Find Out More About K-Pop Idols That Often Mistaken As Siblings, Here!

These K-Pop Idols Will Make You Wonder Whether They’re Long-Lost Siblings

There is a theory widely believed by the public that states that every person has seven “twins” with an identical face, located in different corners of the world. No wonder we sometimes find people who are very similar to someone we know. Apparently, this phenomenon is happening everywhere: even in the K-Pop world! Every year, there is a significant amount of boy groups and girl groups debuting and ready to color the fierce competition of the K-Pop music industry. So, it may not be surprising if some K-Pop idols have a similarity in certain features. Whether they have the same eyes, nose, lips, aura, or even the overall demeanor.

Well, even though they are not relatives, the several K-Pop idols discussed below seem to have very similar faces, to the point of being called “twinning” even though they have no blood relation at all. Curious to know more about those idols? Scroll down the article below to see the full list!


STRAY KIDS’ Hyunjin & ITZY’s Yeji

On top of this list, we have Stray Kids’ Hyunjin and ITZY’s Yeji as the top “sibling-dols.”

These two idols from JYP Entertainment are often called twins because of their similar visuals, especially if they are in one frame or stand next to each other. Not only similar facial features, but they also have a few other similarities with each other.

First, they were both born in the year of 2000, thus making them kinda resemble the same-age twins. Second, they are named the “Hwang Family” or “Hwang Twins” by the fans because they have the same clan name, Hwang.

Three, they even look like each other since they were young, as can be seen by their early school photos. Four, they both are one of the tallest members of their respective groups. Hyunjin is 179 cm tall, while Yeji is 170 cm tall. Five, they have the same position in their groups, namely as the main dancer and lead rapper. Six, both of them have been part of JYP since 2015 and equally have a strong presence when they are performing on stage.

Seven, they even hosted music shows together as MCs!

Eight, like a real brother, Hyunjin was caught helping his “twin” Yeji several times. Like in this clip below, when he was taking a microphone that Yeji left behind.

Or that time when Hyunjin didn’t hesitate to get a drink for Yeji when they were filming outdoors as caught by this fan-cam below.

And last but not least, they have the same striking cat-eye features that make their eyes stand out.


NCT 127’s Jungwoo & WJSN’s Seola

Having a face that equally has a calm aura, both NCT 127’s Jungwoo and Cosmic Girls’ Seola look very suitable to be siblings. The similarity between the two of them has long been a warm conversation among K-Pop fans.

They also have very similar facial features starting from their cute, rounded eyes to their doll-like lips. And both are also vocalists in both of their groups so they have the same talent and vocal skills!

On top of that, they were also caught having the same hair color several times! What a super coincidence!


Super Junior’s Heechul & Seventeen’s Jun

Since the beginning of boy group Seventeen’s debut in the middle of 2015, netizens and fans started to realize the similarity of Jun with his senior, Super Junior’s Heechul. In 2016, a post on the website Instiz written by a fan highlighted the handsome face of the Chinese personnel who was said to resemble Super Junior’s Heechul.

This was not the first time Jun was said to be similar to Heechul. The owner’s full name Moon Junhui is often said to be the twin idol born in 1983. Even when Seventeen covered the song “U” by Super Junior, Jun got to sing the part of Heechul.

After the post got a lot of buzz, Jun admitted that he indeed felt similar to his senior brother by posting a photo of himself juxtaposed with a photo of Heechul on his personal Weibo account.

Along with the photo, the Chinese member wrote, “During the promotion, I met Heechul sunbaenim and he said, ‘Wow, you look a lot like me!’ I don’t believe it, but I’m surprised by how similar we are when I see it in person.”

On May 7th, 2016, not long after Jun’s post, Heechul responded to his message through his personal Weibo account by uploading a picture of him and Jun. The artist of SM Entertainment also admitted that Jun’s face was very similar to his.

“He seriously looks like me. That kid grew up so much… he grew up well. He looks even more like me in real life. I was wondering why he was so good looking… I guess it’s because he looks like me,” joked Heechul on his Weibo account. Seeing this, netizens also began to collect other photographic evidence that shows that Jun and Heechul can be likened to like a betel nut in half.

This is really unique and interesting because when viewed from age, they have a difference of 13 years and even their nationality is different: Heechul is from South Korea, while Jun is of Chinese descent.

In 2019, the two finally met each other on-screen during the JTBC show Knowing Brothers.

Seventeen made their first appearance on the variety show in the August 10th, 2019, episode, and Jun revealed that there was a member of Knowing Brothers that he really wanted to meet.

Jun announced while walking to the front of the room, “I really want to greet someone here.” He then surprised the cast by suddenly exclaimed excitedly while turning to Kim Heechul, “Dad!”

“Father? Father?” Kang Ho-dong, who was surprised, even jumped from his chair when the two idols were hugging and calling each other father and son.

“I knew you would be like this,” Kang Ho-dong added this remark to Heechul in which Heechul jokingly replied, “Everyone, he is my hidden child.”

Kim Heechul then went on to comment, “We looked very similar when he was a child,” and the cast members were amazed at the similarities between the two when they saw Jun’s childhood photos.

Kim Heechul asked, “Isn’t this from when you were in Ip Man 3?” He later explained that Jun appeared in the martial arts film as a child actor.

It seems that not only the face, but Jun also shared the same funny variety skills with Heechul.

Check out the hilarious video of the “twin brothers” below!