What Does ‘I Purple You’ Mean? Find Out About the Phrase Made by BTS’s V

BTS I purple you meaning

ARMY Celebrated 1000 Days of ‘I Purple You’

There are many ways to say I Love You. I’m drawn to you, I adore you, you complete me, we fit together like puzzle pieces, and there are many words that can express how much we love others. But have you heard about ‘I Purple You’? ARMY, or those who have been following BTS, must be familiar with the phrase ‘I Purple You’. ‘I Purple You’ is spreading love through the internet.

The phrase that is similar to “I Love You” is like a code between BTS and ARMY to say that they love each other. With the color of a purple heart on it.

In September 2019, ARMY celebrated 1.000 days since the phrase ‘I Purple You’ was first used. ARMY flooded the internet with the phrase ‘I Purple You’ as a way of celebrating the 1.000 days. What is the meaning of ‘I Purple You’ and who originated the word? Let’s find the answer in this Channel-Korea article.

The Meaning Behind ‘I Purple You’ (Borahae)

BTs I purple you meaning

‘I Purple You’, known as Borahae in Korean, has a similar meaning to “I Love You”. The reason behind purple as a replacement word for love is because purple as the last color in the rainbow has the meaning of “I will trust you and love you for a long time”. Since it was first popularized by BTS along with the heart symbol with purple color, the color purple became unofficially the fandom color as well as a BTS symbol.

It is also known that since the phrase ‘I Purple You’ was first said, BTS members started to use purple the heart in their tweets and it also led to brands endorsed by BTS to create violet products so they can match BTS.

Kim Tae-hyung—the One Who Popularized the Phrase ‘I Purple You’

BTS I purple you meaning

The phrase ‘I Purple You’, or Borahae, was first popularized by Kim Taehyung, also known by his stage name V. It was in November 2016, during the BTS third muster that V said the words and explained the meaning behind them. At first, he said he was joking and said that he just made it up, but ARMY and other BTS members were impressed by it so it became so popular.

Although it started as a joke, the meaning behind it is sincere. V said that the color purple is related to his love for his fans. Just like what Borahae means, he hopes he can see his fans for a long time, and they—BTS—always trust ARMY and go up the stairs with ARMY.

Through a BTS interview, V also revealed how he came up with the phrase ‘I Purple You’. The idea first came to his mind when they were in the concert and he saw ARMY covered their Bombs with a purple cloth so the light shone in purple. At that time, he thought that it looks like the rainbow signified youth, and the last color purple stood for loving and cherishing each other until the end.

Do you belong to the purple color, too? Was it amusing to find out how V came up with the idea that became this big and became a symbol of ARMYs love for BTS? If you’re curious about BTS, don’t worry, you can browse through the collection of Channel-Korea articles to find other news about BTS. Let’s spread love and spread this article so more people know what it means when you say ‘I Purple You’!