K-Idols Criticized About Body Weight: GFriend’s Umji, PRISTIN’s Kyla, and More


K-Idols’ Body Weight

In Korea, the beauty standards for idols have been known to be extremely strict. Korean women aspire to be both tall and thin. Korean girls also invest a lot of effort and resources in order to look good. K-Idols are not spared from receiving hate comments because of their appearances. The comments are usually about alleged plastic surgery or body shaming. Despite that, K-Idols keep starving themselves and follow some sort of diet. Take a look at their weight loss and some diet tips!

GFriend’s Umji: Weight loss and Condition After Diet


GFriend’s Umji received quite a number of negative comments from the netters. The youngest member of GFriend was often bullied by nasty comments because she was considered to be not as beautiful as the other members. Netizens were also frequently referring to Umji as the “ugly member” of GFriend. Let’s take a look at Umji’s picture below:


Umji used to have cute chubby cheeks since she was a teenager. Lately, she has become a hot topic of conversation among the public due to her weight loss. She first confessed that she lost about 8-9 kg since her debut days. She managed her diet by reducing the carbs intake. Her trainer revealed that Umji comes in to work out at least once a day and sometimes twice if her schedule allows it.


Umji once had a thought that it was best not to eat anything. She said, “In the past, I thought it was just better to not eat. But when I get hungry, I eat healthy snacks. When you chew on something, you get less hungry.” She recommends healthy protein chips and teas, such as tangerine peel tea, hibiscus, and Pu’er tea, to help keep your appetite under control. Umji also said, “During my debut days, my company forced me to exercise and it felt like I was being punished. But one day, as I felt myself getting healthier, I learned to treasure my body and cheer myself on.”

Her recent transformation through diet has amazed many people as she now also has a very sophisticated and chic characteristic about her as well. Let’s take a look at her now:

Koogle TV
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PRISTIN’s Kyla: Weight loss and Condition After Diet


Kyla has been attacked by netizens because of her weight. She’s been going through difficulties since debut. During Pristin’s promotions, some controversies arose around Kyla’s figure, which is quite different from other idols’, in general. This controversy started when Pristin released their second mini-album, SCHXXL OUT. As you can see, Kyla’s body isn’t as thin as the other members’. Seeing her figure, netizens debated over it and split into two camps.


Some of the netizens’ comments on social media about Kyla’s weight:

  • “A K-Pop group that flops in Korea is a flop in general, no matter how internationals feel. And Korea does NOT like their idols thick. It’s basically an iron rule in K-Pop.”
  • “Honestly, I think it’s possible that Pledis made her fat on purpose. She’s getting hate for her fat but it succeeded in gaining attention. Whether it’s hate or praise, the fact that a rookie idol is in the center of attention is a big achievement already. She got attention by being fat and since she has a pretty face, she can just lose the extra weight, have a comeback, and turn the hateful comments into positive comments. The responses will be like ‘so pretty,’ ‘Kyla worked so hard to lose weight.’ In the long-term, Kyla could be more popular than the other members who were already pretty and skinny from the start. The reason why I thought of this is that the CEO of Pledis told UEE to never make her thigh size smaller. When UEE dieted secretly, he noticed it immediately and made her gain the weight back. UEE talked about it on a broadcast. As a result, UEE got popular with her honey thighs. That’s why I think Kyla’s case is also a similar method. Look at Kyla now. She’s on Pann every day and is even getting articles about her fat. If she was skinny, do you think she would’ve gotten the same amount of attention? Their method is already successful. Once she loses weight and comes back as a goddess, it’ll take no time to turn the haters into fans. Game over.”
  • “She’ll have daebak visuals when she loses weight. It’ll promote the group a lot… Did they make her fat on purpose to make her pretty looks stand out at once? ㅋㅋ”
  • “Watch the fandoms of Wee Woo, she’s so pretty. I really want her to lose weight. She has a face that I really like but I can see her not being confident with this promotion. I think she’ll gain a lot of female and male fans if she loses weight. She did become famous with her fat so I think she’ll get so much attention if she loses weight… I often watch the debut fan-cam because she’s so pretty.”

In 2018, PRISTIN‘s Kyla went on an indefinite hiatus due to health issues. She went back to the United States and stayed with her family. Fans expressed how relieved they were to see her looking happier and healthier.


After she parted ways with Pledis Entertainment, Kyla opened up an Instagram account. She is looking beautiful and has become even prettier. Her face is also in shape now.



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SUPER JUNIOR’s Shin-dong: Weight loss and Condition After Diet

Super Junior's Shindong

Shin-dong has been gaining attention and criticism because of his extreme weight gain, and he’s often struggled with the yo-yo effect of dieting. The yo-yo effect refers to the constant up and down of a person’s weight as a result of dieting, much like the up and down motion of a yo-yo. He said that people around him were always surprised when they saw him and asked him if he was gaining or losing weight.

Super Junior's Shindong

Shin-dong stated, “I’ve been on a lot of diets, so many that I could say that I’ve tried all of them. I was recently at my heaviest due to weight fluctuations and I wasn’t sure if I could lose this weight on my own so I decided to get professional help.” Shin-dong added, “I’ve been eating a balanced diet with three meals a day and seeing the weight fall off even without exercise, I realized why I had been failing at my other diets. Through AI analysis, I was able to understand the state of my body and get professional consulting, and it’s so interesting and fun to watch my health improve through data.” He happily added that he feels more energetic and is having more fun when he’s dancing on stage.

He shared photos of his progress on his personal Instagram account and wrote, “It’s not over yet, I’m not even halfway there!”