K-Idols Criticized About Body Weight: GFriend’s Umji, PRISTIN’s Kyla, and More

WJSN’s Yeon-jung: Weight loss and Condition After Diet


Cosmic Girls’ Yeon-jung once talked in a program about the reasons for her diet, she said that recently she began a strict diet plan to prepare for her group’s future activities. She also expressed the reason for her going on a diet is also because she wants to enhance her appearance, especially her face. After hearing bad comments from netizens about her visual appearance, Yeon-jung tried to be beautiful by doing many things including going on a very extreme and strict diet. She succeeded in losing about six kilograms.


However, unlike the idols who are highly praised for their weight loss being successful, Yeon-jung had to suffer from the K-netizens’ backlashes. They mocked her for her unattractive looks, completely denying the great efforts and talents she possessed.

  • “Isn’t she the singer version of Ra Miran?”
  • “After she lost weight, she’s starting to look like Hear Signal’s Oh Yeonjoo. It’s hard for her to look even beyond commoner average after losing weight…”
  • “Why did she fix… her face..?”
  • “Why are you guys so harsh with the comments… If you worked so hard to lose weight, won’t you feel hurt if you saw these comments if you were in her shoes?”

2NE1’s CL: Weight loss and Condition After Diet


A while back, former 2NE1 member CL gained a few extra pounds and had netizens making fun of her weight gain. Netizens were shocked to see CL with some extra weight and almost unrecognizable.


However, this time, it seems that people are genuinely more concerned and worried about her health. CL recently appeared at the SJ KUNST HALLE to attend the Urban Decay Stay Naked collection global launch party along with other famous celebrities such as Ezra Miller, Kim Na Young, and Park Jae Min. She does appear to have gained some more weight.


She still looked totally gorgeous anyway.


RED VELVET’s Wendy: Weight loss and Condition After Diet

Wendy was known for having a chubby body. In tvN’s Raid the Convenience Store, she once revealed that she used to be fat, but she lost the extra weight eventually. Wendy was once even rejected by Cube Entertainment because her physical appearance didn’t fit with the current standards. This rejection, however, was her greatest motivation as Wendy mustered the courage to get into shape and make her dream of becoming an idol come true.

Red Velvet's Wendy

Wendy’s weight was unstable. She often fluctuated with her weight, very quickly gaining weight and frequently losing weight, especially when Red Velvet had their stage comeback in 2016. This caused people to speculate that Wendy can’t take care of her physical appearance.


Wendy decided to go on a diet. Here are some of her diet tips. She would eat an apple and drink some lettuce juice. For lunch, she would drink pumpkin juice. She has also tried the lemon detox, only ate half a cup of rice in the morning, and tried not to eat during dinner. And some sources have also said that her diet menu was only about 100 kcal, even though an adult woman needs at least 2000 kcal.


She also shared her daily exercise. In the night, at 10:00 PM, Wendy jumps rope for about 2 hours, which is followed by a dance practice of 2 hours. She did this routinely, and finally, she got back herself into a good body shape in 4 months, and successfully lost 15 kg of extra weight!