Find Out More About K-pop Idols’ Audition Stories!


D.O grew up honing his skills in singing so that he could chase his dreams and succeed. When he was still in high school, he entered and won a street singing competition. On the way home, he was approached by SM Entertainment and got offered a chance to audition. After passing the audition and signing his trainee contract with the agency, he continued to go to school without letting his friends know about it. The idol trained around two years before debuting as an EXO member in 2012. He is now not only one of the most successful K-Pop idols, but also a praised actor in the making.



Suzy was auditioning for Mnet’s Superstar K when she was approached by a JYP recruiter on her way to take a bathroom break. The agent recognized Suzy’s talent when he heard her singing right outside the restroom. Following this short audition, Suzy became a soon-to-be idol under JYP Entertainment, where she continues to show her talents in singing and acting until now. No wonder the scout agent couldn’t let her just pass by. She’s such a beauty!


TWICE’s Sana

Sana was shopping with a friend in Japan when a scout from JYP Entertainment spotted her. The agent continued trying to convince Sana, but she remained skeptical of the JYP recruiter until he dropped one game-changing fact that Suzy and 2PM’s Wooyoung were both under the agency. As a huge fan of the KBS drama Dream High, which starred both Suzy and Wooyoung, Sana finally agreed to join the agency. She was finally sold! She debuted as a member of TWICE along with the other members and made an iconic “sha sha sha” line from one of her group’s songs, “Cheer Up.”


VIXX’s Hongbin

Before Hongbin became a trainee at Jellyfish Entertainment, he was street-cast by SM Entertainment. But he chose Jellyfish because of his idol, Park Hyo Shin, who is also an artist of Jellyfish Entertainment. He was one of the trainees who became contestants in the reality show MyDOL on Mnet. He was finally chosen as one of the boy group members that consisted of 6 members. He then debuted as a member of VIXX with the single “Super Hero” on May 24th, 2012. After becoming an idol, he also got a lot of cast offers to play in various dramas.


GOT7’s Jackson

Around the end of 2010, Jackson was cast by JYP Entertainment while he was playing basketball at school. He won the 1st place among 2000 competitors at an international JYP audition. His parents, however, were not easily convinced about Jackson’s dream to become a singer as he was preparing for the London Olympics. After much persuasion, his parents decided to let him pursue his dream on the condition that he wins the next fencing competition. As a result, he won 2 gold medals at the Asian international competition, placed No. 11 in the worldwide ranking, and No. 1 in the Asian ranking. He then managed to join the agency. Jackson later revealed that he was even offered scholarships at the University of Hong Kong and Standfordm which he declined. What? How can he be so multi-talented?


BTS’ Jin

Kim Seok-jin, or better known as Jin, was originally cast on the streets by SM Entertainment. But he never followed up with the company because he thought it was a scam. He got street-cast again when he was a college student. A representative from Big Hit Entertainment saw Jin as he was exiting a bus, and convinced him to audition for Big Hit. He then auditioned to be an actor because he had no prior experience in singing or dancing and he was studying in acting major. However, he ended up becoming a trainee for BTS and managed to be worldwide known and famous!


ITZY’s Ryujin

Ryujin and her friend were going to a GOT7 fan meeting right before they entered their second year of middle school. There, the JYP casting managers spotted her and started to convince her to join the agency. It seems like Ryujin’s visuals caused the agency’s casting managers to choose her out of a sea of fans at a GOT7 fan meeting. Her friend who went with her stated that Ryujin was also dreaming of being an actress. Wow, she’s beyond lucky!


Well, those are all the interesting stories about how K-Pop idols got cast for auditions before they became trainees. Some of them had to go through hard work, and others just got greeted by luck that appeared in the shape of a scouting agent. For those of you who want to become idols – you can learn a thing or two from their stories. Do prepare for yourself!

So, which casting story is your favorite? Do you know another idol’s unique casting story? Share the stories you know with us in the comment section below!