ICHILLIN’s Yeju: Full Profile, Fun Facts, Etc.


Everything You Need To Know About ICHILLIN’s Center’s; Kim Ye-ju’s Full Profile!

Do you know about the South Korean girl group, ICHILLIN? If you still don’t know about them, they are a K-Pop girl group that debuted under KM Entertainment and officially debuted on September 8th, 2021. ICHILLIN (hangul: 아이칠린) released their 1st debut single titled “GOT-YA” and also has 7 original members line-up with E.Ji, Jackie, Joonie, Chaerin, Sohee, Yeju, and Chowon.

In this article, there’s a piece of detailed information about one of ICHILLIN’s members who has a position as the center of the group. Do you know who is she? She is ICHILLIN’s Yeju! Make sure you didn’t skip any information in this article below and get to know more about her full profile and fun facts!

ICHILLIN’s Yeju: Profile


Real Name :  Kim Yeju (hangul: 김예주)

Stage Name : Yeju (hangul: 예주)

Birth : Wonju, Gangwon, South Korea, September 1, 2004

Star Sign : Virgo

Height : 165 cm (5’5″)

Blood Type : A

Position of the group : Lead Dancer, Sub-Vocalist, Center

Nationality : Korean

ICHILLIN’s Yeju: Fun Facts

  1. ICHILLIN’s Yeju’s MBTI is ENFP
  2. ICHILLIN’s Yeju is the latest member to be revealed
  3. ICHILLIN’s Yejuwas an ex Fantagio trainee
  4. ICHILLIN’s Yeju and Sohee were classmates
  5. ICHILLIN’s Yejuwas the class leader during the elementary school
  6. ICHILLIN’s Yeju’s favorite colors are yellow and purple
  7. ICHILLIN’s Yeju’s favorite foods are bread and rice
  8. ICHILLIN’s Yeju’s favorite animal is the rabbit
  9. ICHILLIN’s Yeju doesn’t have any official fandom name yet but Yeju calls fans HEALINGS
  10. ICHILLIN’s Yeju’s character is very quick-tempered
  11. ICHILLIN’s Yeju calls herself a tension keeper who gives energy to the members who are tired of the high tension in the group
  12. ICHILLIN’s Yeju said that she thinks that the corners of her mouth that rise when she smiles and the Indian dimples are attractive points
  13. ICHILLIN’s Yejuis the eldest at home and the older sister

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