I.B.I’s Haein’s Full Profile, Fun Facts, Appearance in ‘Produce 101,’ and More

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Get To Know I.B.I’s Haein

I.B.I may not seem as popular as other groups, but you surely know about one of their members named Lee Haein! Even though some people already know her, in this article, Channel-Korea will give more complete information about Lee Haein. Stay tuned everyone!

I.B.I’s Haein’s Full Profile

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Name: Lee Hae-in (이해인)

Stage Name: Haein (해인)

Birthday: July 4, 1994

Birthplace: Mansan, South Gyeongsang Province, South Korea

Agency: The Groove Company

Years Active: 2016 – Present

Occupation: Actress & singer

Group: I.B.I (2016 – 2017)

Position: Main vocalist

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 49 kg

Nationality: Korean

Blood Type: A

Zodiac: Cancer

Chinese Zodiac: Dog

Instagram: @s2onlyone1

I.B.I’s Haein Fun Facts

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  • Haein’s family consists of her mother and father named Lee Seung-mok and Kim Mi-sook.
  • Before she went under The Groove Company, she was a trainee from several agencies such as Jellyfish Entertainment, HYWY Entertainment, SS Entertainment, LOEN Entertainment, and Elephant Media.
  • She became a trainee for 5 years.
  • Haein starred in 1% of Anything that aired on Dramax, and she acted as Soojung.
  • In 2016, she sang a song for 1% of Anything’s OST with Baek Seung-heon entitled I Want You Bad.” And, in the same year, she also sang a song for Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo entitled “Permeate.”
  • She starred in My Secret Romance in a supporting role in 2017, and it was aired on OCN.
  • Lee Haein even participated in various television shows such as Produce 101, The God of Music 2 as the cast, Hello I.B.I with her group, and Mnet’s Idol School in 2017 as a contestant.
  • In 2013, she released a Christmas album called Jelly Christmas.

About I.B.I’s Haein

ibi haein profile

Lee Haein was the oldest member of her group. Surely, her maturity level exceeds the rest of the members in every way. Haein has a cheerful personality, high self-confidence, has a desire to improve herself, and is a passionate person.

Even while still in the group, the members said that Haein was really funny, especially when she was asked to do aegyo to make everyone laugh.

I.B.I’s Haein Singing to “I Had a Man” by Ebonyhill

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As the main vocalist in a group like Haein, she certainly has an incredible voice, voice character, or even vocal technique. The ability must be accounted for by herself, and she must be able to sing all the songs outside her group’s songs. This is evident in one of the programs on 1theK’s YouTube channel.

One such program name is “Favorite Song Live (애창곡 라이브)” which seems to be a special program for the I.B.I group that was shown by 1theK. In that program, I.B.I members must sing their own favorite songs, and Haein sang her favorite song I Had a Man” by Ebonyhill.

In the video which was uploaded on August 13, 2016, Lee Haein sang it perfectly. In the video, it proves that Haein really deserves to be the main vocalist in her group because her voice is really melodious, and she sang it calmly and showed her smile. Also, her pretty face radiates even more.

Haein sings her favorite song while living it up. Her face is very synchronous with the lyrics. The lyrics of “I Had a Man” tell about the feelings of a woman who is in love, and she feels that she can’t live alone without the person that she loves.

Haein sang the song live, which means that it was her original voice without adding anything else to make it sound good. If you listen to it, you will definitely enjoy it well and want to hear it again and again. So, you should watch and listen to “I Had a Man” in Haein’s version below!

I.B.I’s Haein’s Focus Fancam

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Fancam is a term that is really popular among K-pop fans, stands for “fan camera.” There are also fancams that focus on one of the group members so that they (fans) can see all performances of the member that they want as a whole.

In this case, Haein’s fans also often upload her focus fancams. Here are some of Haein’s focus fancams!

The first fancam above is uploaded on YouTube by one of her fans with the account name “Someng SUB” on April 30, 2016. Haein performed outdoors by singing the song “Don’t Matter.” In the video below, it’s clear how Haein moves in dance!

The fancam above wasn’t uploaded by fans, but Mnet. Haein appeared with her group I.B.I by promoting their debut song at that time entitled “Molae Molae” on the Mnet music program M! Countdown on August 18, 2016.

And, the last one is the fancam which was uploaded by a YouTube account with the name “PRDC ¡” when she was singing “Mr. Mr.” from the legendary girl group Girl’s Generation or better known as SNSD.

Haein’s Career Journey in Produce 101 and Idol School

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To get what she wanted, Haein started her career by becoming a trainee in several survival show programs such as Produce 101 and Idol School. At first, she was a contestant on Produce 101 Season 1 in 2016 and became a representative of SS Entertainment’s trainees. Then, she was only able to reach rank 17 and was eliminated in the final episodes so she didn’t make it to debut with I.O.I.

And, this is one of her performances in episode 6 when she sang Me Gustas Tu” by GFRIEND!

After her group disbanded, Haein also returned to being a participant in the Idol School survival show in 2017. But, again, she failed to reach the 9th rank to become the top 9, and she was eliminated in the final round by getting 11th place.

The video below is her appearance on Idol School that is in episode 3, and, also, there’s a video of when she was eliminated!

After finishing with the survival show program, in 2019, she had spoken openly about the cheating that was carried out for the results of Produce 101 voting or manipulating for the vote.

Then, she also revealed that Mnet’s audition for Idol School was fake or it can be said because the participants who were selected for the program didn’t participate in the audition at all. Lee Haein even bluntly admitted that she was initially told not to come to the stadium for the audition.

And, she said:

The producer first said to me to not come to the stadium where it was the place for 3 thousand trainees gathered for auditions. So, I don’t think I need to go out there and prepare anything. But, the day before the audition shoot, they told me to come because I was quite popular on Produce 101.”

That’s all about I.B.I’s Lee Haein’s information from her full profile until her latest news. And, for the announcement of her debut, is there anyone here who can’t wait? If yes, you can put what you want to say in the comment section!