I.O.I’s Pinky Legendary Moments From Produce 101 That You Shouldn’t Miss!


The Lovely Pinky

Kyulkyung, or you better know her as Pinky, is the former member of top K-Pop girl group I.O.I formed through Mnet’s survival TV show Produce 101 in 2016. Apparently, the group was in contract for only a year long. Known for her pretty face and cute attitude, Pinky’s popularity amongst fans is no joke. Sadly, IOI had to disband after 1 year of promoting together.

After the group disbanded, Pinky then joined her original agency (Pledis Entertainment)’s K-Pop girl group named Pristin which also got disbanded in May 2019. As we said before, Pinky is very popular. During her appearances in Mnet’s Produce 101, she managed to draw a lot of attention with both her personality and skills. Check out the legendary moments of the pretty and funny idol. So, stay tuned!


I.O.I’s Pinky’s Funny Moments

During her time on the show Produce 101, she got along with the other members and often naturally acted up making hilarious scenes. The other girls recognize her as camel or ostrich because Pinky looks like one! Well, although she is tall and skinny like an ostrich, we can’t un-see the beauty she has. With the sexy gestures that she has, it looks like she can’t keep it cool and always manages to crack up the others with her absurd acts. Check out her funny moments with the other girls in the video below! It will catch you smiling at the end of the clip.


I.O.I’s Pinky’s Confidence Level

Pretty faces sure can fool us sometimes. Watch another absurd act of Pinky’s in the clip below!


I.O.I’s Pinky Struggles To Work Hard

Pinky sure has gone through many ups and downs in pursuing her dreams. The process of being an idol in the Mnet TV show Produce 101 is not all the process that she had been through. There are many struggles that she doesn’t show. As a non-Korean, she learned so hard to be a K-Pop idol and managed to make her family proud and happy. She spent 5 years and 5 months as a trainee before she joined the TV show Produce 101. Finally, she managed to get the 6th rank in the last episode of the show which made her debut along the other I.O.I members. You made it, Pinky! See how she overcame the struggles and became the idol she is now in the clip below!


I.O.I’s Pinky Is An Expert In Playing Pipa

As originally coming from China and growing up in a Chinese family, Pinky can play the four-stringed Chinese musical instrument called pipa. She plays calmly and really well. Watch her little performance in the clip below!


That’s all about I.O.I’s Pinky’s legendary moments during Produce 101. As previously mentioned, Pristin has disbanded but this hasn’t stopped Pinky promoting in her native country of China. Pinky now is a big star in China, appearing on various variety and talent shows there. For the latest update, don’t forget to follow her Instagram account!

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