a symbol of their own design.

This gang has existed for so long, it’s no wonder they have become very close and often spend their free time together. They even travel together from time to time.

On BTS’ official Twitter account, Jimin uploaded a photo of himself when he was traveling with Sungwoon back in 2019. He uploaded the photo on March 5th, 2019, with the caption “Happy New Year. Take all the good luck.”

Not long after, Sungwoon also shared the photo taken on the same location as Jimin on his personal Instagram.

In the Happy Together 4 program, Sungwoon was asked to talk about his resemblance to Jimin. He claimed that every time someone said that, Sungwoon immediately discussed it with Jimin. However, they both often joked with arguments because they both felt more handsome than their best friend.

In addition, when Wanna One was awarded and Sungwoon was delivering his speech, it is said that the BTS members continued to talk about it. Suga and J-hope continued to say that Sungwoon is very similar to Jimin, but Jimin said that Sungwoon doesn’t resemble him.

Even though Sungwoon is a year older than him, Jimin looks more like an older brother to him. Maybe because Jimin’s height is around 170 cm, while Sungwoon’s is only 167 cm. Maybe that’s why he treats his hyung as if Sungwoon was a younger brother.

Jimin shared her gratitude and brotherly love to his “twin” in the BTS album, Wings. He wrote, “Thank you to the hyungs who always encourage and love me, ever since I met you, something that made me tired became forgotten. Please take care of me well in the future, I love you.”

While Sungwoon talked about him in one of his interviews, “Jimin is one of my friends and seniors (in the K-Pop industry) that I love and care about the most. Whether it is on television shows or in real life, he is always so sincere, friendly, and kind. He is the best. He is my friend, but I’ve learned a lot from him. I’m grateful.”

Now, that’s a real brother!


KARA’s Youngji & Han Seung-yeon

Heo Youngji joined the K-Pop girl group Kara in 2015 during the comeback of “Mamma Mia” after the two former members, Nicole and Jiyoung, left the group in 2014. Even since the start of this comeback and Youngji’s addition, fans have been noticing the similarities of the facial features between Youngji and Seungyeon. On the “Mamma Mia” music video’s YouTube comments section, several KARA fans pointed out the similarities between Youngji and Seungyeon.

One user wrote in the comment section, “Haha! I’ve been a fan for so long, but Youngji and Seungyeon look similar to me… oops.”

Even before the release of KARA’s comeback music video, fans had been pointing out that the two looked so much alike, except for the fact that Seungyeon is slightly shorter than Youngji.

During Youngji’s appearance on the KARA Project, Korean netizens also commented on the articles saying that the two of them looked like sisters. Some new fans at that time even got confused while looking at the “Mamma Mia” music video, saying that it was hard to tell them apart.

Maybe they are real doppelgangers.


GFRIEND’s SinB & Jessica Jung

It is not a secret that GFRIEND member SinB is often referred to as the long-lost sister of Girls’ Generation’s ex-member-turned-solo artist, Jessica Jung. She has been drawing attention for her similar features to Jessica ever since her debut days. The two look alike from head to toe even down to a similar hairstyle.

After several photos of GFRIEND’s debut teaser were released, many netizens commented on the online forums, highlighting the nose, jawline, and large eyes of SinB that look a lot like Jessica’s early debut days. SinB also shares the same aloof aura as Jessica in her pictures, noting her as Ice Princess 2.0.

Netizens took the online forums to comment at the similarities during that time,

“She’s pretty! And she’s only 16,”

“So pretty,”

“She resembles like Jessica,”

“Another ice princess showed up haha,”

“Jessica getting kicked out of Girls’ Generation to debut in a new group hahaha,”

“My first thought was: She looks like Jessica.”

Well, don’t you think she could be part of the Jung sisters?