K-Idols Criticized About Body Weight: GFriend’s Umji, PRISTIN’s Kyla, and More

TWICE’s Ji-hyo: Weight loss and Condition After Diet

TWICE’s Jihyo has never been fat or overweight, mainly her body just distributes weight evenly. However, Jihyo’s face holds onto any weight gain, making her appear more bloated or larger than she actually is. During Twice’s debut, they received a lot of criticism, especially Jihyo who was often made fun of for her weight.


During the filming of SIXTEEN, she had to deal with blatant comments about her body size, with a photographer telling her, “Jihyo, you look fat.” Jihyo tried to hide behind the other members during the shoot because she was so self-conscious, but the photographer would yell at her for moving out of sight.

Netizens’ reactions to Jihyo’s weight loss:

  • “Jihyo is a girl who was offended by everyone for her appearance in the early days.”
  • “Actually, she was very pretty before debuting except for her chubby body.”
  • “She’s still pretty even when she’s fat.”

Jihyo went on a diet. She has not talked much about her diet but Twice is known for promoting a healthy active lifestyle.

Twice's Jihyo

BTS’ Jimin: Weight loss and Condition After Diet

Unlike other idols, BTS’ Jimin’s weight loss made their fans worried. Jimin made his debut with a muscular body, in 2013, with “No More Dream.” At first, fans didn’t have a problem with Jimin’s changed appearance. But because he started looking very skinny and somewhat unhealthy, fans became suspicious and worried about Jimin’s health and appearance. He admitted that he only ate once a day during his busy schedule, sometimes making him easily get tired and miss out on his dance rehearsal because of it.

BTS Jimin changed appearance

He revealed the pressures of being an idol, the process behind his solo song “Lie,” and his struggles with dieting. During BTS’ “Blood Sweat & Tears” era, Jimin followed a strict and exhausting diet that left him ill. He revealed that he lost a total of 15 pounds during this period and often passed out during dance practices. But he looks more healthy nowadays.

BTS' Jimin
BTS Jimin Love Yourself Her
BTS-Jimin-Saudi Arabia-사우디 아라비아

Former AFTER SCHOOL Member and Actress UEE: Weight loss and Condition After Diet


Uee used to be a hot topic of discussion among the netizens because of her diet. On an SBS TV show, Night of TV Entertainment, Uee told people about how she lost weight, using a diet called the 1000 kcal diet. Uee always packs her own lunch. One of the things she’d bring with her was a drink she prepared, using any type of whole grains, such as black beans, wheat, rice, or soy milk, and then she would add honey for a little sweetness. As for lunch, she’d bring a box of rice, tofu with dried bonito, and chicken breast salad.


In addition to the diet, Uee was also exercising. To keep her thighs toned, she does squats every day. After learning that she got the nickname ‘honey thighs’ on the KBS Program 1vs.100, she said that besides doing squats, she’s also very fond of sports and as a result, keeps her body looking glorious with her famous S-line and an athletic and healthy body.