What Are EXO Members Ideal Type Of Girl?

EXO’s Suho’s ideal type of girl

suho1 exo ideal type

For Suho, his ideal type should be someone who is shorter than him and has reasonably long dark hair. He wants to have a girl who can read books together while sitting by the window, so she must have knowledge of literature. Suho also likes girls with double eyelids even though he doesn’t care about skin.

  • Suho likes someone who likes to read books and has an interest in literature.
  • For physical, Suho would prefer someone who is shorter than him with long straight dark hair and double eyelids.
  • Suho would like to have someone he can read books with together while sitting by the window.
  • Someone with positive thinking and open-mindedness is the ideal type that Suho is looking for.
  • For the skin, Suho does not really bother with that.

EXO’s Sehun’s ideal type of girl


For appearance, Sehun’s ideal type is someone with pale skin, smells good, and also has round eyes. She must be clean and also innocent. He also wants a girl who is sincere and worries about him, he wants his ideal girl to take care of him when he is hurt.

His ideal type is someone who is chic outside but is like a young innocent girl inside. He wants someone who can dress well.

  • Sehun likes someone who is kind and innocent.
  • Sehun wants someone who will always be there for him, taking care of him in his worst situation and condition, especially when he is hurt.
  • For the physical, Sehun likes someone who has a good scent, round eyes with pale skin, and clean.
  • For age difference, someone maximum 4 years older than him.
  • Sehun wants someone who has a mature and cool side outside but also has a cute innocent and young girl side inside. Someone who can dress well.

EXO’s Lay’s ideal type of girl


Lay’s ideal type is unique, he likes someone who looks pretty when wearing makeup but looks innocent when she’s without makeup. Someone with beautiful eyes, long hair, a beautiful smile, and a small face is definitely his ideal type, but she must be shorter than him. He also loves someone who is sweet and gets along well with kids.

  • Lay likes someone who looks pretty in make-up but looks innocent without make-up.
  • For physical, Lay likes someone who has a small face, long hair, pretty eyes, a beautiful smile, and is shorter than him.
  • Someone who acts cute and gives affection and always tries to understand him is the ideal type that Lay is looking for.
  • For age difference, Lay would prefer someone who is younger than him, but someone who is a few years older than him is okay, too.
  • Lay likes someone who gets along well with kids and is sweet.

EXO members’ ideal type among the SNSD members


Who are EXO‘s ideal types among SNSD members? They have the senior-junior relationship as SNSD members debuted years before them, and they look up to all the SNSD members. Baekhyun even once said that his heart flutters when he sees them on stage!

The answer was revealed when EXO members appeared in SBS’ One Night TV Entertainment. As there was an interview, EXO members were asked to pick one SNSD member that they thought was the prettiest. Surprisingly, they picked the leader of SNSD, Taeyeon. Taeyeon herself was amazed and showed her fondness toward EXO members.

Oddly enough, Taeyeon was the one who confirmed dating with one of EXO members, Baekhyun. Do you think it’s a coincidence?

That was all the information about EXO’s ideal type that you have to know.