What Are EXO Members Ideal Type Of Girl?


Are You Curious The Ideal Type of EXO members?

Since they debuted in 2011, EXO has gained so much popularity as one of SM Entertainment’s boy bands, divided into EXO-K and EXO-M. It is not surprising that every girl, especially Exotic, wants to be one of EXO members girlfriend, but what are EXO members ideal type? Are you one of them? Here, you will get the answers of what kind of appearance and personality you have to be so that you can be EXO members ideal type!

EXO Xiumin’s Ideal Type 2015


He doesn’t have any specific ideal type, because for him, once he finds the girl that he cares about, she will look pretty and cute. But he also likes someone who likes to be hugged and is able to make people around her feel comfortable.

EXO Baek-Hyun’s Ideal Type 2015


Bae-Hyun’s ideal type is, well, just like other guys in Korea, he likes girls who have good skin, who look cute and petite, have round eyes, and are not too slim. Overall, Bae-Hyun likes someone who is full of charm, but there is something unique about his ideal type, he also likes someone who looks good in jeans, so do you?

As for her personality, basically, she has to be someone with a kind heart and of course proper manner. And unexpectedly, Bae-Hyun likes girl that is hard to get, maybe because he thinks it is challenging.

EXO Chan-Yeol’s Ideal Type 2015


Basically Chan-Yeol’s ideal type is a girl who is similar to him, so that he can share his humor and music with her. Appearance wise, he likes someone with white skin and defined facial features. The EXO rapper also likes someone who can make him feel comfortable and fits in his embrace.

EXO Kai’s Ideal Type 2015


Kai’s ideal type is someone who cares about him and has a kind heart, he also wants to feel comfortable around his girl, so that he can share all his happy and also sad moments with her. Kai needs someone who can support him for his work. As for her appearance, he wants his ideal type to look good in a top bun and to be slim. This is a special note: he doesn’t like someone who abruptly open the bathroom door when he’s talking a bath!

EXO D.O’s Ideal Type 2015


D.O’s ideal type is someone who is cheerful and could easily laugh, maybe because he wants his girl to be able to conquer his quiet personality. The vocalist of EXO-K wants his ideal type to be someone who has a beautiful smile. Though he likes cheerful girls, he likes someone who is not noisy while eating, and being able to cook for him after they get married is a must.

EXO Chen’s Ideal Type 2015


For this EXO-M member, eyes is the best feature that a girl has, therefore, his ideal type is someone who has a beautiful big eyes. He also likes someone who has a beautiful smile, but for his ideal body type, he prefers someone who has petite body. As for personality, he wants a girl who can be sincere and also caring just like an elder sister.