Ideal Type and Dating Rumors of CNBLUE Members


FNC Entertainment’s Flower Boy Band CNBLUE Members’ Ideal Girls

Korea is not just about idol boygroups or girlgroups, it has bands with handsome and typical flower boys too. On the early days of FNC Entertainment, they produced bands such as FT Island and CNBLUE. Even though there are only a few bands in the Korean entertainment industry, CNBLUE is among those bands and idol groups who managed to get attention from the public with their charm and uniqueness. Now, are you curious about the type of girls these gorgeous men would like to date? Let’s check it out!

CNBLUE’s Leader Jung Yonghwa’s Ideal Type


Our leader likes girls that are both feminine and cute. Yonghwa’s girl would have to be an honest person, have a good personality, and be nice to his family and friends. He wants a girl who can understand him and his job well and will support his activities. Moreover he’d like someone that will listen to music with him and could talk about it with him too. Yonghwa likes his girl to be independent and good at cooking at the same time.

For appearance, Yonghwa likes girls with pretty eyes and long, slightly wavy hair. Yonghwa also likes it when girls wear jeans with a white shirt underneath a cardigan. He likes it more when girls take off the cardigan, carry it in one hand, and roll her sleeves up. As for his ideal type’s height, he wants her to be slightly taller than his shoulders.

CNBLUE’s Lee Jonghyun’s Ideal Type, Ex-girlfriends, and Girlfriend 2017


Our lead guitarist, Jonghyun, has a casual manner and he likes easygoing girls who do not nag too much. He also wants his girl to accept him the way he is. Jonghyun does not like to remember or celebrate event days so he needs a simple girl that can understand this side of him; so he needs someone mature enough. On the other side, he is okay with writing and singing songs for his future girl. As for his ideal type’s appearance, similar with Yonghwa, he likes girls that wear white shirts and jeans.

In 2010, when all CNBLUE members were asked when their last date was, Jonghyun said his was one year ago and the reason he broke up with that girl is because he went to Japan. In the same year he talked about his first kiss with a Son Yejin look-alike girl, he even emphasized that she was really beautiful. This girl is the same age as him, which was in contrast with when he said that all his ex-girlfriends were older than him.

For now though, Jonghyun has not been talking about his relationship that much.  For the current girlfriend there is no publishing yet. All the information above just shows Jonghyun’s ex-girlfriends.

CNBLUE’s Kang Minhyuk’s Ideal Type and His Relationship with Jung Hyesung


According to Yonghwa, our drummer is a romantic guy. Minhyuk can be so gentle and sweet when he gets close to girls. Minhyuk likes casual girls that are good at taking care of him and only look at him because he will only look at his girl too.

For looks, Minhyuk admitted that he does not really care about looks that much, it is enough if he is comfortable with that girl. But, Minhyuk likes girls that has pretty and bright eyes, and also girls who look good wearing a baseball cap.

In 2016, Sports Seoul announced that Minhyuk and his fellow label mate, actress Jung Hyesung were dating. According to the source, they have been in a serious relationship for awhile and even though they were carefully hiding their relationship, everyone close to them already knew about this.

The supporting evidence is that both of them are raising a cat and they have the same hobby, which is flower arranging. But sadly their agency, FNC Entertainment, denied this news and said Minhyuk and Jung Hyesung’s relationship is no more than just close friends.

CNBLUE’s Maknae Jungshin’s Ideal Type


According to Yonghwa and Jonghyun, Jungshin is so picky because he has rather high standard about his ideal type of girl. But Jungshin just needs a woman who can understand him, is open minded, and can lead him to be a better person. Based on this, Jungshin prefers an older woman.

Jungshin also likes girls with pretty eyes, a pretty smile, and they must look good wearing cap. He does not like cold and arrogant girls. The girly gesture that Jungshin likes is when a girl sweeps her hair up.

How was it? Are you the one that these handsome men are looking for? To sum it up, most of CNBLUE members prefer someone mature that is willing to understand them and their careers. So, you can try to be a more mature girl!