Why I.O.I’s Reunion Was Cancelled?

Another Delay in 2019

The first girl group made by the survival show Produce 101 Season 1, I.O.I, officially disbanded in 2017. But this wasn’t a cause for them to lose their fans. This is evidenced by the many requests for this group of 11 beautiful girls to make a reunion comeback. The delay was aimed at ensuring their album was of high quality. However, recently, reports emerged that I.O.I’s reunion comeback will be postponed again. According to reports, the delay is related to the decision to change the title of their upcoming title track.


In addition, on October 16th, 2019, Fantagio Entertainment as the agency that oversees Weki Meki announced that Choi Yoojung will be taking a temporary hiatus due to health problems. This further strengthened the rumor that I.O.I’s reunion will be delayed again.

Responding to the report, a representative of I.O.I finally voiced his thoughts. In their statement, the I.O.I representative stated that the agency also could not confirm whether the I.O.I members would be able to make a comeback this year. According to him, although it was reported that I.O.I would make a comeback in December, the agency had not officially confirmed this.


“After postponing the (I.O.I) comeback in October, we have not come to a final decision on their future schedule,” said the representative. “Although it was said that they would have a comeback in December, it was never officially decided that they would return in December. We are currently in the middle of further internal discussions. The discussion was about whether they will make a comeback this year or whether they will prepare with the goal of a comeback next year,” continued the agency representative.


I.O.I officially disbanded in 2017 after their contracts ended. Although they only promoted for a short time, this group successfully brought home many awards. I.O.I won the Rookie Artist Award at the 2017 Golden Disk Awards and the Best Female Group (Female Group) at the Mnet Asian Music Awards (2016 MAMA). It seems that fans still have to be patient to be able to return to see I.O.I on stage.

This is because the girl group’s reunion formed by the program Produce 101 Season 1 was postponed until December 2019 from the initial schedule in October 2019. Meanwhile, the netters actually commented on Jeon Somi, who was certain to not participate. Many netizens teased Somi to think again so that she doesn’t regret remembering that her solo debut was considered a failure.


“I’m curious maybe Jeon Somi changed her mind,” commented a netter. “Somi-ya, you don’t have the talent to be a soloist, quickly join I.O.I again, this is your big chance,” said another. “Somi’s debut failed, maybe she wants to change her mind and join I.O.I now,” another exclaimed. As is known, Jeon Somi debuted as a solo singer with a song titled Birthday.

But unfortunately, this crossbreed singer’s solo debut did not get a positive response from the netters. Many netizens consider Somi to lack appeal as a solo singer. But she looks really shining when she is in a group as a center. “Somi-ya, come back and help with the visuals. Yeonjung-ah, you also come back and help with vocals,” said a netter. “Somi’s comeback received a bad response so maybe she wants to return to I.O.I now,” continued commenting the netters.


“Somi-ya, you don’t have the ability to do three minutes alone. Go to I.O.I, this is your biggest chance,” said another netter. “I’m sure Somi felt pressure after how hard her solo went down,” continued the netters. “I wonder if Jeon Somi changed her mind or not?” said another netter. In the report, it was stated that Kyulkyung’s absence was due to her busy schedule in China. In addition, one of the members of Weki Meki, Choi Yoo Jung was recently reported to be absent. This is because Fantagio Entertainment announced that Choi Yoo Jung will be taking a temporary hiatus from Weki Meki’s activities due to health issues.


That way, I.O.I will likely reunite with 7 members. This makes the enthusiasm of the fans drop more and more. Besides, I.O.I’s comeback plans were also affected by the vote manipulation controversy of Produce X 101 and Idol School, and even the entire Mnet survival event. One insider told the media that CJ ENM has not yet discussed a potential I.O.I reunion. Besides that, the lack of members made this comeback plan even more complicated.

“There is no longer any discussion about the I.O.I reunion currently taking place with CJ ENM. With Jeon Somi, Yoo Yeonjung, Choi Yoojung, and Kyulkyung being impossible to participate, the motivation of many people has decreased,” said the source.

Where Are the Members Now?

After I.O.I disbanded from their joint activities as a girl group, some of the members finally managed to debut as members of their respective girl groups and some also managed to debut as solo artists. With their previous debut with I.O.I, the members had already launched good careers and appreciation from the public and many are also looking forward to their respective promotions. Well, what are the latest news from each I.O.I member and how are their promotions and activities going after their reunion in 2019 has been delayed again?

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Weki Meki’s Comeback with “Oopsy”

Weki Meki finally returned to enliven the South Korean music industry by releasing a music video titled “OOPSY.” The music video for “OOPSY” was released along with the third mini-album HIDE and SEEK on June 16th, 2020, at 6 PM KST. Through this music video, fans will be spoiled with upbeat pop dance music that sounds so catchy to the ears.

Whereas in the music video we will be presented with a femme fatale-style appearance from Weki Meki members, with an image that is much more mature than the previous comeback. HIDE and SEEK itself is a mini-album containing a total of five songs, including the main song “OOPSY,” followed by the songs “Moya Moya,” “The Paradise,” “Youniverse,” and “DAZZLE DAZZLE.”

Jeon Somi’s Comeback with “What You Waiting For”

After I.O.I disbanded, Jeon Somi was known to have pursued a career as a solo singer. Somi officially debuted as a solo artist in 2019 with a single titled “Birthday.” This time, Somi officially made a comeback by releasing the music video for her newest single titled “What You Waiting For.” On July 14th, 2020, Somi uploaded a teaser photo for the latest single on her personal Instagram account. There is no detailed information in the teaser. It was soon revealed that Somi would soon come back with a single titled “What You Waiting For.”


Several teasers have also been released by the agency where Somi looks to carry a mature and elegant concept. On July 22nd, 2020, the agency finally released a music video for the song that successfully made fans enthusiastic. “What You Waiting For” is an R&B dance track with bright synth sounds and melodious chord progressions. The lyrics are about a girl who is waiting for love. Somi not only co-wrote the song with The Black Label producer Teddy but she also participated in writing the lyrics for the song.

This shows Somi’s growth as an artist as she shapes her musical identity. Along with the release of Somi’s new single, the former I.O.I girl group personnel will also carry out promotional activities by appearing on music shows and variety shows. This will be Jeon Somi’s first release in more than a year since her debut single “Birthday” in June 2019. On June 13th, Jeon Somi also celebrated the first anniversary of her debut as a solo artist.

Chungha’s Comeback with “Play”

On Monday, July 6th, 2020, Chungha launched a music video for her newest single inspired by the mythology of Calypso titled “Play.” In the new vision of the video, the former member of the K-pop girl group I.O.I plays a bullfighter who is unique, instead of competing agile against bulls, but a bright red sports car. In one of the music video scenes, Chungha performs the choreography by waving a giant red cloth and dancing the choreography with a number of her backup dancers.

Chung Ha’s new song also features a performance by rapper Changmo, who doesn’t appear in the video, leaving the fellow South Korean artist to simply wade through a pond filled with green water filled with flowers as he performs the verse parts. Amazingly, “Play” serves as the 7th single from the K-pop idol during 2020, after repeatedly releasing songs such as “Be Yourself, My Friend” with features from PH-1, “Stay Tonight,” “Everybody Has,” and a collaboration song with Paul Kim titled “Loveship.” Chung Ha’s fourth EP project, Flourishing, was released in June 2019.

PRISTIN’s Former Member Nayoung’s Solo Activity

On the sidelines of their busy schedule, several Korean idols and artists take the time to continue their studies. They continue their studies up to university level. Beautiful idol Nayoung just took her Bachelor’s degree. This happy news was also conveyed by Nayoung through her personal Instagram account. She distributed a portrait of herself carrying a red folder of her graduation certificate. Nayoung said that she had officially graduated from Dongduk Women’s University.

Because of Covid-19, Nayoung regretted that her graduation was not accompanied by a graduation ceremony. This is why she celebrated by taking a photo with the diploma. Nayoung admitted that when she was a trainee he was afraid for her future. This is the reason Nayoung continued her education to the university level. “Everyone… I finally graduated. Because, unfortunately, we couldn’t hold the graduation ceremony, I commemorated the opportunity with a photo. Back when I was a trainee, it was the fear of my uncertain future that made me think I should go to college, and that’s how it ended. I signed up,” wrote Nayoung.

Nayoung’s success received a lot of appreciation from her celebrity friends. Weki Meki’s Choi Yoojung and Produce 101 Season 1 Heo Chanmi congratulated Nayoung. Not to forget, WJSN’s Exy, who is also a graduate of Dongduk Women’s University, said that they should take a photo together one day celebrating graduation. Then T-ARA’s Hyomin also congratulated Nayoung.

The next piece of news from Lim Nayoung is that her career has shone even more when she decided to continue her solo career activities after PRISTIN was declared disbanded as an actress. After Kwon Hyunbin was confirmed to be the male lead of Romantic Hacker, the web drama production party announced the female lead who was none other than Lim Nayoung. The announcement was made by her agency, Sublime Artist, on Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020.

Kim Sejeong’s Solo Career

Recently, Gu9udan’s Kim Sejeong has caught the attention of many people through her new appearance. The idol who was once part of the girl group I.O.I appeared with a surprising body shape. While preparing for her new single titled “Whale,” Kim Sejeong did a lot of exercising so it’s no surprise that she now has quite the astounding shape. And when she held a V Live broadcast last month, she also admitted that she had become more muscular lately.


“My arms used to be thin, but suddenly I became muscular. I didn’t focus on my arms when I worked out, but isn’t this cool?” said Kim Sejeong. This change in body shape has also caught the attention of netizens on online community sites.


“She really sets an example for other girls who want to break down,” commented netizens. “She’s so cool!” exclaimed other netizens. “I’m jealous of her muscles. I want to exercise hard too,” said netizens. “Wow, the photos are also good,” added another. “I’m the most jealous of muscles,” said some of the netizens. ‘Wow, so cool … I will also exercise hard,” commented another. “Wow, she looks very beautiful,” added another. On the other hand, some netizens suspect Kim Sejeong made her body for the demands of the role in the drama. Outside of her activities related to music, the idol who graduated from the survival show Produce 101 Season 1 herself starred in the variety show Busted! as a fixed cast member.

Kang Mina’s Solo Career

As reported by Soompi on August 27th, 2020, the new drama Summer Guys has confirmed the line-up of the main cast. Summer Guys is the Korea Creative Content Agency’s choice for their 2020 new media project (short broadcast). This drama tells the story of four young men who get together to revive an old cocktail bar on the beach. The latest South Korean drama Summer Guys will have lead roles, such as CNBLUE’s Lee Jung Shin, Gugudan’s Mina, Kwon Hyun Bin, and Lim Nayoung.


The drama will be directed by Heo Chan, who worked on the Netflix drama My Runway and was assistant director in Bong Joon Ho’s Snowpiercer. “Casting fits the character perfectly, as actors emerge from the script. I hope this line-up can continue into Season 2,” said Heo Chan. This drama tells the story of four young men who get together to revive an old cocktail bar on the beach. Summer Guys is said to be like the Korean version of the Coyote Ugly and Cocktail, with the main themes of youth, dance, and music. Shooting was carried out on Jeju Island and started on August 20th, 2020.

WJSN’s Comeback with “Butterfly”

WJSN launched their first comeback act in 2020 by releasing the mini-album Neverland. WJSN not only released Neverland, but also released a music video for their title track “Butterfly.” This is in accordance with the previously planned schedule. In this music video, the audience will be presented with a dazzling visual graphic of a fantasy world, in accordance with the title Neverland. Here, there will be Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and other fictional characters.

WJSN did not forget to provide a very beautiful musical arrangement to listen to the song “Butterfly.” Through the “Who’s Fans” platform, WJSN’s album Neverland rose to No.1 on the Hanteo Album Chart Daily on June 9th, 2020, with a total of 47,191 thousand 1st Day Sales. This is the highest record for WJSN album sales on the first day compared to their previous albums. Additionally, WJSN has also moved up from rank 4 on the Hanteo Music Chart Real Time with 4,641,350 points to rank 1 on Hanteo Music Chart Daily with a total of 17,450,000 points.

Meanwhile, “Butterfly” made their debut on the Korean charts at #3 on Bugs, #11 on Genie, #40 on MelOn, and #43 on Soribada. The number of views of their music video has reached 3.6 million. Apart from entering the top of the charts, WJSN also managed to win first place on the music program The Show, which aired on June 16th, 2020, and their second win with “Butterfly” was on June 18th, 2020, on M! Countdown with 9,236 votes.