I.B.I’s Chaekyung: Profile, Fun Facts, Appearance in ‘Produce 101’

i.b.i chaekyung

Get To Know Chaekyung, the Beautiful and Talented Member of I.B.I

Chaekyung is a member of the South Korean girl group under LOEN Entertainment. I.B.I is an acronym for I Believe It and includes Haein, Sohee, Suhyun, and Hyeri. She also debuted in Produce 101 on August 18, 2016.

Chaekyung also became one of the members built by LOEN to promote under the Produce 101 title with the single “Molae Molae” on August 18, 2016.

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Let’s get to know Chaekyung in this Channel-Korea article below! Stay tuned!

I.B.I’s Chaekyung’s Full Profile

i.b.i chaekyung

Stage Name: Chaekyung (채경)
Birth Name: Yoon Chae-kyung (윤채경)
Position: Lead Vocalist
Birthday: July 7, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 161 cm (5’3”)
Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)
Blood Type: AB

Fun Facts about I.B.I’s Chaekyung

i.b.i chaekyung

– Chaekyung was born in Incheon, South Korea.

– Chaekyung was also raised in Siheung, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.

– She is now a part of APRIL.

– Chaekyung also participated in KARA Project.

-Chaekyung is also a former member of Puretty, a Japanese girl group.

– She joined the project group C.I.V.A with other contestants in Produce 101 in July 2016.

– She released a single called “Clock” with Chaewon, her fellow member in APRIL.

– Chaekyung has been trained for 4 years.

– Her religion is Catholicism.

– She is studying at Sungshin Women’s University.

– Chaekyung was eliminated in episode 11 at rank 16 on Produce 101.

Chaekyung as Former Member of C.I.V.A

i.b.i chaekyung
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Chaekyung was a former member of C.I.V.A. The South Korean girl group stands for The God of Music 2. This girl group debuted on July 8, 2016, under Sony Music Korea and Lee & Tak Entertainment. Yet, the group was disbanded in the same year. The group was also popular as a parody group of I.O.I in their song. Chaekyung later debuted with the single titled “Why” as a group member of C.I.V.A. on July 8, 2016.

Chaekyung’s Career Journey in Produce 101

Produce 101 is a survival girl group show on Mnet. Through this show, the program will produce a unit group from 101 trainees from 46 entertainment companies. The chosen members by the public will debut as I.O.I girl group members.

i.b.i chaekyung

Chaekyung became one of the contestants on Produce 101 in January 2016. She represents DSP Media and got ranked 16th on the finale that resulted in not debuting with I.O.I. She later debuted with the project group C.I.V.A with the single “Why” on July 8, 2016.

Chaekyung as a New Member of APRIL

i.b.i chaekyung
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On November 11, 2016, DSP Media announced that Chaekyung and Rachel would become part of the girl group APRIL since Hyunjoo, the former member of APRIL, left the group earlier.

APRIL debuted on January 4, 2017, with the third mini-album called Prelude.

That’s all about Chaekyung and her career journey. Keep supporting and sending positive messages to her as an idol. Don’t forget to give your comment and share your thoughts below!